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Jones: Thursday news. Again we will concentrate on the backlog of news that you have already received. We will not give a great deal of news today, ‘cause we would prefer that you would get caught up with all of the countries and their descriptions, the Rosenbergs [Julius and Ethel Rosenberg], its relationship to the present, and all of the messages you do have to pass the news messages, the commentary, particularly of Tuesday, or Monday rather, that we have to know in detail. So let us prepare our minds for once catching up on that which we’ve missed. You could replay the message of Monday night in the library. That should be done, or perhaps it could be done even at six o’clock, ‘cause a lot of that – we never replay messages before – but a lot of that would give you an updating of the situation in the world and the perspective that one needs.

The Israeli Defense Minister [Ezer Weizman] is on emergency flight to Austria to meet with the War Minister of Egypt [likely Kamal Hassan Ali, Egyptian Defense Minister]. Urgency of the meeting has not been brought to light. The Soviet Union is suggesting that the USA has about found Israeli usefulness come to an end. There’s also thought that the defense minister of the Zionist state of Israel will meet with [Anwar] Sadat, who is the strong-armed president now, same as dictator, since the referendum that put him strongly in power.

The referendum seems to be used these days to strengthen the rule of government of both right and left. It has been so used, even in Guyana, to strengthen the socialist movement here. On the very wake of the new era since the referendum, Minister of Economic Development [Desmond] Hoyte has stated that medical doctors had bes– best prepare their minds to cooperate with socialized medicine, so at least we can see that the referendum in Guyana at this point in time is being used in a progressive way, to strengthen the hand of the government representing a genuine interest of working class people. It was the strongest demand made on medical doctors yet to be heard in Guyana, so strong, that in fact, one doctor has moved to Trinidad, a surgeon who we have rather liked. As far as his medical practice, he’s a very good surgeon. But Cuba is sending in a new team of doctors into Guyana to help with the (unintelligible word, could be “renewed”) quest for a socialized medicine, a medicine within the reach of the people. The referendum giving the minister, President Sadat of Egypt, a strong hand has not been used in the interest of the people. Egypt’s cost of living is staggering, and its public services are even less than they were before the referendum, and much less than they were under the leadership of President [Gamal] Nasser– Nasser, N-a-s-s-e-r, who was a socialist and a strong ally of the Soviet Union.

China’s Doctrine of Three Worlds has not held sway in some instances. Egypt a very powerful nation, once in the Soviet camp, is now loosely at least, in the USA imperialist program. Anyway, the foreign min– ministers are meeting in Salzburg, where Sadat is apparently on holiday. Uh– One week later, the USA Foreign Minister– Secretary of State, rather, [Cyrus] Vance, will meet with all of the foreign ministers of Egypt and Israel. Israel is being forced to a decision unilaterally, according to BBC opinion, to begin to remove the military government in the West Bank. They have not yet decided by any means to give into USA, Egyptian and Jordan demands the West Bank re– be returned to Jordan and the Gaza Strip to Egypt.

[Natan] Sharanky, who is on trial for his life in the Soviet Union, is still being championed on the hour, every hour, in this great episode of concern for human rights. We have not heard, surprisingly enough, much said from [President Jimmy] Carter about the human rights of the South Koreans, who are living under a vicious form of fascism, or the Philippine Islands, or in Indonesia, or in Uruguay. He did try briefly a year ago in Brazil, but backed away from it when Brazil dropped its US military aid agreement. This seems to be nothing but hypocrisy in much of the world.

USSA– USA, rather, is appealing to the USSR sometimes in belligerent tones and others in pious moral tones, to drop the proceedings against Sharansky, ‘cause they have nothing to gain – that is, the Soviet Union says, uh, the USA says – that the Soviet Union has nothing to gain from this prosecution. In the eyes of the world, it is hurting them. Well, who knows.

Painful last moments of Groucho Marx, great comedian, has been brought to light, how he was stuffed in a dilapidated nursing home while his son [Arthur Marx] and longtime companion, thought to be his homosexual companion, fought over his wealth, an estimated two-and-a-half million dollars. Finally a judge consorting in the matter gave a conservatorship to his grandson, and Groucho remained penniless in bed until his last moments. It seems that unhappiness is the (unintelligible under radio interference, could be “rule” or “mood”) of the day.

