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Jones: Attention, attention. Good morning news, direct from your friendly radio room, after being up all night again, trying to defend our people’s freedoms. It seems no end to the conspiracy, how far they’re willing to go. Now to cut us off from contact with the United States. We can talk, because they have no jurisdiction over us – the FCC or any other fascist agency – for we’re in a land of freedom. However, the same does not apply to the many, many friends which now number at least as friendly, into the few thousand on amateur radio, and those of our own people in Peoples Temple who hold– who hold amateur radio [licenses] are no longer allowed to speak to us. But we’ll work this out, as we’ve worked out everything else. In spite of health problems, I’ve continued to go now for well over a week without going to bed, so there is miraculous power in this office. We don’t want to take it for granted, like some who stopped me last evening when I was en route, rushing, rushing to try to do what I could to begin to work out this new conspiracy, but some people just demand that they have to speak to me.

We must remember Peoples Rally this evening which we will be tested over the conspiracy. Those who have not seen Parallax View, the author [Don Freed] knows we are under a conspiracy, can see it at one o’clock this afternoon in the theater pavilion. Accompanying it will be my tape interpretation which will be helpful. All must understand that by now, and the conspiracy that the librarian have put on the blackboard. They have it captured very well. Teresa [King] has captured it extremely well, and you need to see the conspiracy. I don’t know if they’ve brought up to date all aspects of the new conspiracy involving [John F.] Kennedy, even forcing the House of Representatives, the U.S. Congress to go through at least a circus hearing– assassination hearing. First witness will be that pertaining to Martin Luther King.

[Ralph] Abernathy this morning in today’s news o– offered nothing new. He did say that Martin Luther King knew that there was a conspiracy and that he would soon be killed, implicating the government in the conspiracy to murder him. However, interestingly enough this week, they’re going to allow finally the one that was the fall guy, James Earl Ray, to address the House of Representatives, first in secret session. We hope it will not be doctored before it gets to the public. He says that he can implicate already a member of an anti-Castro Cuban organization, the Mafia and the government. Obviously, someone helped him, even if he had done this terrible act of murder against Dr. King. Who caused the Memphis police to go in the wrong direction that day? Who gave him the money to get through several nations with different falsified passports and papers, and finally end up in a banker’s home in fascist Portugal at that time, before the military socialist takeover?

Today’s news. Fireman have also joined the police in a direct confrontation with the Memphis army– the army of the U.S. Army and the National Guard of Tennessee that’re in the streets, arresting cops as often as they can catch them, but not perhaps as many as they would, nor nearly so many as they would shoot, if it were black or Indian or poor whites that were defying two court orders. But there’s a temporary, now a permanent court order, demanding that the police go back to work or go to jail.

The earthquake that struck California has left considerable damage up and down the coast between San Francisco and Santa Barbara. I believe there was a prognostication, a prophecy by your friend that that would take place before the end of this month. I know in fact if you’ll go back and listen to the tapes that that was the case. So who should doubt the word of one who says that socialism is right, and certainly his life is the most important thing that constantly gives of itself, over and again, when there’s nothing but pain for him, just because he wants to protect you and your loved ones.

Against government orders, monopoly corporations have seemingly won the East Coast and they’ve drilled for gas off the East Coast in what is already waters polluted so that no one can fish from Maine clear down to the lower parts of Florida. But they say that there’s some likelihood now that they’ve struck at least gas.

Governor [Jerry] Brown, once noted to be the liberal of USA, has gone on record today as backing tough law and order campaigns, stiff penalties, tough penalties for all crimes. Those are the screaming headlines.

Christine Onassis had been reported by the Western imperialist press, the lackeys of US imperialism, to have deserted her Moscow newlywed [Sergei Kauzov], just an ordinary shipping clerk. However, it was not true. In spite of rumors that she could go to Greece that does not honor communist marriages, she has since returned to Moscow to her humble apartment, to the man that she seems to care for more than all of the millions and billions. She is one of the world’s, if not the world’s richest. She is the richest shipping heir, and he has taken on her name, so he, a Communist, will become the inheritor of all of [Aristotle] Onassis’ shipping fortunes and all the other conglomerates. I’m sure the capitalist world will do much to si– uh, sabotage that.

