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Male: Testing, one two.

Jones: Attention. News of the day. In Washington, Supreme Court USA has now reversed position of the sixties, and requires applicants for US government jobs and jobs in the civilian sector to provide information about race, sex and ethnic backgrounds. The interesting commentary of The Indianapolis Star shows really how they feel about it, though it is a blow to minorities, another step towards de jure fascism. Here’s how The Indianapolis Star viewed it. Said otherwise, you see, if you did not list your race, the bureaucrats might not hire the proper number of Spanish (unintelligible word) lady Hottentots, and Negroes. Well. Racism gets more blatant and open every day.

I want to speak about neo-colonialism and differentiate it from imperialism, because it’s important that we understand the philosophy of Marxist-Leninism as a science. The theory and practice of revolution was given to you yesterday. It was an important contribution in an effort to analyze the specific characteristics of imperialist domination and revolutionary movements in the Third World today. However, one point needs to be discussed further: a serious political examination of the fact that the colonial system has by-and-large come to an end. This is mentioned particularly by the Albanians and discussed in one form or another by many, but its full implications have not been brought out. (Pause) Too many Marxists – too many, indeed – continue to use the terms “imperialism” and “colonialism” as if they were synonymous. If outright colonialism is dead, it is said that semi-colonialism or neo-colonialism or such things continue to exist.

Imperialism refers to the worldwide system of finance capitalism. Colonialism refers to the direct political rule of an alien power. The two are not at all the same. Confusing them leads to the implication that class alliances and revolutionary strategies characteristic of the colonial period may apply without much modification today. Finance capitalism, for instance – imperialism – is most obvious in the Trilateral Commission, that is, the ruling elite of all the remaining capitalist age, those countries left under capitalism in the dying stage of monopoly capitalism in its senile stages.

[Vladimir] Lenin clearly distinguished between imperialism and colonialism. In imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, he (unintelligible word) that along with the economic division of the world along cartels in the Tri– Trilateral commission, as we see, linked the political division of the world into colonies. In calculating the extent of this, he concluded– and he included the former Asian and African colonies, plus China, Iran and Turkey as semi-colonies, describing these as transitional. But he did not include Latin America, which was definitely exploited by imperialism, but was hot– was not under colonial rule. Obviously, imperialism can exist without colonialism. In imperialist (tape edit) economic– e– economism, and a caricature of Marxism, he takes his point further, arguing that imperialism tends to destroy the political independence of dominated countries, just as it tends to destroy all democratic forms, but it would be mechanical and economistic to think that bourgeoisie democracy and political independence cannot be fought for and won without destroying imperialism as a world system.

Colonialism’s in. Colonial rule over most of the world was crucial to imperialism at one stage of its historical development. Imperialism brought down the traditional political and economic structures of Third World societies to impose warped forms that subordinated them – put them down under – to the needs of capitalist development at the center.

The national struggles of the Third World peoples brought colonialism to an end in most areas of the world, as we’re about to see happen in Zaire today. In spite of all the Belgian and French intervention, they’re not succeeding in tearing down the revolution that has begun there by the Kataganese, and Cuban troop support has withdrawn because of a lot of pressure. Yet the Kataganese seem to be gaining new sympathizers in Zaire (unintelligible word) and are continuing their massive rebellion on several fronts. Their revolutionary sense of justice is causing horrifying indignation in world opinion, as now 180 white people are dead in the onslaught. Of course, it does not bother to mention that the Belgians, and the French, the Mirage jets and Saber jets have bombed the villages in Zambia and Angola of those brave Katan– Kataganese who are fighting for the liberation of their land, that’s bombed their– their wives and children into oblivion, bombed them to death.

Colonialism, though, has been to an end in most areas of the world. There are a few Zaires left. When these struggles were dominated by the bourgeoisie and (unintelligible word under tape failure) effects of decades of colonial rule were not overcome, imperialism has managed to find other mechanisms of domination.

Incidentally, why was China semi-colonial? Because it was half colonial. That is, a part of its territory was under foreign rule and part was not. The colonized part was ruled just as India was ruled, that is, the various imperialist powers have sovereignty within their terren– territories, ran their own military and police, controlled customs, imposed duties, the court system, et cetera, was all run by those colonialists. They had a partial rule over China, and thus it was called semi-colonial. It was not as all semi-colonial in any way similar to the domination of imperialism in India today. The use of the term “semi-colonialism” is erroneous. “Neo-colonialism” is just plain sloppy.

National bourgeoisie. It may be possible, in addition to colonial states like pre-1947 India or semi-colonial countries like pre-1949 China, to speak of comprador colonial states. C-o-m-p-r-a-d-o-r– d-o-r. That is, South Vietnam under U.S. hegemony, which were formally independent but in fact overwhelmingly politically-controlled by a foreign power. However, these should not be (unintelligible word under tape failure) with the most reactionary and economically dependent, but still politically independent, Third World states of today.

