Q766 Transcript

(Note: This tape was transcribed by Kristian Klippenstein. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.)

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Side 1

Jones: [Speaking at a slow, measured pace throughout] Attention. Attention. News of the day. Mid-news, mid-day news. [tape edit, pause] Stand by. [Pause]

Our good friend, [Fred Wills] the foreign minister of Guyana, who is now in charge of the commission on elections, meets with our people regularly. [Pause] He said that it was no surprise to him yesterday about Congressman [Charles] Diggs. He said it’s a general conspiracy against black people by the United States government. And he said Carter is caught up in it, whether he wants to be or not. He said that [Jimmy] Carter will swing to the right, towards fascism. It’s an election year, and Congress– he said that even when Israel – the Zionist state – was proved to have invaded south Palestine, Carter said something about it regarding human rights. The strong, Zionist, fascist, Jewish lobby made an issue of it, and Carter backed down. [Long pause]

We had a meeting in our home with the, uh, United States, with the brother, correction, Guyana’s newly-appointed ambassador to the United Socialist Soviet Union, the USSR. He was fascinated by the types of crops we were growing. He said Guyana was concerned about doing things for export, and he said we should be looking into a cannery. He has heard that canneries are not expensive, something like thirty thousand dollars. He mentioned parboiling okra and packing it, or canning pineapple. He said he knew that a cannery would go, because there are no canneries in this, our country of Guyana.

When asked if there would be any problem of us getting a cannery due to custom restrictions into the country, he said, no, the government would welcome us bringing in a cannery. So the town forum – our people, steering committee – should be thinking strongly about this possibility, what we can do in the long range with canning. If we can keep enough citrus growing, or okra growing – there’s quite a demand for okra, as I aforementioned – [pause] parboiling okra, and packing it.

He also indicated that there is a strong move towards fascism in the United States, and would not be supr– surprised at anything. He did have a good feeling towards China. He said China had given loans without strings attached. He said, though, you have to understand the Chinese. They don’t like the Soviet Union, so their foreign policy includes anyone that they hope they can make into an anti-Russian.

He said, of course, the Soviet Union is supportive of the PPP [Peoples Progressive Party], the opposition, therefore China gave something like fifty-four million dollars to Guyana’s PNC [People’s National Congress]. He said there is no longer aid coming from China, and of course some of the aid was given in terms of vehicles, and other kinds of equipment that is not functioning at this time. Their expertise is simply not nearly as good as that of the Soviet Union, and of even the capitalist world, Britain and England. Stand by. [tape edit, pause]

Black African presidents backed the guerilla leaders of Zimbabwe, or Rhodesia. The summit meeting discussed the internal settlement between Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith, three sellout black leaders – religious leaders – to take away the British former colony from black majority rule. Five black African frontline states – Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola, and Botswana – have been backing the Patriotic Front, a guerilla alliance fighting a bush war for the lax– last six years in the horrible, racist supremacy rule of the white Ian Smith fascist regime in Salisbury. The Patriotic Front has opposed the settlement and its leaders. We should have a map of Africa in prominent display so you can see the connection of these countries, and what they border. Stand by. [Long pause] Stand by. [Pause]

As I said, Africa is our homeland. The majority of us have African heritage – the vast majority – so it is important that we know a map of Africa. As you know, South Africa is at the very tip of Africa. Swaziland is a sort of internal puppet regime that lives in concentration camp-like existence on the very east coast of South Africa. Lesotho is another kind of concentration-camp regime in South Africa. Just to the north is Nambia [Namibia]. Nambia, as you know, their chieftain [Clemens Mutuurunge Kapuuo] was assassinated last week. South Africa has sort of given it a type of independence. Botswana– Botswana is just also directly north of South Africa, and it has exerted great independence, though that was not envisioned by South Africa when it set it up as a sort of puppet territory. Botswana borders Rhodesia, and indeed is sending a great deal of guerilla fighting force into Rhodesia, which is the to northeast of Rhodesia, uh, I mean, Bot– Botswana is, uh, Rhodesia’s to the northeast of Botswana. And Rhodesia, of course, is just to the north of a sort of tip of South Africa.