Fires around San Francisco and Sonoma County continue to burn in a drought-like condition.

In Zimbabwe, the Patriotic Front has gained ground, even in spite of the fact that USA have poured in thousands of mercenaries, pretending to be mercenaries, who are nothing more than regulars in the U.S. Army trained in New Mexico.

The state in Palestine is about the same. Battle goes on in Lebanon between Syrian and right wing Christian forces that are nothing more than a front for the Zionists.

From Attorney General Griffin Bell comes the quote of the day. He was interviewed on television and asked about the recent incident, where FBI files were uncovered in St. Louis, Missouri, showing that two Southern rich businessmen had offered 50,000 dollars each for the assassination of Martin Luther King. Not surprisingly, even the news of USA, Voice of America, reports, both of these businessmen have now died under (sardonic tone) normal circumstances. Kind of coincidental, they were both in their middle 40s. The uncovering of these files were said to be lost for over five years, was presumably an embarrassment to the FBI. But not to Mr. Bell. The toughest law enforcement officer and the highest law enforcement officer in USA, the attorney general of the United States. Do you think this was a cover-up, he was asked by a newsman. No, answered he in his bland Southern drawl that I’m sure he learned well, being that he used to be in the Ku Klux Klan. (mimics Southern accent throughout) I think it’s the filing system. With the FBI filing system, it’s entirely possible for this to happen. We’ve learned a lot about the FBI filing system since the Freedom of Information Act was passed. Yes, we’ll bet, here at Peoples [Temple] Jonestown community. Like it’s not so easy anymore to lose all the clues to a conspiracy for upwards of five years, although most of our files have never been given to us, though their new laws guarantee them, that you can have your FBI file, CIA file, and several others, under the new Freedom of Information Act. However, they passed new laws that anything that the Treasury Department or Customs has on you can’t be obtained by the private citizen, so now the Treasury Department, Internal Revenue and Customs are doing the dirty tricks work, for the most part.

His remark on the Wilmington 10 was, they’re in prison for arson, aren’t they? They were charged with arson, as I recall. Beyond that, he had no comment. Charged with arson. He’d forgotten the Wilmington 10, which shows the more that Andrew Young was correct that there are thousands, tens of thousands of political prisoners in USA, including the Wilmington 10. And the Black Lawyers Conference meeting this year went further. They said there were millions. Obviously, when the highest law enforcement officer of the land does not know that the Wilmington 10 have been convicted, each one facing four hundred and some years in the penitentiary, something’s awfully wrong with the way he’s doing his business.

He didn’t think that Mar– the Myron Farber case of The New York Times concerned him enough to have an opinion on either. He said he really didn’t know too much about it. That reporter, he said, I think, was jailed for contempt of court, for refusing to turn over some thousands of pages of notes wholesale to a New Jersey court for use in a murder trial. The New York Times is still backing him up, because what little left of the freedom of press is all at stake in this issue. They’re paying a hundred thousand initial fine for their correspondent, plus five thousand a day– five thousand, yes, US dollars each day for every day the material is not turned over. The Supreme Court review will seem to, according to most authorities, let him stay in jail. Some think there’ll be a stay for a time. His term will at last at least six months, until a new Supreme Court goes into its hearing, which will total a bill to the Times to a minimum of over one million dollars. Plus New Jersey, where the crime was charged and alleged, has one of the toughest or strongest shield laws for the no– for the nation’s press, which is now destroyed by the courts. Also, The New York Times, being the most influential paper in the country, Bell should’ve known something about it. Attorney General Bell was then asked if he thought there was a parallel between the– that contempt of court and his own contempt of court, for which anybody else would go to jail, for refusing to turn over FBI files, which was ordered– a federal judge ordered him to do so on the Socialist Workers Party. No, I don’t think so, he reasoned, with the half-inch he allows for peripheral view. His is a state court. My situation involved a federal court. Now that is really brilliance for the highest law enforcement official, lawyer in our land. Besides, I gave the information to the court. He didn’t. Opinion closed. He also thought there were entirely too many cases being pressed against our very fine FBI boys. They should be granted some kind of immunity from these things they got to do to protect the people. What he shoulda meant, the rich, ruling class. Fine, I guess, if the people– the working people could get a little immunity, the blacks a little immunity from the cops that are killing them senselessly in the streets every day, willfully, like they did in Philadelphia on Saturday, twelve blacks alone shot down in cold blood, as well as being spied on, slandered, and every little innocent in– civil rights organization infiltrated, and then shot dead in the streets, and planned assassinations, like we saw in Parallax View. That is required viewing, by the way, for the night shift. So make sure you see it at one o’clock, the theater pavilion, before our tonight’s testing.