What is the significance of all of this for concrete struggle and class alliances? Specifically the division between comprador and national bourgeoisie exist under colonialism, but not under post-colonial forms of imperialism. Many writers are increasingly recognizing that it is difficult, if not impossible, to locate a national bourgeoisie in Third World countries today. The efforts of traditional communist parties and some new Marxist-Leninist parties to do so invariably result in (unintelligible word). But the reason that is not, as some imply, that native capitalists are weak or mere fronts for multi-nationals. The relatively strong Indian bourgeoisie, the subcontinent of India for instance, is not a puppet of any power and can bargain to a certain extent with multi-nationals, but this does not make it a national bourgeoisie at all. Under colonialism, direct rule actively blocks the development of a native, industrial bourgeoisie by various means, including use of state patronage, monetary and customs policies favoring foreigners, et cetera, and by its landlord alliances and other mechanisms that maintain feudalism in agriculture. Thus sections of the native bourgeoisie seeking their development can become national to the point of allying to its workers or peasants in the fight against imperialism in its colonial form.

Post-independent chances. But once a politically-independent state has been created under the control of the once-national bourgeoisie, the situation changes. The bourgeoisie is able to use the state to promote haltingly the development of capitalism in agriculture to develop a state sector aimed at aiding its own growth to impose custom [customs] barriers which force multi-nationals to set up manufacturing inside the country and in collaboration with it. It itself is able to grow, but only within the imperialist framework. That’s what you have in the Trilateral Commission. It’s what’s going to cause soon great deal of suffering in USA life, because factories can move uh, where minimum wage laws, two dollars and fifty cents in USA, they can move to Korea, South Korea, the fascist puppet state, and get labor for fifty cents an hour. They used to– to get it for nothing. There is a price in the changeover from colonialism to finance capitalism or imperialism. And various other states of the capitalist-dominated world who are not getting their slice of the pie, but have somewhat a measure of national independence. It can bargain with various imperialist countries and with multi-nationals for a greater share in resources – that is, an independent capitalist country puppet regime. It may force natio– multi-nationals to retreat from one hundred percent ownership to fifty percent, or to 25 percent, but it remains tied to the world market system and production processes ultimately dominated by the multi-nationals. And even though they only have so much percentage of the ownership, the cheap labor enables them to gain uh, a horrifying uh, profit, the surplus profit is terrible, off of the backs of people, in some instances who work as low, in the S– Union of South Africa, as 16 cents to 21 cents an hour. Among other things, this means it cannot develop its own home market, cannot produce for the needs of the vast majority, and is unable to either completely wipe out backwardness and feudal remnants in agriculture, or escape from the imperialist link. (tape edit)

Because the bourgeoisie can grow to a limited extent, and because any revolutionary mass movement is bound to attack the state that is now its fate– its own state, it is no longer a national bourgeoisie, and this is true not only of the big bourgeoisie, but also of the smaller capitalist whose interests are protected by the state, who may also have multi-national collaboration through the Trilat– Trilateral Col– Commission, which is made up of primarily white, who frequently get loans and concessions and produce on contract for big capitalists and who are tied into the same multi-national companies-dominated production process. That is, it will not participate in a revolutionary united front.

Increased contradictions. (tape edit) How and when Marxists should support the limited demands of this bourgeoisie to win a bigger share for itself within the imperialist framework, that is, demands for a new international economic order, is another question, because these moves (tape edit) do increase contradictions within world imperialism. In other words, the Soviets aid certain countries, like the Philippines who are nationalistic, and the socialistic opposition (unintelligible word) dictatorship, but if they can form any kind of wedge in the designs of finance capitalism or world imperialism, as embodied in the Trilateral Commission, then they should do so. But such moves of countries for independent [independence] are not revolutionary, do not serve to break the links that the Third World bourgeoisie has had with imperialism as a whole, usually, and are frequently in contradiction with revolutionary movements within their own countries. That’s the dangerous concern that one must have.

There are many ways newer revolutionary organizations are recognizing these facts. Many are saying that the entire bourgeoisie is compra– comprador, and we don’t mean comprador in the old way, or that the bourgeoisie has both national and comprador aspects. Remember the spelling is c-o-m-p-r-a-d-o-r. So we can understand that comprador concept.

But the necessa– but the necessity now is to make it clear, that the very categories of national and comprador no long apply in politically-independent states. At least, it becomes the responsibility of the international communist struggle to have the judgment to know where to support independence movements, anything to break the hold of colonialism, (unintelligible word) neo-colonialism, and now, the most dreaded enemy, finance capitalism or imperialism, as represented in the Trilateral Commission. (tape edit) The problem is, not to give support to a nation that is so reactionary that it will suppress a clear minority of the population that might have won a revolution. That is a great problem, a problem of real tactical error in some instances, a problem of just humanitarian concern to all in the international communist struggle, as in (unintelligible word) Philippine islands, if there was any chance for the opposition to succeed, which is Marxist-Leninist, it will be foolhardy for the Soviets to give too much support to the Philippine islands, but they seem to be playing it very carefully, and their only negotiation at this point is to control the nuclear reactors, which must remain under their control. Actually Soviet control. Well, that’s good, because a nuclear reactor, designed, as the USA does, uh, they have no sense really of their own uh, mortality. The Trilateral Commission USA monopoly capitalist have no sense that, in giving the Philippines islands a nuclear reactor that was faulty and leaky and putting it on a fault, in the long run, affects them and destroys their chances of survival. The Soviets are more careful. By the same token, they’re not going to give a nuclear reactor– reactor independently to the Philippines, as was the USA, and trust a dictator, a tinpot dictator [Ferdinand Marcos], to have full control over it and make a bomb.