Then on the coast, the east coast of Africa, going down touching South Africa, is Mozambique. A socialist government, strongly pro-Marxist. It’s been helped greatly by the Soviet Union. Mozambique borders – almost surrounds – Rhodesia to the south and the east of its coast and all around the north. And just above Rhodesia, Zambia, a left-of-center nationalist regime, and it completely, then, fills the northern part. So Rhodesia is surrounded, without sea access, by Botswana is Zambia and Mozambique. And just a few miles from the tip of Rhodesia, across Botswana and Zambia, is Angola on the far west coast of Africa.

Gives you a little idea. Malawi is just above Mozambique, and just north of Malawi and uh, just to the east of, uh, Zambia, is Tanzania, and just to the north of Zambia is the right-of-center large regime of Zaire – formerly the Congo, the Belgian Congo. It borders Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda – Uganda is just to the north of Tanzania, and just to the north of Tanzania is also Kenya. Kenya and Uganda are almost directly parallel. Kenya is just east of Uganda on the coast of Africa. And just above Kenya is Somalia, on the coastal region, that is. And just directly north is Ethiopia. Kenya used to be pro-US, but since Ethiopia has pulled away because of US support of the expansionist regime of Somalia. As you know, Ethiopia has retrieved– it’s gotten back its territory of the Ogaden and Eritrea, so it controls the Horn of Africa, where the Suez Canal and the Red Sea empties into the Indian Ocean, and that narrow strait where it passes into the Indian Ocean, uh, the Atlantic Ocean, is the Horn of Africa, thus allowing commerce shipping to go directly from the Mediterranean into the Atlantic without having to go [stretches word] all the way around the Cape of Africa.

Zaire, of course, has made excursion after excursion into Angola. It’s very large area, as I said, in central Africa. And next to it, to the east, is Tanzania and Uganda, and just above it is Sudan, and a little bit of it, above it is Central African Republic, and then, of course, a part that’s still called the Congo just to the left. But most of its border is with Angola and Zambia. And this right-wing Zaire regime received [stumbles over words] Chilean– Chinean– Chilean, Chinese, and USA support attempted invasion into Angola, that was repulsed, uh expelled totally by the victorious Angolans. Fighting alongside them were the China, uh, the Soviet Union and the Cubans.

But we could go on and on about the map of Africa. It should be there for us to see and to look at. Next to Sudan is Chad and Niger. Above that of course is the great and brave People’s Republic of Libya that gave us quite a bit of books for our library. An oil-rich, socialist nation, it’s very anti-USA. And then there are five regimes on the west coast that are pushing for return to civilian rule. The five countries involved are Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, and the Upper Volta.

President Carter just left Venezuela for Brazil today to talk about how to develop Third World nations, to assist, but you can know that one has to watch him with a wary eye. He’s going to Africa to try to bolster up the very repressive dictatorship of Nigeria and the despotic rule of Liberia. It has always been right-wing. It was settled by elitist blacks who fled USA slavery and returned to Africa. Very, very Christianized, very, very Americanized. It’s nothing more or less, on the west coast of Africa, than a small, very small nation, indeed it is, a satellite of USA. Just a puppet of USA. Next to it is the Ivory Coast. Above it is Guinea. Moving to the left, Sierra Leone. Just north of it, which is also moving to the left, Guinea-Bissau and Gambia. All on the West Coast. But the Upper Volta in the west, northwest coast of Africa and – as I said – Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, and Ghana were all overthrown originally by the CIA. Nkrumah Ghana [Kwame Nkrumah], great leader of Ghana, thought to be murdered as he was caused to flee when the CIA overthrew Ghana through the military, and Nkrumah spent his life – the rest of his life – in Egypt. Stand by. [Long pause]

Former FBI director– FBI director of the California, the west coast region, spoke to a large gathering of Citizens for Law and Order that has become – even in the opinion of the Boston Globe – an outright fascist group. It convened in San Leandro, and was widely attended. Widely attended. [Charles Williams] Bates was reacting to a Black Panther Party’s hundred-million-dollar lawsuit against the FBI, CIA, and other federal intelligence agencies for their campaign to discredit, disrupt, and destroy the Party. The lawsuit, by the way, has since fallen through, now that the Party has become defunct and the newspaper fall– has folded. In response to the fact of his being accused of doing all he could illegally to destroy the Black Panther Party, he said, “I am proud” quote unquote. The FBI director said, “I am proud I harassed the Black Panther Party,” Bates told the seventh annual spring luncheon meeting of the ultra-conservative right-wing Citizens for Law and Order. He spoke to the all-white audience of some seventeen hundred and seventy-five, and all of them gave him standing ovations. He condemned lenient judges, and spoke favorably about the supreme court justice stand that we should return to lynch mob – direct kind of, uh, people participation in redressing their rights. Nice, ugly way of putting murder – lynch mobbing – into nice, Christian rhetoric. The most impressive part of his speech had to do with his snide and derisive, uh, marks– remarks about Huey P.– Huey P. Newton, as he called on them to uh, be sure that Peralta College district would not permit Huey P. Newton to teach a class free that would incite more black unrest, or – he, as he called it – negro unrest.