The rest of the test, to pass, that is, so you won’t have five days of extra class, is just to get the tape, plus the conspiracy that the librarians will place on the library blackboards. That uh, tape was given, the news and uh, what you’re to say to guests so you’ll be sure you don’t sell socialism short, is on last People’s Rally tape on Saturday evening. The rest of you that hear this news, if you want to stop taking tests or the next test, pass this one on the news, and you won’t have a test. And after a number of tests like that, if you keep performing that way, you’ll go more than one test. Interesting, interesting indeed.

Now they’re going after the unions, it seems. Teamster pension fraud. But it seems that they’re going to try to reach a settlement, they’ve got too much labor unrest in good ol’ capitalist USA.

Settlement of the police suit rejected. Discrimination suit against the San Francisco police was thrown out of court. They don’t want to get all the police upset at one time, they’ve got the Memphis police to deal with right now. Now the firemen are joining them. That’s kind of a bad situation for USA monopoly capitalism. They might have to take their Army boys out and shoot police. That’s be a little rough. They don’t mind shooting students. They did that at Jackson U– University, when they shot down blacks in cold blood for protesting student inequalities, and also those kids over at Kent State, Ohio, that Ohio state college, but they were protesting an inhumane war that was illegal, and as Dr. Daniel Ellsberg said, we were being lied to. We never had been attacked, according to the Pentagon Papers that he revealed to the press. But all’s left of them is a gymnasium put on their gravesite. We wouldn’t want to see the Army shoot down the police. That might cause a few ripples in comfortable garrison-state, where everybody’s a robot in US imperialism.

Scientists at University of Wisconsin have found soybean plants can be made to grow larger when inoculated with certain laboratory strains of nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Well, that’s good. There’ll be soybeans maybe growing, when everybody else is dead in a nuclear war.

Attorney General [Evelle] Younger is questioning the delay of the FBI investigation of state legislatures. The delay has been postponed until after elections. But he’s not pressing any kind of charges. That’s typical of Mr. Younger. California, he’s the attorney general there.

Eighteen protesters were arrested at a nuclear plant again in New Hampshire. That makes up in the hundreds now.

China’s leaders as you know, uh, the– their prime minister’s [chairman Hua Kuo-fenj] in Romania, an ally of the Soviet Union, and then they’ll go on to a non-aligned nation of Yugoslavia, and they’re on ov– going over there to kind of uh, mix a little few drinks and some chitchat with [Reza Pahlavi] the Shah of Iran. All in consistency with their Doctrine of Three Worlds. If they can get the Shah and the Arab League out of that Second World over into the Third World with– where China is supposed to be leading the underdeveloped and Third World nations, there’s going to be a little trouble for USA. Well, it’s consistent with their doctrine, that nuclear war’s inevitable. And the Shah’s certainly taking policies to increase oil prices, consistent with that book we have here in our library, The Crash of 1979, in which he finally brings about a nuclear war himself out of his lust for money and power.

The president of the Congo says, mercenary coup was spoiled that was foisted upon him by the US imperialists, on their fifteenth anniversary of their free revolution, liberation. That’s a nice time for the CIA to do their dirty work. Not surprising, is it, folks, something you’d expect the CIA to do. I remember somebody did something pretty nice for me on my birthday last. They just try that kind of thing.