That is careful uh, aiding of national independence away from neo-colonialism and colonialism, and breaking the control of the cartelist or the international finance capitalist or world imperialist as represented in the Trilateral Commission. And let us always look carefully and critically at the struggle which now the Soviet Union represents the avant garde of the struggle for liberation. They’ve been on the right question in every issue thus far, in Mozambique, in Angola which gained its independence, now Angola has been the base for the Kataganese who’ve suffered ten years of asylum, now they have moved through– and by the way, Zambia has allowed them to move through Zambian territory to get into Zaire. The Soviets and the Cubans are afraid of a international incident in Zaire. BBC, Voice of America, [President Jimmy] Carter’s huing and crying that this will be the point of Third World War now, and so the Soviet alliance, the Warsaw Pact, and its brave ally Cuba, the avant garde of Marxist liberation and black liberation throughout the world, are allowing the Kataganese to carry most of the battle, because USA, or the international cartelists, the imperialists, finance capitalist – means the same – the Trilateral Commission, are using the Belgians to come in and fight the battle, and the French, ostensibly, on the surface, to get out the poor whites, the terribly poor white missionaries, et cetera, who are in danger. And thus 180 have been killed. Revolutions do kill people, and white people too. Interestingly enough, no children. But BBC, the voice of capitalist Britain, and Voice of America, the voice of the armed forces, are really appealing to racism, in the white citizens murdered by these socialist revolutionaries, the Kataganese, in Java. In taking over Kuwazi (phonetic), they’ve taken over a major city already.

Now Algeria has spoken up to the world forum, in the United Nations, and demanded that all planes flying over its territory going into Africa must land, thus causing a three-to-four more hour delay in Belgian and French airborne divisions getting there, because Algeria accuses the Belgians and the French and the USA of lying. Their pretense is, USA, the Trilateral Commission, is that all are going in there is to take the poor wretched whites that are in danger, and they have the nerve to talk about taking out just the poor wretched whites. But, evidence has it that thirty million dollars has been– forty million dollars, correction– has been poured in in an emergency fund by Carter for military aid to stop the Kataganese revolution. Radio Habana, Free Cuba, and Radio Moscow declare that there is not one Soviet or Cuban troop in the Zaire battle, but (unintelligible word under tape failure) Radio Moscow and Radio Cuba agree that it will be another Vietnam quite likely. It is a place in turmoil, and Zairians, other than even the Kataganese, are joining in the revolution of the (unintelligible word) who have forced their way back into their homeland for liberation purposes.

The Horn of Africa continues to boil. But Ethiopia, backed by the Soviets and Cubans, still hold the line. They’ve not invaded further, but they hold the line in Eritrea and are denying annexation of that regime, separation of that regime that’s being backed by US imperialism, the Trilateral Commission, and then the horrifying fact that the renegade national communist of Peoples China have joined in– in foreign policy matters to try to aid the finance capitalist, though, the world imperialist, and has become ostensibly or in fact an imperialist ally, though they receive at this point not that much benefit economically from it all, and certainly the Peoples Republic of China have no members on the Trilateral Commi– Commission. They are fools. They are allowing their racism and their chauvinism and nationalism to play into the hands of world imperialism or finance capitalism, the Trilateral Commission. However, there’s some theory that China is trying to provoke a war, feeling that they have more to gain in a nuclear war, not really coming to (unintelligible word under tape failure) with the Soviet anti-missile missile system, its laser beam system, its killer satellite system, and its terrible uh, margin over the Chinese of offensive missiles. Even if they were to be engaged in war with China, as China keeps threatening will come soon, they would still have enough to destroy China and the USA. But China has a policy – openly – that nuclear war is inevitable, and it will advantage the Chinese in their pursuit of nationalistic communism. There are currents and winds of change in some provinces. There has been resistance to this international renegade policy. There are dissidents, but not enough at least to change the lackeys of finance capitalism, world imperialism, the Trilateral Commission, USA monopoly finance capitalism. There’s just not enough to stop it yet, because China is supporting the dreaded Somalian regime and the Eritrean regime against the socialist allied regime of Ethiopia with the Warsaw Pact of the Soviet Union.