He condemned the Justice Department for attacking the FBI, formerly under the past administration, and Senator Frank Church’s Senate intelligence committee. Bates recounted how all the FBI officers reacted to FBI director’s Ca– Clarence Kelley’s public apology for the Bureau’s illegal activities, and pressed for his resignation – which, of course, they succeeded in getting – and now William Webster, outright fascist, a fascist who is racist, belonging to four elitist clubs, is the new FBI director, a racist judge that upheld the murder by the FBI of our Indian brothers and sisters in Wounded Knee. In every decision he made when he was a judge, the now-acting FBI director, the now-appointed FBI director Stewart, uh [stumbles over words] no, I’m sorry, Webster, Mr. Webster has always taken positions on the court in favor of racism and right-wing points of view.

In Bates’ opinion, federal officials have been treating police and intelligence agencies in an ungrateful, shoddy fashion, and he called for a grassroots revival of American concern. He said, “we should harass people like Black Panthers, and all of the socialist and liberal do-gooders. It is my FBI, and I will not let them tear it down. They’ll have to tear the FB die– FBI down over our dead bodies.” Which drew a rounding applause from the entire delegation of Law and Order Convention, seventh ann– anniversary northern California convention, gave him a tumultuous ovation.

As the audience was served dishes of strawberry ice cream, Bates stemped– stepped up the tempo. The FBI director stepped up the tempo. “I’m all for the death penalty, and always will be.” He said, “The candidate for the governorship, [Edward M.] Davis, has a very good idea.” He then re– re– reviewed what we have mentioned to you about Davis, suggesting to you that there oughta be hangman’s nooses at airports, and in every ghetto, in case anybody got out of line. He said, “We should fight hard for restrictions on freedom of the press.” I hope the press now realize what they’ve lost in supporters like ourselves, who supported First Amendment rights. And he said, “We need restrictions on the actions of these pussyfooting judges.” But the line which gains– gained the most applause was Bates’ anecdote of the New York judge who stepped off the bench during a sentence hearing, beat the defendant all around the face, then kicked him over and over again as he doubled up on the floor. The audience roared. They loved it. Some almost rolled on the floor with delight as Charles Bates – FBI director of the West Coast region, now head of securities– uh, security division for the Bank of America – brought them to laughter that was roaring to the point that they rolled over at the thought of a judge stepping from the bench, violating law, beating up a defendant, and kicking him over and over as he was doubled up on the floor. Somewhat, I would think, would indicate to you the mood in North America – USA – these days. Stand by. [Pause]

Tarzan movies are being brought back into network television, putting blacks in the most degrading position. These are earlyTarzan movies, where blacks are cast as being stupid, child-like, animal-like, and totally without any purpose without the direction of white Tarzan. San Francisco and Oakland are the worst offenders. Channel 44, Channel 7, 4, and Channel 2 all carry these old-time Tarzan series. Protests to this point have had no effect on the television networks or independent stations like Channel 44 that are showing, re-viewing, the old yearnings of the white lord of the jungle that satisfies the instincts and prejudices of white Americans against black people. [Pause]

Police attack judge, who had been removed from his bench and had gotten the title – according to New York News, well-deserved – Turn ‘Em Loose Bruce. Judge Bruce McWright [Bruce McMarion Wright], black judge, was dismissed from his judgeship because he had dismissed charges against a suspect in a case, it involving alleged, attempted robbery against a policeman’s wife because there were no witnesses. And the witnesses, Mrs.– static please. [Brief pause] The witness herself gave an inaccurate description, and identified three different people. Police call for an all-out attack, though, that he is to be permanently removed. Judge Wright has become the most controversial judge in the city and has been nicknamed Turn ‘Em Loose Bruce by the predominantly-white Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, which was infuriated by the case in which he set low bail and did not find the young man guilty for allegedly robbing a policeman’s wife. Wright, 59, said that his return to criminal court would have to be without interference. “There’s a legal battle going on in the federal court to expose the discriminatory and wrongful motives,” he said, “of those who are trying to restrict judges who will give fairness in judicial administration.” [tape edit] Stand by. [Pause]