Our author coming who has made The Parallax View, wrote it, and we now have it in a wonderful movie, though it’s not being played in USA these days, says he knows now that Tim Stoen was in a conspiracy with the CIA, from before he came into our church. Maybe his healing moved him not to act on doing his dirty work for a while, but he was, and is, in the CIA conspiracy. And he believes the press is involved in all kinds of levels of government, just like the thing I brought out yesterday, which is required for everyone, so I do ask that the librarians bring out that CIA agent [Victor Marchetti] that stepped forward and spoke to the socialist world about how the Mafia, the Secret Service, the immigration, Dallas police, Dallas sheriff department, FBI, CIA, anto– anti-Castro Cubans, you name it, were all involved in the murder of John F. Kennedy. And by the way, all the witnesses of that are dead, too, just like all these rich witnesses that offered the reward. See, they were a part of the crime, but they knew too much, so somebody’s bumped them off, because it might lead to somebody bigger than those rich businessmen, that I just gave you a moment ago, that’ve been bumped off in St. Louis, that offered the fifty– two of them offered 50,000 dollars each for the murder– anybody that would assassinate Martin Luther King. My, my, my. We do have Parallax View with us in every daily news coming out of that fascist military state of USA, monopoly capitalist imperialism.

Anyway, the American dollar keeps sinking, sinking, sinking against the Japanese yen now, as it was against all the European money yesterday. Just doesn’t look too good. They’re talking about the federal income tax cuts by one-third, which will only help really the rich. Extreme right wing Republican Senator [Representative] Philip Crane is gaining on the polls. I’m being kind here, he’s really a racist and a neo-fascist. He’s the first to declare as presidential candidate for 1980. Some talk in the wind that [Sen. Edward] Kennedy will challenge [Jimmy] Carter in 1980, but we don’t know how much that’ll do. He just recently challenged Carter’s for his lies about giving national health, not guaranteed socialized medicine, like happens in all socialized countries, but national health insurance that the public could pay for. Kennedy still wants it, and took the whole FAIL– AFA– AFL-CIO along with him, in spite of whatever [George] Meany he might have wanted. Then Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill somehow got alienated from Carter as well. Things are going kinda bad for Carter these days.

The pope [Paul VI] is dead. They’re still worrying about who they’re going to put in his place. Let’s hope they get it decided before too long, for Christ’s sakes.

Well, that seems to be about the best of the news, or the worst of the news, or whatever. Never too much, I’m afraid. It is interesting that we got written up, uh, praised in the amateur radio relay league magazine, and also there were several letters that appeared from even others than ourselves in the last newspaper attack we got in Ukiah, where the old drunken bitch, white lady [Kathy Hunter], claimed she’d been raped by two young black men, or molested. Wishful thinking. That poor old dear wouldn’t be raped by a crocodile. Even a crocodile isn’t that hard up. (Pause)

Looking little bit on into the news, see what we can find that’s worth talking about, and that we’ve taken down. (Pause)

Fidel [Castro] (sighs) sees off [Diana Nyad] the US swimmer who tried to swim from Cuba to Florida, but said that there was just a look of dismay on his face. Storm and presence of sharks kinda wonder– caused Car– or, caused Fidel to wonder how successful she’d be, but she’s still out there truckin’. So what some people will do to get in the news. Sure can’t get in there because of your socialist way of life. You can get in there by being smeared or trying to swim, even if it kills you, or the sharks bite you. Oh, what a sick public we are, what a sick public. (Pause)

We shall continue to look. The Venezuelan daily publishes commentary on Carpenter [Alejo Carpentier], calling the– him the story teller who has made the greatest contribution to technique and to revolutionizing time. The Venezuelan daily, right next door to us. There seems to be a left movement, published a commentary on Cuban writer, Carpenter, Carpentier, it might be said, who was recently awarded the Cervantes Prize at the proposal of the royal Spas– uh, Spanish Academy of Language in Venezuela, describing him as the most important story teller of the Spanish language. The daily newspaper, one of the largest in Venezuela, just ten miles to our west, published an interview with Alexis Marquis, professor of Spanish and literature in the Central University, Caracas, Venezuela, the capital, and a noted figure of Venezuelan literature, who had words of praise for the works of Cuba and its Cuban writer. Carpentier is the most important socialist story teller of the Spanish language. He has made the greatest contribution to the technique of writing and to revolutionizing the use of time, Marquis said. According to Marquis, who is considered to be one of the most important researchers on Carpentier’s socialist works, the Cuban writer has the greatest influence on Latin American writers, such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Carlos Fuentes, both of whom are prompt to confirm this assertion. The extensive commentary stated that Marquez first wrote about Carpentier in 1932 in an article published in El Nationale, reviewing the novel, Los Pasos Perdidos, The Lost Steps, and has been writing essays on Carpentier ever since. While in Mexico, the Venezuelan honored professor Marquis said, I was invited by the National Autonomous University to give a lecture for 300 persons, many of whom were post-graduate students doing their doctorate thesis on the socialist, Dr. Carpentier’s work from Cuba. Marquis, the eminent professor in Caracas University in Venezuela, just to our west, said the prepa– preparations were being made to celebrate Carpentier’s seventy-fifth birthday, and the three countries – Cuba, where Carpentier was born, Venezuela, where he lived for 14 years under [Fulgencio] Batista’s rule when he lived in exile, and Mexico, a country to which Carpentier is deeply attached – would be represented in the celebration. Professor Marquis visited Cuba at the invitation of the Casa de las Americas on the occasion of Carpentier’s seventieth birthday.