(unintelligible word) has it that President Carter is being attacked now very– very severely, because his daughter [Amy] had a conniption fit, according to the Washington Star, over the fact that she did not run uh, a race successfully of some sort, of a track race, and uh, went into a hysterical fit in the field, and a Secret Service agent stole the trophy for her to satisfy the appetites of this little bourgeoisie girl and even forced the Washington Star to have to talk about it. And of course, Mr. Carter’s indignant that his little daughter would be the subject of such attention. But (unintelligible word) confirm that the true winner of the race had to take a substitute cup that was not silver because uh, little Amy Carter, daughter of uh, Mr. Carter, who is now in the Trilateral Commission, and some say, the Trilateral Commission is the Carter Administration, and in fact, that the Trilateral Commission is always comprised of the administration. However, when they slip from grace like [Richard] Nixon, they leave the Trilateral Commission. They are really not the true powers. Rockefeller, the duPonts, the major family, and then there are some you don’t hear of too much, uh, the international arena that are a part of it, Farbin– but yet Rockefeller and Farbin are connected. Farbin was the one that made the gas chambers, and Rockefeller assisted in the gas chambers too, that murdered seven million Jews, but you know, if you’re a multi-national, if you are a finance capitalist in the imperialist Trilateral Commission, you can get by with murder. They decide on who’s going to live, who’s going to die, when and where, what people are going to lose their jobs, so forth and so on.

The major news has (unintelligible word under tape failure) The (unintelligible word) Japanese are trying to open up their (unintelligible word) international airport that is a showcase for the world, and the Red Army has gotten a lot of popular support, and they’re going in and setting (unintelligible word) the runway, but they’ve managed to have six landing of major aircrafts, but as the Japanese government says, even the Japanese press admits, which is a part of, you know, the Trilateral Commission, Japanese capitalism, European capitalism, and USA monopoly capitalism, the most dreaded manipulators and murderers because they control the Trilateral Commission. The Trilateral Commission is dominated by US imperialists, finance capitalists. And Japan is greatly embarrassed, because they can’t quite control the revolutionaries in their midst.

Strong demands are being made inside South Korea. Revolutionary elements are demanding the uh– the dictator, puppet dictator of US imperialism, (pause) – the dictator’s Park Chung Hee – to resign and dissolve his puppet national assembly. They charge that Park was turning South Korea into a silent graveyard. (tape edit) The document used sharper language than any previous appeal. It followed by one week a statement by 18 anti-Park, the fascist leader, criticizing the USA State Department’s report on so-called improvements in the situation for political prisoners in South Korea, a whitewash job and a lie again by the Trilateral Commission and Carter and his State Department.

In relation– In related developments, South Korean police arrested four dissidents and prevented 122 others from leaving their homes to attend an anti-dictator Park rally. Although when I say State Department, that means all US embassies and everything. They’re all involved in the conspiracy to keep imperialism in power. All involved. When you see an embassy, you automatically see CIA in their every office. The planned action was to commemorate, to honor the fifty-ninth anniversary of an uprising by workers and students against Japanese colonial rule in the era before world imperialism now that we see in the Trilateral Commission. (tape edit) The statement also included demands for reunica– unification of Korea, and charged that dictator Park’s role in the Washington Koreagate scandal grievously hurt the Korean people’s dignity. The seven-page document was turned over to foreign journalists in Seoul, capital of the puppet regime of US-monopoly capitalism in South Korea, as dozens of plainclothes secret police surrounded the building. Under Park’s 1972 emergency fascist decree, there’s a seven-year jail term for criticizing his government. Even to criticize it on the street.  Among those who signed the statement so bravely were dissident Catholic bishop Daniel Hak Sung Chee, former President Yun Posun, former Park ally Ching Koo Yung, and Protestant leader Dick– Reverend Park Yung Choo [phonetic]. You have to give some people who are not communist at least a credit in some countries – not in USA, because they don’t have enough consciousness to even wipe out the bandits like [Reverend] Ike, or to stand up for their black leaders that go down like Malcolm [X] or Martin [Luther King] or Congressman [Charles] Diggs – but in some countries, even those who are not communist do have a dignity to fight against fascism, and it becomes the duty of the international struggle to recognize discerningly those uh, Marxist Social Democrats, and give temporary aid to them to try to educate them into the only salvation, Marxist-Leninism.

A week earlier, 18 political and religious leaders– leaders charged the Carter Administration with covering up the internal political situation that is a police state of terrifying torturous (unintelligible word under tape distortion) South Korea. One of the dissidents, who read the report at a church meeting, was immediately arrested and put under the seven-year jail term that is automatic, without trial, no jury trial, just as in South Africa, just is the model that is per– tried in Washington, D.C., (stretches out word) all set up by the Trilateral Commission, US monopoly capitalist, it was a CIA model. And I told you about what it’s doing in Africa. Anyone who, in the minds of the policeman in Union of South Africa, is about to commit a crime, goes to jail for five years and can be executed. Can be killed. Not just go to jail, but he can be executed.