Racist Hastings and San Francisco State admissions policy protested but upheld. Over seventy percent of the school, fifteen hundred students, supported the new racist admission policies, and eighty percent of the staff, board of directors, and college lecturers and professors, were also in support of the Hastings policies, which now greatly restrict the admissions of black, Latino, Native American, and Asian student groups. Amazingly enough, in spite of the fact that twenty percent of the school population is black, the majority – I mean the twenty percent of the student population at Hastings had been members of minorities, black, Latino, Native American, Asian – the majority protesting, the thirty percent who did protest the school’s policies, were mostly white. However, it’s losing its interest, as the directors – which is the extension of University of California – have upheld the racist policies. [tape edit] Stand by. [Pause]

Huey Newton receives death threats called into all the local East Bay and K– San Francisco stations by conduits delivering messages from the United Black Revolutionary Front, which pretends to be highly nationalistic but many suspect to be a front for the CIA or FBI. Huey has been– being increasingly maligned as a sellout and a traitor to black nationalist revolution. Even though Huey still upholds communism – though he has modified it, that it should be a Euro-communism, independent of the Soviet Union – he has still refused–

End of side 1

Side 2

Jones: [begins in mid-sentence] non is all successfully – the leadership – gotten out of the United States except a few to hold the structure, trying to get what little they can out of their remaining properties. A terrible smear in the Times, the Time magazine, against Synanon, has brought a suit for seventy-seven million dollars. It’ll have no meaning, in that those that will be needed to sue had to flee for their lives to Mexico in the Synanon California-based group. It had formerly been heralded as the best drug rehabilitation agency in the United States. It was under a yearly contract from Alaska, state of Alaska, to give counsel on how to handle their drug problems. But, though, in Time magazine, it said it had become an insane, false, monolithic religion. The adherents, which are treated inhumanely, beaten, disgraced, humiliated, forced by the ambitions of the dictator Charles E. D– De– Dederich, Synanon’s founder, who used to be praised as the best reformer in drug problems. He said he now is obscene, diseased, and leads the people in his movement into a life of sexual promiscuity. Worst of all, Time led its readers to believe that Dederich actually helped in the death of his wife and profited financially from the death of his wife. Through innuendo, twisted lies, and outright libelous, slanderous statements, Time smeared Synanon and its founder and besmirched the memory of his late wife, Betty. Further charges in Time magazine, the typical arm of fascism, the press, the government always uses the press to set the tone of hate in the community so it can be followed up by government agencies and legal actions to destroy, or to provoke some deranged person or agent of the FBI to assassinate leaders. And that’s why Huey’s now getting these assassination threats. The press has set a tone that it’s okay to hate or kill any socialist or black leader like Huey Newton.

Further charges against the entirely white co-operative, Synanon, was that it encourages males to live together, wife-swapping, withholding food from its members until the point of starvation, forcing male members to sterilize themselves, ordering them to sign false confessions – sounds so much like Peoples Temple’s charges, doesn’t it? The lies against us. Ordering William Dederich to break up his marriage of thirty-seven years, child that turned against his own father. Money can buy children, as we found. I had had it with an adopted child, myself. But his natural-born turned against him, became one of the chief enemies in the Time magazine article. His son accused him of breaking up his marriage and messing with his wife, and abusant– abusing and isolating his children. What a hell it is to see money turn father against son, or son against father, and daughter against mother. Seems like there was a proverb to that effect. [pause]