Class nature of fascism in major concepts brought out by Radio Habana, Cuba. The origin of words used for fascism in its different forms. Fascism is a more overt, blatant form of class dictatorship, the final stages of monopoly capitalism that USA seems to be headed for. Whom fascism serves. The real top elite, ruling elite of the Trilateral Commission. Why capitalism resorts to fascism. Is there a fascist ideology in the USA? They say yes. The two sides to this ideology. The antecedents of fascist ideology, how the first fascist state came about, how Nazism arose– it came about, by the away, from two socialists who allowed their prejudice against Jews to cause them to become disillusioned. There’s nothing like a disillusioned socialist, because they know that human beings are nothing without socialism. Thus they turn to the most bitter kind of nihilism, hedonism, and they’re the most dangerous of all. That’s how easy it is to understand our traitors, because there’s no meaner person than an ex-socialist. (Pause)

Well, it’s a long, long documentary, and I may give it to you at some time in the future, but I don’t think I’ll take the morning hour to do so. All these fascist– fascists begin to outlaw militant activity. [Adolf] Hitler outlawed the Communist Party, established his power as total, and began an orgy of bloody crimes. USA looks like it’s beginning to outlaw the radical left again, certainly coming down heavily. The United States has begun its fascist policy, Cold War policy, with the emergence and revitalization of the Ku Klux Klan and the neo-Nazis.

By the way, [Stephen Bingham] that attorney that was uh, charged with smuggling the gun that came from that prominent family on the East Coast, his daddy [Alfred Mitchell Bingham] owns a magazine and uh, federal judge, has just surfaced to do a secret interview with The Los Angeles Times. A reporter that may be doing a story on us later. He still told his principles of Marxist-Leninist in the sharpest terms, (Pause) so sharp indeed, all of us should listen.

(Tape edit, snippet from previous tape) –well. Though there’s been a ten percent decrease–

Jones: Just thinking about what I should give you. Be sure that you do your best to get in your interviews. You will be specially rewarded in a way you don’t expect, be very happily pleased, but stop politicizing. Don’t be talking things in terms of capitalism and socialism. Willie gave the best. Willie Malone. He just told about what a punk he was before he got into Peoples Temple, and what a new person he is now, and how he [is] so glad to be away from the threat of gangs and all that, and the life of crime he led. Please don’t politicize. For some, socialist writers, we don’t want it. But for others, your interviews have to be done over. We’re dealing with people back there in the States, and I’m telling you, freedom’s dead in USA, when Governor Brown becomes a law-and-order man, spouting reactionary phrases. And I’m talking about, yes, the young Governor Brown. It’s just on the news, just came over the radio. We’ve got to be careful for our people’s sake, to get them to freedom. Become all things to all men that by any means you might save the more. That proverb goes back to Christian-Judeo roots.

You remember that lawyer that was hunted, been hunted. They said he was dead and he’d been killed by the Communists, so forth and so on. Talking about Bingham. And that will be the end of the news for the day. Stephen Bingham, made famous, he’s now charged with six prison killings, though he never killed anyone. Stephen M. Bingham, the radical lawyer who disappeared three years ago amid charges that he had helped plot an attempted prison escape by the black revolutionary author. Uh, it’s been more like uh, six years now, it’s been six years ago– who disappeared amid charges that he’d helped plot an attempted prison escape by the black revolutionary, author George Jackson. Is alive, is continuing his political work underground, and has no intentions of turning himself in.