Elvis Presley’s last moments, dying at 42 (unintelligible under radio interference) because he had spoken out on some issues that angered the Memphis, Tennessee establishment, and even some of the establishment rulers of USA. His last month, and that’s all that has surfaced, was filled with misery, before he was found dead on the floor of a bathroom, where he had high degrees of various types of narcotics in his body. And his wealth is being fought over at this time, divided his family. Capitalism, the love of money, seems to be unable to bring peace.

I do demand that we speak of children’s behavior in terms, however, not of being socialistic and capitalistic. The benefits of socialism must be pointed out in the nursery and toddler and school-age levels. Don’t speak of someone in terms of being capitalist. No one here is capitalist. They may be selfish at times, as the human psyche conforms very slowly to refinement and evolvement. We are born very primitive and very aggressive animals. Socialism is a doctrine of environmental determinism. But we should not label children good socialists without a great deal of merit, and we should point out the benefits of socialism that treats being away from crime in the streets, where they co– they too could have been castrated, as a number of black youths were in Buffalo, New York, that I pointed out in this week’s news. And that’s only a few that surface. Or they could – our teenagers – have been two of the now what has been brought to light is probably close to 6000 young men who have died from physical abuse and exhaustion in USA army recruit camps, and that the two that were murdered in ninety-some degree heat by two drill sergeants the past few days. News now is coming to light that it may be 6000, and the capitalist press has never been known for truthfulness, so maybe it’s 60,000. All of our teenagers would be facing military recruitment because they’re talking of the draft again, particularly for those with– uh, out educational qualifications. The exemptions of elitism are being discussed again, that only the bright, the rich white, which none of you qualify, will be included in the cannon fodder of flesh to support the monopoly interest of world capitalism. (Pause)

Another person in just one day, the richest capitalist in the world, Howard Hughes. The legacy of Howard Hughes, is being brought to light in a classic legal scramble for his vast empire. News tells of how he had kidney failure that the poorest person in the ghetto would’ve received better treatment, had they had it, when he died at 69 years of age, uh, in an airplane flying from Acapulco to Houston. He was a man that had literally starved to death, his body had fed on itself, because the people around him had no care. He had no wife, no children, when he passed, and his two point three billion dollars are up for grabs, as people are manufacturing more wills all the time. Included in the fraud is the great conservative and racist church, the Mormon Church of Utah. Three people have been accused of forgery who were good Mormon elders in attempt to see that his uh, beneficiaries to become the Mormon Church. It has a token black now in priesthood, but a very strong doctrine that no black has the same soul evolvement as whites, and are not allowed in their inner temples, where they pray for the dead. His life was a web of suffering. Though he was wi– rich, it brought no peace.

So our children needs the benefits of socialism pointed out to them. Here, when you get old, there is a staff, forty-some strong in the medical field, to take care of you, and we’re learning more each day about the art of caring, and one day, we will be able to personify Father’s art of loving. But we have more caring than anyplace in the world. Children have protection from the beasts of the field, the snakes. Diseases that now running rampant, a new form of pneumonia in USA that has built up antibodies. They think that it may be a form of a Legionnaire’s disease, and it has well killed 16,000– It may well have killed 16,000 this last year in USA. It has broken out many, many times in Philadelphia. There has been thought that it was an experimental vial that got lost from the CIA auxiliary center in Pennsylvania, and then there is just thought that the microbes of pneumonia have built immunity in what was supposed to be an advantaged society, where there’s all sorts of antibiotics. We don’t have that kind of thing. No mystery diseases to plague us, no thieves and robbers to break in our homes, no racist mobs to castrate little children or rape old ladies and uh, brutalize old gentlemen. We need to point out very carefully the benefits of socialism. That will be my theme, and it’ll be resounding on your ears. Do not label the children, when they are showing egocentric behavior, non-conformist behavior, do not label it as capitalist. Say you’re being selfish. And I want each supervisor, every parent, every teacher, to take note, and– Clear warning: You are to show the benefits of socialism, the treats, the foo– the food, the boat that one day will take them to sea, will give them opportunity to see the fish of the oceans, ‘cause they’ll travel on it, as five were slated to go on our smaller boat, to get their eyes examined, and one child, who would’ve been certain to be blind, protected because of socialist cooperation, everyone being their neighbor’s keeper, caused our observant eyes to catch something before it was late, too late in fact. In fact indeed, there are 13 in all whose eyes will be saved from early blindness. They may all go next week, but at least five will go at a time, and if possible, all 13, if the new busload gets processed through in time. The benefits of socialism. No need to worry for food or clothing, no need to worry that someone will leave them alone to be burned up in a home or to be ravaged by an uncaring relative, and raped, as many of our young men were that are still here in this community, raped by their own relatives, while mom and dad were out doing their thing, or working at two jobs. The benefits of socialism, is what I want pointed out. Otherwise, children will rebel. And that would be tragic against the most beautiful thing in the world, socialism. So let’s portray it in the light that it should be. (Pause)

