Jim Jones Transcript at Indiana and Butler Universities

Jim Jones attended classes at Indiana University, both in Bloomington and in its Indianapolis Center, and at Butler University in Indianapolis, between 1948 and 1960, with his greatest attendance in the five years between 1948 and 1953. His college transcript shows that he entered Indiana University after graduating in the top third of his high school class in Richmond, Indiana. His class load for the first two semesters was that of a fulltime student, with his grades being A’s and B’s. Beginning in 1949, his commitment to higher education seems to have fallen off, with consistently lower grades in the half of the classes that he completed, and with notices of withdrawal and “incompletes” from the other half. There is no indication of graduation.

The courses he took were principally in the departments of English, Psychology, and Business, with a few others in Military Science, Government, Economics and Sociology.

Jim Jones Transcript