In an interview last month in a Canadian city, the 35-year-old Mr. Bingham appeared calm. Soon be 36. Healthy and in good spirits, even though he was resigned to the life of a hunted man for whom a new identity and constant security precautions had become second nature. To avoid giving any hint of his whereabouts, he would not discuss where he lived, neither the geographic region nor whether it was in an urban or rural area. And he would not say whether he had a job, whether he lived alone or whether he was in contact with other leftists underground, including the Weather People.

Nor would he tell this reporter – one Harry– Henry Weinstein – whether he would– he would not confirm or deny charges brought against him by a Marin County, California grand jury, that on August 21, 1971, he smuggled a gun to Mr. Jackson – we all know George Jackson, who was murdered by the pigs – on a visit, thereby touching off an attempted escape, in which six men, including Mr. Jackson, were killed. But during several hours of conversation, spread over two days, Mr. Bingham, a lawyer, a member of a prominent Connecticut political family, left no doubt that he favored a total restructuring – that’s a kind word – revolution of American society, and that his thinking had evolved into clear-cut Marxism-Lenism [Leninism]. He identifies, he said, with a variety of individuals and groups, battling capitalist values, both in the United States and their puppet states around the world.

People may think, he said, that I’ve gotten into mysticism like Rennie– Rennie Davis, who once was an antiwar activist who is now a devotee of that fraudulent guru Maharj Ji, Maraji. Oh, I’m quietly living out my life. In fact, the opposite has happened, said lawyer Bingham. It’s been a very good and strong period for me, growing my involvement with the struggle is stronger. He added, there’s a real joy from being alive, engaged at one level or another– another in a revolutionary struggle and the friendships around that, but he would not elaborate.

Lawyer Bingham said he chose to risk being interviewed in person because he felt the danger of his being apprehended had di– diminished over time, though there’s reports since this interview that he’s had to flee to s– socialist Cuba. And because it was important to have wha– someone see him. Living underground has not weakened me, has not kept me in any way holed up or in a room, he said, and that’s real difficult to communicate in a tape. He said, when you see me, you can see that I am free and doing what I want to do with my life.

The conditions for the interview were at the same time commonplace and unusual. All the conversations occurred in public places in full view of any number of people on the city streets, and yet, there was a strong feeling of suspense throughout. It was never certain before each session that Mr. Bingham would reappear, and it was always possible during each session that he might be seized by the police and taken off to jail.

The interview was suggested by Mr. Bingham on a phone call one morning last month to The Los Angeles Timesreporter. He and I had been classmates at the University of California’s Boalt Hall School of Law in Berkeley, California. I did not know until he called, whether he was alive or dead, and the conversation gave no indication where he was at the time.

You’re Henry, he said. If there was to be an interview, there were certain instructions that had to be closely adhered to. The meeting was to be in a Canadian city. I was to go there by way of another city, the site was to be outside the main entrance of the train station. It was a sunny day. I was sitting on a bench, reading a paperback book when he came up and said, You’re Henry. I said yes. Rose, shook his hand, and we began walking. He was wearing sunglasses, and his hair was somewhat shorter than it had been when we were co-students at Berkeley. His dress – white shirt, brown pants and brown shoots– brown shoes was a bit more somb– somber than it had been in law school.

The meeting was brief. He wanted to make sure we had not been followed. He told me to meet him at the same place two hours later. This led to another brief meeting and some discussion of the method of the interview, frequent moves, and no tape recordings to avoid attracting attention. Finally, two hours later, we met in the midst of several office buildings and began to talk.

Lawyer Bingham said there was more balance in his life, now that he was not frenetically thrown into things every day, as he had been in US, living under that imperialist bondage before. This has been a catch-up period for me, trying to understand my background and what are the essential forth– forces, both reactionary and revolutionary. We have to take account of, he said, what’s happening to our beloved USA, as it goes fascist more and more each day.

He is one of the heirs of Tiffany. His grandfather, Hiram, was a great Republican Senator from Connecticut from 1925 to 1933. I expect he’s rolling over in his grave. His uncle Jonathan is a Democratic Congressman from the Bronx right now. His father Alfred was a state senator in Connecticut and started Common Sense, a liberal magazine during the Depression, and his mother Sylvia was active on the magazine, and he said admiringly, is an independent active person, thus revealing that there’s probably some contact at least with his mother.