Perhaps the most important news of the day is that Ambassador Andrew Young, in one of his schizophrenic moments of truth, broke away from the vice of protocol and said to the leading French newspaper, Le Monde, that there are one hundreds, no, he said, thousands of political prisoners in the United States of America. He said, I have been one. I have been in prison, and I am still in a prison of sorts. His later apologies were not emphasized, as he fell back into his diplomatic and Uncle Tom role, that the light-skinned young minister, former congressman from Georgia, whose seat has been replaced by Carter by an utterly and vicious white racist [Wyche Fowler], now an ambassador, in a post that carries no weight, as the ambassador of the United Nations, where Carter put his few token blacks. No doubt his conscience has haunted him, and it haunted him so much today that he spoke.

The news is blasting him. Every network, NBC, ABC, CBS, and even the British Broadcasting Company, said his big mouth has got him in trouble again. He’s reflected on the United States in a time that has drawn attention away from the oppression of the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union made hay of his admission. Tass and Pravda said this is an official US admission coming from a– the representative of the United States governor– government, the UN Ambassador, Andrew Young, it is an official admission that has long been overdue of the political oppression that is a way of life in USA. Secretary of State Vance was so furious that he fell in a faint in his chair. Congressmen are calling for his immediate impeachment. It did not state how many, but the indications of every radio broadcast is that there is a vast movement now, from the swelling half million that was led, impeachment protocol, by the fascist right wing racist governor of New Hampshire [Meldrim Thomson, Jr.]. Then the reason for that was because he had visited what they call the Marxist state of Guyana. Aren’t we glad we’re in a place that is so hated by capitalist and racist whites, and that he had spoken out for the liberation of Angola. Well, President Carter went on nationwide TV to disassociate himself from the ambassador, and said I’m having a hard time of understanding Mr.– where Mr. Young’s head is at. He did not even use the official title. We will give you any news bulletins as to the developments.

This is an unforgivable crime, to break loose from the shackles of your prison of conscience, that all people of color have to have to go along with what’s happening in USA today. Perhaps the schizophrenic good side of him saw what happened to Senator [Edward] Brooke, when he has said nothing, and he decided, what the hell is the use, because Andrew Young has in the last few months been sickening in his apologetic tone for USA involvement in Africa, for its economic interest in the Union of South Africa, he has talked out of both sides of his mouth, till any sensitive thinking human being could see that he is almost maniacal and certainly terribly troubled and grossly dual. But whatever. We’re glad for the refreshing wind out of one black man’s  mouth. The sudden moment of impulse that the French news agency said, he did not realize that he was being taped, so it is difficult for him to give a denial. He is trying to put it in perspective, Car– Young is, at this time. But his words are taped in that news conference with the French newsman.

Two Chinese ships are still waiting outside the harbors of Vietnam, and they have now begun to turn back their ethnic Chinese on the flimsy ground that Vietnam are using their Chinese as infiltrators into the Chinese society. This is quite a change from the charge of days ago by mainland China, that the socialist reunified rRepublic of Vietnam, Democratic Republic of Vietnam, was prejudiced and bigoted against all Chinese. Now the Chinese say they’re using– utilizing the Chinese ethnics, Vietnamese Chinese, to infiltrate mainland China, and pollute the minds of Chinese citizens with their pro-Soviet doctrines. China can’t seem to keep a consistent line these days.

Namibia appears that they’re going to get an agreement for their liberation, though Union of South Africa is greatly pressured by its own economic interests not to do so, is being forced to keep its agreement that Namibia will have its independence by the end of this year, as SWAPO, the guerrilla activists have maintained such firm and vigorous campaigns and pressures, that it will be freedom for Namibia. And you need to look where Namibia is on the map.