A US State Department report last week on human rights violations in 105 countries states that in 1977, South Korea announced several significant releases of political prisoners. Oh, how stinkingly hypocritical, the wo– embassies and the US State Department and Carter’s human rights policies are. They’re so stinkingly hypocritical. That the– that Park holds only 150 political prisoners under his emergency laws, which was– US Carter Administration’s State Department says is minimal, and that we do not believe that torture is now regularly employed in South Korea, whereas the Moscow alliance, the Warsaw Pact, and even Radio Sweden, say that tens of thousands are tortured every month in South Korea. Many signers of the document had been previously imprisoned for asking the fascist dictator Park to resign. It’s P-a-k [P-a-r-k]. They pointed out that although they were released, there were still technically– they were still technically under arrest and had no freedom of movement, just like the Attica group, that had to be released because they didn’t want ‘em seeing national, international headlines about how the governor [Nelson] Rockefeller had broken his word and ordered the murder of his own guards and the prisoners in cold blood, and so they let them off, only to have them watched by police and then finally shot down in the streets of New York City, as I gave you the news yesterday. That’s the way imperialism works. It’s trickeration. And we have to learn – carefully, of course – that a good humanitarian socialist end does justify any means to overthrow the imperialist system, and to take any position, and to never, never tell the truth to the imperialist, because he will use it against you, to always be shrewd, shrewd as a fox or a weasel, when you’re dealing with the capitalist pig. Wise as a serpent, but not as harmless as a dove. Non-violent in deed, as we teach our children, we don’t believe in violence, we have no guns to fight people. We are not a warlike people. We do not believe in murder or violence or cruelty, but we will defend with every last life our right to our free territory of Jonestown. Our liberty to live in socialist Guyana.

Two of the signers included Kim Dae-jung, who received 46 percent of the presidential vote in 1971 election, and former South Korean president Yun. These are brave people that dare to take on the fascist dictatorship, the puppet that was– regime that was set up artificially by US monopoly capitalist in the Trilateral Commission. It takes a brave group of people, and their bravery should encourage us to take our proper stand, certainly with our knowledge of Marxist-Leninism, we should even be braver, by all means, by any means, braver in every respect and in every degree.

That is primarily the basic news. Perhaps I’ll give you more news a bit later, but study the concepts. It’s important to conceptualize and then put your emotions and your heart and your love and devotion behind international Marxist-Leninism, and it’s embodied in your office perfectly, as perfectly as can be on the human arena of time. I love you very, very much, indeed.


Part 2

Attention. Attention. More news of the day. Patty Hearst will have to serve out 14 more months. Lost her final appeal. But that’s only 14 months of a seven-year sentence, but after 14 months, she’ll be eligible for parole, and of course, there’s no question she’ll be kept uh, in the very modern palatial prison setting for special prisoners, and will be paroled. At the earliest possible opportunity, she’ll be walking the streets again, because she’s the daughter of the rich. No one even raises the question, except– except perhaps  the thousands of inmates who will never walk the streets again in USA, who’re Indian, black and poor white. Something else of monopoly capitalism’s crudeness, cold indifference. Even her dad’s paper, The Examiner, for sensational headlines to make a little money for himself, the Hearst paper doesn’t treat the thing any different that anyone else. Their headline article starts out, “Convicted Bank Robber Patricia Hearst.” That’s way– that’s the way they make the money. And his [Randolph Hearst] money– Hearst money is more important than his daughter.

Huey Newton out on bail temporarily, after the fifth murder– assault to commit murder charge, the final one assault with a deadly weapon with intent to commit murder. His backers, some who have been faithfully in his camp, are a little harder to come by, but the 50,000 dollar bail was posted. There is a problem, though, that his other bails will be increased, upwards of 200,000 dollars.

Charles Garry has some kind of strong feeling about him and attraction to him. He said he would do anything he could to help him. Wish he would do the same for us. We’re living so modestly, and I am living so sacrificially, and going through such hell for my people, we’d appreciate as much interest in our case as he is giving to this case, that we could have resolved. If Mr. Newton had listened to us, he woulda been out of harm’s way.

Juan Corona, charged with 26 murders, is up for a new trial. The irregularities that caused this are as follows. The lab work to identify the victims was a sloppy mess. They sent fingertips of the men, which got all confused and misidentified in the lab. Juan Corona never took the stand in his own defense, which had absolutely nothing to do with his guilt or innocence. He does not speak English. When he was arrested, his nine-year-old daughter was the translator. It is illegal for the prosecution to use the fact that a defendant does not take the stand to imply his guilt, but the prosecuting attorney did it nine times to the juey in his summation, before they left to decide the verdict. Meanwhile, Juan Corona has lost an eye and is crippled for life as a result of beatings in the jail. His wife [Gloria Moreno] has left him, and his kids don’t even visit him anymore.

Some facts about prisons. California prisons are in the most serious state ever known in the history. The California prison facilities are overcrowded eight times what they were meant to be able to take care of.