Well, they deliberately slandered and maligned Synanon to such a degree that they have had to flee, as you know, to Mexico. Anyway, Huey is the victim of several assassination threats. Soon, probably, will be victim of an assassination attempt, although there’s no need for assassination in that his case is lost already in the courts. They have framed him so cleverly. Huey continued to say, in spite of the threats of the Black Revolutionary Army, that Cuba is multi-racial, is a developing country, and the life is very simple. It’s a family life, and each family and community of people is aware that their government and the Communist Party are interested in all the families in Cuba. “It was the first time I didn’t need to be suspicious of the state administration. It’s a life that’s free of the need to build all sorts of defense mechanisms and strategies to fight off the enemy. And I felt that I didn’t have to use my energies to avoid set-ups, to have to plot and strategize against the racist killers that are all around me in United States. Having become accustomed to all that in my life in USA, I felt free. I felt safe. And comfortable. For my family for the first time in my life. Maybe,” as an afterthought– thought, he says, “I should’ve stayed.” Yes, maybe, Huey. Maybe indeed.

In another quote, however, the typical paranoia and schizophrenia that obsesses people who are afraid of dying, when death should be a privilege if it’s revolutionary death, a revolutionary suicide. Said “you have been somewhat contradictory,” Seven Day magazine said. “You’ve recently said that the chief goal of the Party, full employment, is quite possible under US capitalism.” “Yes,” he said, “I think it’s possible to have full employment under capitalism. I think this should be viewed as a tactic in order to mobilize people that’ve tr– uh, process of trying to gain full employment. It’s my prediction that the system itself will start to change and become more humane.” In the next breath, he said, “there’s no hope, unless you sell out like Jordan and Andrew Young.” And he said, “they’re not in contact with the masses of black people.” He said, “they’re not reaching the people, because we suffer from class stratification. And much of the time, political leaders address only a small portion of the people, having an interest that’s different from the poorest in this country. Leaders like Jordan and Young only represent the interests of a portion of white people who want to believe black people are doing all right. We try to carry the demands of not only the underclass Jordan and Young speaks of, but of all blacks in general, who are so terribly discriminated against under the repression in the United States, and so exploited. So I’m not making a blanket condemnation of their position, you understand? I’m not fighting with Andrew Young, or Jordan. They’re sincere.” Again, that last statement shows his schizophrenia. [Brief pause]

“I had rather be dead, tortured for twenty-five years in a prison cell every minute of my life, than to be afraid like that, going back and forth. Can’t afford it.” [pause] Then he goes on to say that it’s important that we do not appear to be following the Soviet line. “Do you see any parallels between the strategy of the Euro-communist movement and some of the things you believe in?” Huey says, “Oh yes, I do. In many of the areas they have elected mayors and city councilmen who are socialists, and I think that’s kind of good lesson for North Americans. That is, I mean, organizing the total community and engaging in electoral politics on a local basis, if you understand what I mean. I think the French and Italians finally found out they would have to develop a kind of, uh, homespun ideology, if you understand what I mean, and that they could no longer follow the dictates of the Soviet Union as far as strategy that was used in 1917.” Said, “I guess you know I’m not pro-Chinese or pro-Russian. I’m pro-Black Panther.” Well, Black Panther has ceased to exist. Said, “the Soviets did alright in their place and their time in 1917. But,” he said, “what they did in the Soviet Union would not work here.” He sounds like a completely double-minded man, due to the pressures and the terror against him and his organization, a real split personality. [pause]

In the next breath, he speaks of China and USA’s rapprochement in foreign policy. He said, “I think it’s good China will be able to help USA develop more means and uh, of services to its people.” Well, he won’t be talking to anyone – he has no platform. The press has silenced him. The Black Panther Pi– uh, Party has gone down the tubes. I mean, genuinely down the tubes. There’s no Black Panther Party left. The Black Panther paper is closed, and its editor, William E. B. Du Bois, the great black liberator of United States, who had to flee to Africa in his last days – in his nineties – and died there. He said he wanted, at least, his last breath, get away from US oppression. And his son [David Graham Du Bois]came back trying – he thought – to help, through the Black Panther vehicle, to bring liberation to United States. Now he has disappeared from the face of the earth. Reportedly – by Charles Garry, our attorney – he’s involved in cocaine out of the desperation of the miserable conditions of harassment, threats on his life, and other things that he has gone through. It’s also suggested that the law is seeking him on some kind of a frame-up. Stand by. [Long pause]