After the tragic loss of several hundreds of lives in Spain, tra– the tourist ship Laures [phonetic] that have been so cheaply built, it took many uh, Americans and British to their death in a raging explosion and fire, have been banned in Spain. Span– Spain is just merely coming out of the fascist consciousness of [Francisco] Franco. It’s amazing that USA and Britain, with their so-called enlightened democracy – so-called, that is – have not banned such vessels that are not seaworthy.

This is the principal news of the day. Because Israel is the biggest force, the unknown factor in the world, I will give you background on Israel, because Libya is concerned that Israel poses a threat of World War III, Syrian army is at war footing still, waiting to see if Israeli forces withdraw from south Lebanon, that they took by military conquest of force of arms. (tape edit)

The location of Israel– You’re making your maps, which are due first of next week, I mean the first People’s Rally of next week, which will be Tuesday. Be prepared, you know, for testing in socialist classes tomorrow. The testing may be tomorrow night, as we all gather together, and my plan now for testing tomorrow night in the theater pavilion. Socialist teachers tonight, and those who Comrade Vernetta Christian name off as not passing, wonderful people many who have not passed, will have extra class, uh, a long class this evening. This extra class is necessary so we can all have a common level of knowledge, a reasonable common level of knowledge, because we don’t want elitism to develop over intellectual awareness or memory of facts or comprehension of the state of the world. It does not warrant elitism, because some people who did not have the benefits of education when it could have helped them, when they were young, more effectively, are the best producers in this community. And we need to take– testers need to take consideration for these people, know their background from counseling, ‘cause that’s what socialism does, it empathizes and cares, and get them into the right niche. Many of them should be by now channeled into Professor [Edith] Roller’s class so they can get the basics in writing and reading that Comrade [Tom] Grubbs was speaking about, how they can be in daytime classes, because we have no gap here between the age of our children. We’re all children of socialism. (tape edit)

Israeli (pause) forces are still holding on to South Lebanon, are still making air violations at this time, from the point of news, into Beirut, that is war-torn. As I said, it is considered by most military strategists, sociologists and economists that Israel – I-s-r-a-e-l – poses the greatest threat to world peace of any nation, because it has an atomic– a nuclear stockpile, and it has a rightwing what even BBC calls paranoid Prime Minister Menachim Begin, who was known for his terror tactics, torture tactics, when he removed whole villages of Arabs in the first days of the setting up of the unnatural state of Israel.

Where is Israel? At the eastern end of the Mediterranean, it is bordered on the west by the Mediterranean Sea, on the north by Lebanon that is torn in part these days by the Muslim socialists who are trying – a representative – to gain the power to represent the government, and the Phalangists, which are fascist Christians. Almost distinctly, Christians in Lebanon are fascist, and the Muslims are socialist. And on the east, Syria borders Israel, and Jordan. And on the southwest, by Egypt, particularly since Israel in its expansionism, its fascist expansionism, has conquered territory right up the Gaza Strip, right up next to Egypt and the Suez.

How was it created? The original Jewish state in Palestine was destroyed by the Romans 70 years after the death of Jesus – so-called Jesus – of Nazareth, who was said to live many, many years ago on this earth. That is, you nee– you see, nearly 1900 years ago, the first state of Israel, of Palestine, Jewish state in Palestine, was destroyed by the Romans, who worshipped idols, (short laugh) according to Christians, and were heathen, but had a great civilization for a time. Israel came to mean to the Jewish people Palestine. It was one and the same to them. And it was the place to which Israel sought to return. Chosen people. That’s what it means: chosen. By God. We never found God, so we never knew who he chose, and if the Israelis were chosen, God sure didn’t take care of his own, in that two-thirds of them perished in the cruel hoax and torture of Nazi Germany, in which even the Zionist rulers now of Israel sold out the working class Jews, paid Hitler off only to save a few of the ruling rich– the rich rich elite.