Some hate letters that were sent to the NAACP got some national coverage for the moment, calling for the extermination of all blacks. NAACP reports that they are getting on the average in their fi– field ha– headquarters between 500 and 800– 800 letters a day. Each letter is supposed to represent something like 700 people in the community, or is it 7,000? Who knows? Anyway, it’s a lot of hate mail coming into the NAACP offices, something like 6000 hate letters calling for the extermination of black people, but not in those nice ways. Hate, calling for murder, coming into the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s offices every day. (Pause)

One quick point: we don’t give you very many news items about murder, rape in USA. If I were to do so, none of you would possibly want to go back even in the slightest sketch– or stretch of your imagination. There’s no way to convey how constant the news is every day occurrences, like even ten years ago, you would hardly ever hear of a father wiping out his entire family in a mass murder, or a youngster murdering his parents, but it’s getting normal every day sounding occurrence. Well, take today. Turned on the radio, there were three stories right in a row in the most blasé sounding voice. Two children, age 4 and 6, were picked up for stoning and beating an elderly woman– an elderly woman to death. The reason they gave was that she gave money to one child but not the other. The next bit of news right following, three men were picked up for kidnapping a blind woman, carrying her off to a cabin, beating her nearly to death, and raping her repeatedly. Immediately after that, county welfare worker convicted for molesting five grammar school girls in his homes. Following that, 13-year-old in Texas, son of former chief aide to Lyndon Baines Johnson, brought a revolver– revolver to his class, and shot the principal of his junior high school dead with six bullets. His complaint? The man had given him a failing grade. It’s raw Hitleri– Hitlerite barbarity that seems to be stepping up all over. In fact, there was a film on [Adolf] Hitler on TV, as you know, in USA recently, done as a study in pathological psychology. Anyone who threatened him in any way, his own niece [Geli Raubal], his own clo– closest aides, anyone, he would have summarily have them shot. Much like modern day America, as they try to shoot off Peoples Temple, and we’re the only ones they didn’t succeed, because we threatened them with a beautiful lifestyle of peace, racial integration, total assimilation, and total equality. And now they’re doing it to Synanon and to the Black Panthers, which they’ve nearly completely destroyed.

One last na– very interesting point about US domestic news in California. This whole Jarvis-Gann initiative drive, which will fatten the rich and demolish all services for the poor, eliminates welfare services, hospital facilities for the poor, Medicaid, Medicare, we think it’s a part of a bigger conspiracy, said former Senator Tunney– [John] Tunney of California. I mean in a very direct way. Now they have Milton Friedman on TV, pushing Jarvis-Gann. He’s a fascist economic professor, a disgrace to Nobel that he once won, at the University of Chicago. He’s not even inCalifornia, but there he is in California, trying to eliminate all services for the poor. He was also responsible for engineering the fascist economy of Chile and the fascist economy of Zionist Israel. Friedman doesn’t even believe in minimum wage. He said no one had the right to complain about teeni– teenage unemployment amongst the Negroes, as long as they supported minimum wage. In other words, fascist economist from University of Chicago Milton Friedman means that people should accept coolie labor and be thankful, and not expect any particular set wage. Typical, typical, typical.

Now let us go into some of the basics of our communist philosophy. After 30 years of protective procrastination, the United States government is carrying out deportation proceedings against a Latvian Nazi, Vilis Hazners, V-i-l-i-s capital H-a-z-n-e-r-s. During World War II, (tape edit) Hazners was an admitted police chief of district near the Soviet border, and a decorated senior official in the Latvian Gestapo legion, SS, a counterpart and affiliate of the German army’s Waffen SS secret police. He is now accused by a number of eyewitnesses of participating in the torture and murder of hundreds of Jews, blacks, other minorities, socialists. Hazners’ lawyers say that he denies participation in the attacks on Latvians of minority backgrounds, particularly Jews. Latvia was occupied by Germany. (tape edit) Note this: Hazner doesn’t deny that he participated in attacking and killing Soviet Jews, he just did– did not participate in attacking and killing Latvian Jews. Well, that’s a strange line of reasoning, but this is the line of defense. Apparently only attacks on Latvian Jews would’ve been a crime. Attacking and killing Soviet Jews, because they’re socialist, was permissible. And that’s the kind of a court stance that’s going to be taken in the US imperialist court. That is the basic essence of his defense. Hazners’ reasoning is the ultimate in ethical and moral degeneracy, the product of a warped Nazi fascist racist mentality. But this butcher’s legal defense raises some bothersome questions about the moral and ethical climate in finance capitalism U– imperialist USA. On what basis did Hazners and his attorney come to the conclusion that by creating, by interfe– inference, the impression that he committed the crimes against the Soviet people, including Soviet Jews, he could develop a successful defense. The fact is that it would be a mistake to dismiss Hazners’ reasoning as completely exceptional. Fascism is an outgrowth of capitalism in these last days of senile monopoly capitalism in barbaric USA. In a less extreme form, Hazners’ line of reasoning pervades throughout USA society. Fascism does not invent a new ideology. It does not give birth to a new set of values or a new morality. It extends the ideology, values and morality that monopoly capital gives rise to. To accept the practices of last-to-be-fired– last-to-be-hired, rather, and first-to-be-fired, and the other barriers to skilled jobs, as long as the discriminatory policies are limited to blacks, Puerto Ricans, Chicanos, Indians, Filipinos and Asian American, is to accept racism. Fascism takes this concept rooted in the capitalist system of USA (tape edit) and extends it to acceptance of mass murder and genocide, which means the murder of a whole people.

