Articles of Incorporation of Wings of Deliverance

Forms for use by Indiana
Churches, religious societies
and religious organizations
Form C-1
Feb. 23, 1954

Approved and Filed
April 4, 1955
/Crawford F. Parker/
Secretary of State of Indiana

Articles of Incorporation
Wings of Deliverance, Incorporated

The undersigned, constituting all of the trustees do hereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation, representing to the Secretary of State of Indiana and all persons whom it may concern, that they are duly elected trustees in accordance with law, for the above named corporation, for which authorization is hereby applied, and that heretofore ten or more persons of lawful age, desiring to organize a corporation, met and elected the undersigned trustees after giving the proper legal notice.

Be it further remembered that the following Articles of Incorporation and all matters heretofore done or hereafter to be done are in accordance with “An Act for the corporation, organization and reincorporation of churches, religious societies and religious organizations,” approved March 3, 1943.

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  1. The name of this Corporation shall be


  1. The manner of electing trustees, or officers corresponding thereto, who are to manage the business concerns of such corporation; their number and term or terms of service.

Trustee shall be elected by a majority vote of the church membership present at each annual meeting of the corporation. There shall be three trustees and they shall serve for three (3) years with the exception of two members of the original board of trustees, one of whom was selected for a period of one year and one of whom was selected for a period of two years.

  1. The names and addresses of those trustees, or officers corresponding thereto, who shall manage the corporate affairs during the first year.

Rev. James W. Jones – 3058 Villa Avenue,  Indianapolis, Indiana
Marceline Jones – 3058 Villa Avenue,  Indianapolis, Indiana
Lynetta P. Jones – 1130 1/2 E. Main St., Richmond, Indiana

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  1. The place where such church, religious society, intends to conduct its regular service of worship.

Church on the corner of 15th Street  and N. New Jersey Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.

  1. The period during which the corporation shall continue is


  1. The purposes of the Corporation are:

Furthering the Kingdom of God and spreading the true Holy Word of God.

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In Witness thereof, the undersigned constituting all of said Trustees, have hereunto set their hands and seals.

/ Rev. James W. Jones/
Rev. James W. Jones

/Marceline Jones/
Marceline Jones

/Lynetta P. Jones/
Lynetta P. Jones

State of Indiana,
County of Marion

Before me, Jane E. Gaughan, a Notary Public in and for said county and state, personally appeared Rev. James W. Jones, Marceline Jones, and Lynetta P. Jones and severally acknowledged the execution of the foregoing Articles of Incorporation.

Witness my hand and seal this 1st day of April, 1955.
/ Jane E. Gaughan/ Notary Public
My Commission expires Feb. 10, 1958