Anyway, Palestine was the place to which Israel sought to return. In the nineteenth century, the view began to evolve that the Jews all over the world were the fragments of a nation which must once again be united. Economically it was decided by capitalists, because the Jews were so pro-Marxist, so pro-Soviet, so pro-socialist, so pro-communist. They were the fermenting of most liberalization movements and social reform movements, and they were the avant garde often of the Marxists, who were attempting to bring a new era of freedom for the working class. So, the capitalists had to come up with a scheme to divert the Jews away from integration within the communities and countries in which they lived, and perhaps you’ll find one day they jointly arranged. They certainly all abdicated, and Zionists even cooperated. That the capitalist, the real strong monopoly capitalist, the Zionist element of the Jews, all cooperated in the murder of the Jews in the gas oven, the incinerators in Hitler’s Germany. Perhaps it was all done to get them interested in a holy crusade to a so-called religious state, a homeland that’s not turned out to be very peaceful, and in the end, capitalists in their contradictions will sacrifice capitalists, in there’re fewer Zionist capitalists than there are (short laugh) white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, or WASP capitalists, so you know who’s going to get it in the end, ‘cause capitalists do do each other in. We saw [Ferdinand Marcos] the dictator in the Philippines murder his five leading millionaire banker capitalist supporters, done in all the nations. Pakistan. Indonesia. Done in USA. One capitalist eliminates another every day. It’s a dog-eat-dog rat race. That’s why I don’t know why anyone would want to be in capitalism. And even though you’re a good, nice tame obedient servant of the capitalist, like Senator [Hubert H.] Humphrey, they raise you up out till you’re dead, and go after your family. There’s no– There’s nothing like the passion, the wolvine animalistic passion to destroy by competition with others. So we ought to point that out to our children and to our residents, and all the beauty of socialism.

During the first decade of the nineteenth century, a Hungarian Jew named Theodore Herzl – H-e-r-z-l – became obsessed with the concept of creating a homeland for the Jewish people. Herzl, a journalist, called upon and wrote letters to influential men in Europe trying to convince them of the importance of the Jews returning to Zion, the so-called Promised Land. And he was used by economic interests that wanted to divide Jews from the socialist and communist movements of the time.

In 1897, Herzl called the First World Zionist Council at Basel, Switzerland, B-a-s-e-l, Switzerland, look it up on the map. S-w-i-t-z-e-r-l-a-n-d. That’s where all the rich have their secret bank accounts. Right next to France. And he called that First World Zionist Council there at Basel, Switzerland, and Zionist organizations were set up in countries where there was a large Jewish population.

By 1905, the Zionist movement was split over where– over where the Jews should seek to establish their homeland. Herzl and his followers wanted to accept the British offer of space in Uganda, East Africa. Displace the blacks. That would be their first choice, but finally pressure was enough that they could displace the dark-skinned Arabs. Russian Jews insisted that the Jewish state be located in Palestine. Herzl lost, and Uganda was rejected.

In 1917, Great Britain – that’s England, or the United Kingdom – through the person of Arthur James Balfour – capital B-a-l-f-o-u-r, its Foreign Minister then – promised to help establish a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine. Following World War I, England assumed control of Palestine, and Jewish immigration to that area increased rapidly, ‘cause all capitalists wanted to get rid of their (small laugh) Jews, ‘cause capitalist whites, Protestants don’t respect Catholics who are capitalists, and don’t respect Jews. Capitalists divide over everything. They’ll even divide with their own sons and daughters. And J. Paul Getty fought with his own son [J. Paul Getty Jr.] when he was a billionaire. He died a grossly unhappy man, but he fought over his son for a measly few dollars that was left by another relative.

The Zionists, citing Foreign Minister Balfour’s promise, which was now called the Balfour Declaration, demanded the immediate formation of a Jewish state in Palestine. But the English policy was to try to reconcile the two nationalisms which were now focused on Palestine, the nationalism of the Jews and the nationalism of the Arabs. This nationalism will probably end up causing nuclear World War III, by the way, because it’s everywhere.

After World War II ended– (Pause)

We’ll stand by for the moment. We’ll stand by for the moment. The rain’s a little heavy, till it lets up. (Pause) All right. We shall continue.

After World War II ended, and the Nazi extermination camps had captured newspaper headlines, world opinion began to favor a Jewish takeover in Palestine, ‘cause as I said, the Nazis were set up to cause the Jews – because everyone hated the Jews – to get them out of their hair, and get them isolated a little place like Israel today, where they could finally destroy them. But the Jews were ri– wise enough to develop bombs, which was certainly in theirinterest, but not in the interest of international peace. Palestinian Jews had long been preparing the implementation of the Jewish state, and in 1949, the state of Israel came into being. War with the Arabs broke out immediately, and has continued intermittently, now which is almost every day up to the present.