Let’s take a few other examples. The week in which this is being spoken, in Houston, Texas, three killer cops were convicted for the second time of cold-blooded murder. Each time, a judge gave one-year suspended sentences. In the judge’s book, murder was not murder, because the victim was of Mexican-Indian descent. That’s why there are race riots after race riots in Houston. They are seeing such terrible, Hitlerite attitude on the part of brutal, fascist police in Houston, Texas, that they are openly resisting. But Americans require an awful lot before they will resist.

Aren’t there landlords, storekeepers, and others who feel that when they are dealing with blacks, Puerto Ricans, Indians, and other racially-oppressed peoples, they have a special license to rip them off? (tape edit) Somehow, stealing from blacks and Hispanic-Indian peoples isn’t stealing, just as for Hazners, murdering Soviet Jews is not murder. He readily admits to murdering Soviet Jews as his defense in the US court of law. He just says he didn’t me– murder Latvian Jews. Aren’t these– or aren’t there people who would get very upset at any manifestation of auto– or anti-Catholic, or anti-Jewish prejudice, but who would look the other way when it comes to injustices to the Arabian or Palestinian people? Somehow the suffering of Palestinians thrown off their ancestral lands and living for decades in the misery of refugee camps (pause) does not count.

Then, there are the actions of the FBI and CIA.

(Sound of overflying aircraft)

There goes a plane to pick up Marceline [Jones], a wonderful courtesy of the Guyana Defense Force, for nothing, to take our people to and fro, one good sign of strong support.

Let’s go on. Then, there are the actions of the FBI and CIA. These agencies engage in illegal activities against Communists, harassment, dirty tricks, et cetera. But against communists, illegal activities are permissible. Today’s news, by the way, has it that Martin Luther King was set up for destruction by one of his chief aides in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He was an FBI informer all the time. Further revelations of skullduggery against King to portray him as a homosexual, and as a person (stumbles over words) (unintelligible word) sexual appetites, in deviate ways, angered Mrs. [Coretta Scott] King to such a degree today that she came out of her liberalism for a moment, her liberal shell, and demanded the elimination of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, because it was bringing United States into a police state.

Well, let’s go on with the concept. These agencies, the FBI and CIA, engaged in illegal activities against Communists, harassments, dirty tricks, but against communists, you see, illegal activities are permissible. Was not the concept that communists have no legal or constitutional rights the basic tactic of Hitler and [Sen. Joseph] McCarthy in getting rid– in getting the public to accept their general reactionary drives? Is that not what Egypt has done this week? Communism is evil, against God, the capitalists portray it, when it’s indeed the truth that there is no God, 500 million– 500,000, half million, were murdered in Indonesia – Communists – because they bring out the truth that there is no God, that people must unite in solidarity, the only hope for the working class. Did not many liberals justify their support of McCarthy, so-called Social Democrats supporting McCarthy the fascist, and his illegal activities, as long as the drive was directed only at Communists? Is this not a shadow of the same kind of morality and ethics that Hazners and his attorneys are using in their defense? It’s a class question. Ultimately all these things flow from the class nature of capitalist society USA, and from the needs of its ruling class. USA society is supposed to operate on the principle that all men are equal, but nothing in US capitalist society really operates according to that principle.

The system of education is a class system. Great care is lavished on the education of the upper rich class elite, but if workers, blacks, Chicanos, Indians, or Puerto Ricans don’t learn how to read and write, what does it matter? In fact, it is by design. As we see here in Jonestown, where we’re having to put such emphasis up on learning. People have been crippled purposefully so they cannot read or write, so they will not be informed to find the truth of Marxist-Leninism, socialism, that leads to the beautiful road of utopian communism. What happens to those workers? They’re just not important. And it’s important to keep them down, keep them ignorant, because ignorance will enable the oppressor to continue to manipulate the working class.

The system of medical care is a class system in USA today. Tens of millions cannot afford adequate medical care, but in fascist USA society, the very fact that they cannot afford medical care is supposed to be proof that it doesn’t matter if they don’t get it at all.

The judicial system, the court system, is a class system. Big shot war criminals like Nixon and CIA chief Richard Helms get pardoned or get away with a symbolic punishment, while people who are poor and oppressed and commit no crimes or lesser crimes to feed themselves are sent to jails, in which they are treated as less than human, and even crowded in California, eight times more than the facilities will allow in the jails or prisons of California. The attitude that– and the attitudes that lie behind all this do not arise by themselves any more  than Hazners’ attitude toward the Soviet Union, the avant garde of liberation, the mother of us all, the October Revolution of 1917, the avant garde of black liberation so beautifully today in Africa. No, the attitudes that lie behind all this do not rise by themselves any more  than Hazners’ attitude toward the great Soviet Union, the motherland of all liberation, and Jews rose by itself. Hazners’ attitude was created by Nazi fascism to serve its policy of aggression against the Soviet Union, racist and anti-working class attitudes and practices, the view that if directed against communists, anything is permissible, are consciously promoted by monopoly capitalism because they are its main weapons of exploitation and rule.