Attorney Bingham graduated with honors in political science from Yale in 1964. During his junior year, he did voter registration work in the South and saw how horribly blacks were treated, and was arrested twice in Mississippi on misdemeanor charges. Later he arrived at a– in the Peace Corps and served in Sierra Leone, and assisted in Robert F. Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign. By way of commentary, I guess, when he saw that assassination, that turned him to get in the radical left and out of the institutions, realizing that neither the Democrat or Republican Party represented any change, but were just two sides of the same capitalist coin. That summer, he worked with migrant laborers in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The following fall, he was arrested in a Berkeley sit-in, protesting the university’s refusal to stop buying grapes, that were being boycotted by Cesar Chavez’ United Farm Workers.

In the spring of 1971, Mr. Bingham became interested in the defense of the Soledad Brothers. Then we know of George Jackson– Mr. Jackson and two other black convicts who were accused of the revenge murder, all frame-ups, of the Soledad prison guard in 1970. After Mr. Jackson’s death – murder, we should say, the press doesn’t call it that, but it was a clear case of murder by the police, conspiracy – the other two were acquitted by a jury. Ten days after the San Quentin killings, Mr. Bingham was formally accused of taking Jackson the gun concealed in the tape recorder in a meeting in the prison, as his lawyer, visiting room. In the previous two-and-a-half months, Mr. Bingham, lawyer Bingham visited Mr. Jackson six times to discuss various aspects of the Soledad case.

After Mr. Bingham left on the day of the killings, according to this– authorities, George Jackson, great black libertarian, returned to the maximum security wing with the gun hidden in the wig, said the press, and all kinds of different lies. You remember that– how many lies they told about that. From the day to the next, the press couldn’t tell the same story. There, they said, he was stopped by a suspicious guard, overpowered him, the guard did, freed all the inmates in the cell, the– I mean, Jackson overpowered the guard, freed all the inmates in the cellblock, and a short time later, after three white guards and two white inmates had been killed, was himself murdered trying to escape across the prison yard.

Some of the official account has been challenged by free-thinking people, they just can’t quite buy the press version. Random experiments have indicated for inst– example, that it would be impossible to hold a gun as large (Pause) as the one that George Jackson allegedly, that was supposedly carried, eight-and-a-half inches by four-and-a-half inches under a wig while walking more than a few steps. Also, it has been established that George Jackson, great hero of the black people, was shot from the rear instead of from the front, as was first reported, but since no trial has been held, the questions never were brought up, and are thus never resolved– unresolved still, because the American people are asleep.

Attorney Bingham, along with six of the convicts in the maximum security wing, has been indicted on five counts of murder. The indictments against the convicts, called the San Quentin Six, have been quashed on the ground that the grand jury did not include proper minority representation. There was no blacks or Indians and Chicanos available, the San Quentin Six were made up of all races. Decision now on appeal, which you know, lost, and finally they went to jail.

But the charges against Mr. Bingham was not represented in the motion, so it still stands. He’s charged with six killings, even though all he was supposed to do, which he couldn’t have done, was given a gun that was supposed to be hid in a wig, which was impossible. Attorney Bingham repeatedly denied and declined to discuss what he had done on the day of the killings. He feared, he said, that whatever he had to say might prejudice the fate of the San Quentin Six, who are still appealing again, who have been charged with murder in a smokescreen to cover up the assassination of George Jackson, a true black revolutionary hero. I don’t want my words twisted conveniently by those trying to justify murdering six more persons, said attorney Bingham.

Speaking of Mr. Jackson, attorney Bingham said, I knew him well enough. He was too strong, too disciplined, too sensitive as a revolutionary to have done things the way that was suggested, to throw his life away in a reckless suicide, not a revolutionary suicide, but a reckless one. If you believe what they’re pushing– uh, pe– prison officials say, you have to be a fool.

Attorney Bingham’s parents have insisted that their son would not have smuggled a gun to Mr. Jackson. In the aftermath, attorney Bingham’s father suggested that his son had been used and that he had met with foul play. Attorney Bingham said he was disturbed by these comments, but he would not elaborate because he’s very much alive, healthy, and a pure Marxist-Leninist.