Size of Israel’s only 7992 square miles, as opposed to the 83,000 square miles of Guyana. It’s twelve times less in size. Ten to twelve times less. Not quite the size of the state, the small state of Massachusetts. But what’s its population? Horrible. Three and a half million. Nearly four million. As opposed to less than a million here. Overcrowded. Jewish are 85 percent, Arab are 15 percent, 85 point 3 Jewish in religion – now we’re talking about religion breakdown, that was population ethnic breakback– breakdown I just gave you, 85 percent Jewish ethnic background, 15 percent Arab background. But religious, in religion, 85 point 3 Jewish, 10 point 9 percent Muslim, two-and-a-half percent Christian, one point three Druzean – capital D-r-u-z-e-a-n.

Who rules? Israel is a parliamentary democracy, so-called, with the unicameral one-house parliament led by a prime minister who represents the majority party. Local communities are governed by locally-elected councils. Who really rules? Because of Israel’s almost constant conflict with surrounding Arab states, the military in Israel, or Zionist Israel, has amassed the considerable amount of the political power. In fact, to be actual, this is a capitalistic summary, the military control, and now, the right wing of the military, under Begin. The government is also greatly influenced by the capitalist supporters of USA. (Tape edit)

Attention. Where children teach the mother tongue to their mothers. National language of Hebrew had not been widely used for almost two thousand years, when independence was declared in 1948 and the unnatural state set up, and dispossessing the Palestinians from their own homeland,. They’ve been in refugee camps ever since that dreadful year. Most of the adults spoke Yiddish – Y-i-d-d-i-s-h – a mishmash language made up of words from various other languages, including Russian, German, Polish, and Hebrew. So children literally learned Hebrew in school and taught their parents.

By 1960, over one million immigrants had arrived in Israel since statehood was declared. Of that number 431,000 came from Europe, beginning with 100,000 refugees from the German concentration camps that managed to live somehow. And not always the best of human beings survived. And about 500,000 – one-half million – came from Asia and North Africa, 13,000 Jews came from North and South America, every Jew admitted to Israel becomes a citizen with the right to vote upon entry. Non-Jews once admitted must wait three years for citizenship, and that’s a misnum– misnomer, there’re all sorts of barriers to non-Jews becoming citizens. There’s also all sorts of barriers if you are dark-skinned Sephardic Jew. Black Jews have a real difficult time. One group wrote us, as you know, some years ago, that were in almost total poverty in Israel. (tape edit, unintelligible word) overcrowded, between three-and-a-half and four million people in the small area of only 7992 square miles, not one-tenth of the living space that we have in Guyana, and Guyana has only– less than one-fourth of the population. Vast riches, fertile territory.

Remember the most important news probably is Andrew Young, ask your neighbor how he got his foot in his mouth because of his decent side, speaking out about the thousands of political prisoners in the USA, and he’s now under fire from all elements of the government, the president, the secretary of state, and the Congress demanding his impeachment.

End of the news and commentary. There’ll be no more news, so get caught up with the other news, ask for what you need from Teresa [King], go back from Ver– to Vernetta or Teresa to find out what has been given since late Saturday’s test, so you’ll be prepared. I love you very much.

[Part 2]

Jones: –should be replayed. It’s not news. It’s just an announcement of those who did not turn in the papers on self-analyses. I’ve had some extraordinary good papers, but everyone who did not turn it in, you’ll have to give Ava [Brown Jones]– I’m looking at your names, looking at these papers, and these are some that’ve not turned their papers in, so you will meet in the rice pavilion for classes tonight and the school pavilion. The theater pavilion will be utilized for a showing of Senator [Joseph] McCarthy, a movie about him, a very good one, being that we’re seeing the revival of McCarthyism, which is so frustrating. We have liberalism in the ‘30s, then it (unintelligible word) followed by a horribly conservative period, then liberalism in the ‘40s, followed by the horrible McCarthy Era, then liberalism in the ‘60s, and now ho­– followed by this awful reactionary and racist new McCarthy Era. The assistant administrator of entertainment has suggested synchronization of these films with our topics, and being that there is a witchhunt going in USA to try to destroy blacks and all social reformers, not to mention socialists, it’s important that you understand Senator McCarthy– It’s a good movie, it was a movie, and it’s fantastically done, accurate, doesn’t show him even as evil as he is. And he almost took over the United States. Of course, someone is waiting to do the same again, after the period [of] antihero is completely successful in removing all living and dead heroes, undoubtedly we’ll see in this reactionary period, and unfortunately the Democrats always have to prove that they’re very heartily anti-communist and anti-socialist, they have to prove in some way that they’re not soft on socialism or not soft on blacks, and all of the– always our most repressive periods have come right during the Democratic administration. McCarthy was during the Truman Democratic administration. It was [Harry S] Truman that dropped the horrible bombs that destroyed two cities in seconds. He had to prove his patriotism. Democrats, even though they’re nothing more than two sides of the same capitalistic coin, they feel the necessity to show their patriotism.