And the Soviet Union is the main obstacle for the elitist finance capitalist., monopoly capitalist, imperialist, as embodied in the Trilan– Trilateral Commission, that is, ruled and regulated and dominated by USA, a few elite families. The Soviet Union is their only obstacle to oppression. It is the Soviet Union that is bravely supporting liberation in Africa. Now that hate-mongering is being whipped up today in a summit conference at this very hour of NATO in Washington, calling the Soviet Union a terror, a menace to be dealt with.

In a way, the United States ruling class operates more insidiously than even Adolf Hitler’s Germany did. Hitler was an avowed racist, militarist, and aggressor. The United States government talks about equality and freedom, it uses far more guile, cunning, and demagoguery than Hitler did. US monopoly capital in this period is more flexible, more willing to make concessions, to retreat when absolutely necessary, but it still supports racist South Africa, fascist Indonesia, and it pushes the arms race and conspires to overthrow regimes it does not like. No concern for human rights, if the military dictatorship it’s supporting oppose the interests of US finance capital or US world imperialist designs. Just like Nazism, US ruling class is shooting poisons into society, poisons which spread immorality and rottenness, which promote hypocrisy and cynicism, teaching everyone to b– trust nothing. The anti-hero, (unintelligible word) syndrome. Don’t believe in anything, so you’ll have no way to organize yourself. That’s why they brought us up for ridicule in the press, because Jones was honest, genuine leader, organizing the people, giving them power, to defend themselves. So cynicism is a rule of the press, a grand design, because it’s the arm of monopoly capitalism, the newspapers, the television, the radio, so it’s set out to make us look as mean and ugly as we could, so the people would not see our beauty, the honesty and integrity of a true leader of the people, Jim Jones, that could’ve rallied them against the forces of the oppressive fascist U.S. government. The U.S. government can prattle about freedom, equality and human rights, the reality all around us in USA is different, and people know it. Just as with Nazi Germany, there are many today who’ll glow– go along with the perverted immoral reasoning of monopoly capitalism, because they do not feel themselves hurt or threatened by it. Nazi Germany provides a terrible lesson of what can happen when people do this. Repeatedly the Soviet Union called for unity, for collective security, against the fascist menace of Hitler, while there was still time to prevent world catastrophe. The calls went unheeded, and the world paid a disastrous price. ‘Cause like the minister said, Neibuhr [Martin Niemöller], they came for the communists, I wasn’t worried, I wasn’t a communist, I didn’t like communists, they came for the trade unions, I didn’t get worried, I didn’t like trade unions, they came for the Jews, I didn’t like Jews, they killed Christ, they came for the Catholics, I always considered them the great (unintelligible word) because I was a Protestant, I didn’t get worried, I did nothing, they came for various cults, Jehovah’s Witnesses, I didn’t get worried because I wasn’t one of them. But when the Nazis finally came for me, everybody was gone and there was no one left to defend me, when they led me off to the concentration camp. That mood still prevails in the United States. Those who do not feel themselves hurt or threatened by racism, by illegalities committed against communists or Marxist-Leninists or socialists are wrong, all with the exception of the monopolies and their lackeys are hurt and threatened, all the people are threatened. When one people’s rights are threatened, all people’s rights are threatened. Except the elitist. Even capitalists go down who are small fry. We’ve seen that by Bert Lance, who was an aide of Carter. Gotta be one of the big boys of the Trinat– Trilateral Commission, like the DuPonts and the Rockefellers.

Racism divides the working class and the people, and its cost in holding back the progress of the people is incalculable. And illegalities against communists are just harbingers of alag– illegalities against liberals, against all people who want peace and social progress. The first to go in Nazi Germany were the Social Democrats and the liberals, but they don’t have sense to see that history’s repeating itself in USA today. Time is running out for freedom, with Senate Bill 1437 and House Bill 6869, which you must study intensely, because there’ll be a vast testing tonight. Don’t count on just an alphabet test. All must know it, in the People’s Rally at 7:30.

The only sensible as well as moral position is to recognize that an injustice to one is an injustice to all. The struggle for social progress, the struggle against  monopoly capitalism, it’s in its senile stages which will have to go into fascism and outright police state terror, the struggle against the policies of nuclear hell, neutron bombs and atomic blast bombs, that only barbarians like property worshipers, capitalists could think up, the struggle for world peace, the struggle for the extension of democratic rights, and the struggle for socialism, all demand that we raise to new levels the struggle against the influences of racism and the poisonous fog of Cold War anti-communism, and particular, anti-Soviet communism, which is the only avant garde of liberation for the world to look to. The October Revolution of 1917 under Lenin, the spiritual motherland, the Soviet Union, deserves our support, and we shall stand in solidarity with the USSR, no matter what the cost. Even in good times, as it appears now, when we have the backing of the Guyanese government, or if it were in repressive times, it matters not. Have only one life to live, and a life that is lived purposeful is a life indeed that has meaning. All other lives are wasted and are nothing more than animal life or insect life, without purpose. Let us stand up against capitalism’s last stand, its fascist mentality that is being put into actual being in a police-state fascism by uh, Senate Bill 1437 and House Bill 6869.

Thank you. All my love.

[End of tape]