Tripoli, Libya. The Organization of African Unity has expressed its concern over the delivery of Egyptian arms to Somalia, which is presently fighting the government, People’s Socialist Government, of Ethiopia. The Organization of African Unity’s coordinating committee for the liberation of Africa recently held its thirtieth session in Libya, borders Egypt on the Mediterranean, a socialist nation that’s very anti-US. Said that Egypt’s action was a gross violation of the hopes and aspirations of Third World African people. Meanwhile, Ethiopia last week drove out invading forces of Somalia backed by the USA through its puppet, Egypt, and again freed the Ogaden desert area and Eritrea to control – as I said – the sea passage, the Horn of Africa, where the Suez Canal comes from the Mediterranean into the Red Sea out past Ethiopia’s Ogaden and Eritrea region into the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean. An important sea route, more important than the Panamanian Canal in many respects. And it is now, due to the brave support of Cuban forty thousand presence, forty thousand Cuban troops, some twenty thousand Soviets, Ethiopia has been able to keep its territory and Ethiopia renown [brief pause] for its defense of socialism, have been able to maintain its integrity by the Cubans, who are also known worldwide for shedding their blood anywhere for the sake of the principles of liberation. [Tape edit] Stand by.

Japanese defend trade with Apartheid regime of South Africa, and openly say in news conferences held in Washington they will never sever trade ties with racist South Africa. Japan argues that South African chrome and uranium are vital to the life of Japan. We are sorry about our brother– brothers and sisters of color and their plight. But we have to think of the economic needs of the Japanese people. Essentially, that boils down all the affairs of life. Governments look after their own interest. The corporate rulers– particularly in Japan, one of the more comfortable capitalist countries at this time, although great unrest is taking place inside the country, from the working class that’s being taken advantage of, even though they have a higher standard of living than the USA. They overrode the barriers, some six thousand strong with farmers who had been dispossessed of their lands, and destroyed the new international airport completely, So completely that uh, it will not open indefinitely. The organization of labor and farm workers was directed by the Red Brigade, a mighty group that has hijacked several airliners and been able thus far – never hijacking – to demand release of their own people who are being held as political prisoners in various countries around the world. The Red Brigade in Japan is quite a fighting force.

Cop brutality been reported to the Attorney General by the United States Civil Rights Commission. Sixteen murders occurred by Oakland police in two weeks against black members of the citizenry. According to the US Civil Rights Commission report – I already reviewed that in the news of the many, many cities, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles were included, all the leading cities of the United States, in what this US Civil Rights Commission termed – this federal commission – to be the worst kind of police tyrannical repression ever witnessed in the history of United States.

As you know, the tax assessor in the United Sta– uh, in San Francisco, who is black, is now being maligned in nationwide coverage on the Voice of America. He’s being accused falsely, and they’re preparing federal charges against him because someone in his department is supposed to have bilked some money from the public parking meters. No matter how comfortable you are – and he was always one who played it safe, never got involved with civil rights activities and Peoples Temple or any other group in San Francisco. Now he’s getting it. You just can’t [tape edit, long pause].

Senator Edward Brooke, when asked to support Congressman Diggs, said, “I told you before. I got to look after Senator Brooke,” not realizing that the Kerner Commission ten years ago – of which Brooke was a member – decided high unemployment for blacks, urban deterioration, and cutbacks in housing and education programs, that would finally lead to two separate nations in America. One black, one white. One equal, one eq– one unequal. One oppressed, one getting by on meager existence in the inner-city situations that will deteriorate, according to the Kerner Commission, by 1980, until they will not be livable for black or white. [Otto] Kerner went to jail for that. Governor of Illinois, he was white. Always when you get honest, or even try to be halfway decent, you go to jail.

Well, that’s a bit of the news, and I held you a little longer, so make up for it in production. If you will, make up for it. Step up your production. You’ve got ten minutes more for news. Go back and work, and step it up, ‘cause we’ve got our people to free, ‘cause hell has broke loose with a fury. Race riots, all over the United States, Canada, and England. And open news calling for repatriation of blacks outside of the country, of every nation in Europe, England, France, Canada, and good ol’ USA. So let’s work to free our people. For Christ’s sakes, let’s work hard. Thank you.

[15 seconds of silence, then three songs – with heavily distorted audio – from Stevie Wonder’sSongs in the Key of Life play, beginning with the final 2 minutes “Black Man.” “Black Man” fades out and “Saturn” plays. “Saturn” ends, and “Ebony Eyes” plays. Tape ends before song is over].