Thus it’s important that we synchronize, correlate our movies with our topics. I welcome any input from the teachers and others.

Now these are people who will have to take the extra class besides those who failed, and Comrade Vernetta will tell you– it’s very good people fail the test, we just want to keep working with you until you can read and write accurately. Don’t feel any stigma about failing the test. And if there are some that’re having particular problems, pressures about the test, don’t hesitate to write me any suggestions. I do make exceptions when someone has a particular health problem, but I want to be sure that it is bona fide, that it is justified, because we all need to get the knowledge. I don’t like to have to test you every week, but we have found a definite increase in knowledge throughout the entire community since we have had certain required things like required television, and there’re good s– movies that we see and require test.

So those who had difficulty in, failed the test, will meet in the rice pavilion for the extra three hour and a half session. ‘Course, part of your time will count– I’ve been generous in counting some of the time, the television time that you saw Malcolm [X], you must write a paper or give orally satisfactory comprehension to your teacher in your special classes, those that failed the– the course, as I say, some beautiful people do, who just have learning difficulties, but you’re great producers, and in time, we will not have so much pressure about testing, when we’ve gotten certain basics across. That’s a fact. And we are seeing improvement, so if all of you will note this last two days, less emphasis on lots of news and encouraging you to go back and pick up all that’s been given since Saturday, to be prepared for a test in the theater pavilion tomorrow night.

Now these people have not turned in their paper, unless there’s a very definite (laughs) reason that is acceptable by me and the Triumvirate. We will not use the word “troika.” I like it, but it’s not affective– effective. “Triumvirate” is an English word that means the same, the three, those who are at the top of the administrative channel. And anyone who has difficulty with the administrative process, if you have criticisms, write them up. I will, as busy as I am, I’ve got before me well over 200 sheets of paper, so right now– and these I’m not talking about the self-evaluations, just reports and problems areas stateside, Georgetown, so forth. So write up anything you have. No one is above criticism. Nothing is above being changed. But don’t bring up criticism for petty reasons, I count on you not doing that.

Now, these people did not turn in their papers, so they must take the extra class. You were told you had to have it in last night. I have to follow regulations, and this shows you, even when I give you loving but firm guidelines, some people don’t respond to love. We ought to appreciate the nonviolent atmosphere that I’ve had here for months, won’t uh– won’t tolerate even the slightest violence between people.

Now, you must take a class. Tommy Bogue, Kenny Reed, Calvin Douglas, Farene Douglas, Joyce Douglas, Vicky Marshall, Florine Dyson, John Gardener, Clifford Gieg’s not here, yes, no, he’s not here, neither is Chuck Beikman, Philip Blakey, Tim Carter, Patty Cartmell got in late, doesn’t know about it, her daughter’s [Patrica Cartmell] not here, Sandra Cobb not here, Sandra Jones rather, the Cobb– whatever she chooses – Kim Fye, Stanley Gieg, Amondo Griffith, Emmett Griffith, Eddie Crenshaw, Liane Harris, Paulette Jackson, Ralph Jackson’s not here, Tommy Johnson, tell him about this, Karen Layton not here, Lisa Layton not here, Yvonne Morrison, if she’s feeling better, she was in SCU, Herbert Newell, Versie Perkins not here, Albert Touchette, Debbie Touchette, Jan Wilsey, Tim Swinney. Now these people who’ve been working so feverishly hard to unload our beautiful new freighter, we’ll give you a time extension, but I’d like to get it as soon as possible.

Now I’m back to the list of those who were here, and I have no excuse before me, so you must take this extra three-and-a-half hour class tonight in the rice pavilion, while we’re watching the movie on McCarthy. I would encourage you to see it. It’s not demanded, but I would encourage you to see it, because you’ll get points for being there. If you get warning or something or have other problems where you falter in your test, if you’re there, it will count. I count a lot of things as testing evaluation. I encourage all to be in the pavilion. We’ll see how many come voluntarily. So if you do, that’s why I often have to require that you all come. Aaron Hendricks, Cathy Jackson, Earl Johnson, Garry Johnson, James Johnson, Emma Kennedy, Demosthenis– Demosthenis Kutulas, Gloria [Georgia] Lacy, Gor– uh, Gordon Lockett, Vincent Lopez, Diane Lundquist, Willie Malone, Danny Marshall, Diana Marshall, L.V. McKinnis, Jerry Rhea, Acquinetta Robertson, Santiago Rosa, uh– Joyce Touchette, Charlie Touchette, Mike Touchette, Cornelius Truss, Mary Wotherspoon, Marvin Janaro, Marcy Simon, Jewell Simpson, James Smith, Richmond Stahl.

Now some of you, as I say, are involved with special tasks, but this must be excused by me, by the office. If I’m willing to take the time when I really can’t even sleep these days, I’m not able to sleep, for the worries of our people back there on my mind, ‘cause it’s a dark, dark– or white, white period. Whatever you want to call it. It’s horrible. And I can’t rest for thinking about it. I would have to take sedations that would kill me to get the proper rest that I need. Don’t have to worry about it too much of late, because I haven’t had the time. But, please cooperate with loving requirements. A community has to follow rules to succeed. Once we get the knowledge that we’re supposed to have, a great deal of the emphasis will stop, and there’ll be shorter news periods.

Again, be reminded, no child is allowed to call another child capitalist, no member of the cooperative is allowed to call another member capitalist. This will be name-calling in the same category of name-calling and teasing. We will not tolerate this labeling. We want positive reinforcement for socialism, showing its benefits rather than associating it wrongly with pain and sacrifice. Like Victor Jara. We need to point out that Victor Jara had a great rich life. He was fulfilled. He went around the world. He served his life– he had more in his uh, uh, years on this planet than most people are able to get in 70. I gave you the three rich people just today that were miserably unhappy, who never took any stands, who were firmly in the capitalist camp. Happiness is in being true to one’s conscience, because as Andrew Young said today, he was in a conscience prison, a prison of conscience. He wasn’t being true to himself. And nothing is more fulfilling than being true to yourself.

He [Victor Jara] went all over the beautiful nation of Chile, teaching the children, singing, he had a love for nature and life. Victor Jara was enriched and blessed by being a socialist, not just that he was willing to sacrifice, but life had taken on such meaning, such purpose, socialism had given him such purpose, that his sacrifice was easy. He could sing, he showed that he could sing, even in the midst of what was rather quick, because the slow passage of blood is not a greatly painful thing. And we don’t want the children to see that all socialists die or have their hands cut off. Many are living rich lives, have led successful guerilla revolutions and are living as uh, the pe– president of Yugoslavia [Josef Tito], who’s been a champion of liberation, anti-Nazi fighter, he’s 86 years of age and doesn’t look 60. So, all socialists do not die young, and the socialists here have a good, good chance of living long lives, if we will cooperate in this loving environment, make it more loving, and keep ourselves in total solidarity. Solidarity is our solution. If we’re unified, nothing– we’ve seen it, no matter what and how many– when even we were attacked from within and without, this country and outside, now this country has been very, very cooperative, but even then, we were able to survive because of total solidarity. And we must have that.

I’ll be asking Comrade Hue Fortson for an important mission. Mike Prokes will be contacting you about it.

Much love. The news will be given at uh, six and then it’ll be replayed once publicly, then you can ask at various times later in the evening, what you would like to have in terms of the news from Vernetta. Find out what you’ve missed – or Teresa King – and they’ll replay what the greatest number need.

The pictures of the boat, our beautiful freighter, have been given to Nancy Sines to nount– to mount for people to see. It will give you a real sense of pride and accomplishment, because some of you can’t go down to our dock at the port of Kaituma and see it.

Maria [Katsaris] is doing an inventory of all the kinds of records people have in their files. All must tell Maria as soon as possible what you have, and give her utter cooperation on this. This is an order of the office.

Much love. Thank you.