Attorney Bingham acknowledged that people might wonder, if I were innocent, why I ran away. He recalled that Angela Davis, the black Marxist professor who fled from murder conspiracy charges in 1970, was later acquitted, and she ran away. After being caught, she was acquitted. But that was because, he said, a different mood then. Millions of people oppressed expressed their outrage, not because the jury system worked, but because there was a mood at the time. In addition, he said, his life wouldn’t be worth very much in prison, because he is awaiting a trial for uh– for murdering a police guard. The guards and the prison officials would not make it safe for him, unanimously assume that I was responsible for the death of several guards, even though it’s erroneous, the day Jackson died or was assassinated. So he said he would not live a day in jail, they’d have him killed.

Attorney Bingham also said that reading an affidavit from Allan Mancino, a convict who swore that he had been offered an early release by Soledad prison officials, if he killed or murdered Mr. Jackson, had been important in terms (Pause) of my motivation. (Pause) In terms of not coming back, that’s what he means, he added. There’s a whole different world inside prison, immune from constitutional protections, it’s a coun– concentration camp, where anything can– (stumbles over words) be done and is done. Torture, killings, and nobody ever knows. We all had facts of that brought out in the news every day this week.

Looking to the future, attorney Bingham said an important aspect of the things I want to do is to deal in the whole area of raising people’s working class consciousness, including many people that we normally don’t talk to. No limiting barriers, said he. Here he spoke highly of Memoirs Of An Ex-Prom Queen by Alex– Alix Katies– Kates Shulman, a devastating portrayal of the experiences of a teenage girl around 1960.

He favors a Marxist-Leninist party. It was not abstract. It was what we all went through. Not explicitly political, but the whole set of values that really screw us up, he said, though he came from an upper middle– and though he was really upper rich class. The left, he continued, has an ease, a vocabulary, almost complacent. We talk to ourselves. Out in the world, you learn how to say the same things in a different way, in the language of the working people, rather than simply telling them they are being exploited by the ruling class. He said he was discussing political issues with the people around him in Canada and was planning to do some writing, presumably for Communist publications.

Attorney Bingham had praise for the East Coast dockworkers who have been refusing to unload Rhodesian goods, though they’ve since been arrested for it. Incidents showing, he said, that Americans are realizing they have an identity with oppressed black Africa. Like a number of other American communists today, Mr. Bingham – attorney Bingham – stressed the importance of building a political party– coalition party along Marxist-Leninist lines, because he feels Marxist-Leninism is the glue that binds together disparate elements, peoples of differences and backgrounds, into one movement, but he said the need for such a party should not become such a preoccupation that it diverted people from ongoing work.

He referred often to the Third World and said he hoped groups of American workers would go visit Cuba, as he had done in 1969, because he said, if you could take any Americans there, you would change their heads about the way they live, because it’s a beautiful socialist paradise. Speaking of the United States, he said the country can’t go on living the way we’re living, things are getting worse every day, faster at a geometric rate. He mentioned The Limits Of Growth, a book by Donna [Donella] and Dennis Meadows, which he said shows that capitalism does not look with foresight into the future. It thinks only about now. That’s what I’ve been telling you in plain terms all along. It can’t plan for the future, it’s too lustful, too narcissistic.

At one point, he read aloud a passage from The Diary of Tania, a woman [Tamara Bunke] who fought alongside Che Guevara in Bolivia, and whose name was adopted by Patricia Hearst, when she became a revolutionary. Tania wrote before her later terrible deed. The most precious thing a man possesses is light. It is given him only once, and he must make use of it in such a way that the years he’s lived do not weigh, and he’s not shamed by a mean and miserable past, so that when he dies, he can say, I’ve devoted my whole life and strength to the most beautiful thing in the world, the struggle for the socialist liberation of all mankind. That’s beautiful. (Pause) If you know that and live in it, you’ll go on to the greatest of heights. If you turn back on it, you go to the depths of hell. There’s no such thing as middle ground for socialists. You either go on forward, or you move backward into the most retrogression of fascism.

Mr. Bingham said, it was particularly important for him to keep this in mind, because there are a lot of times when I wonder if I’m using the one life I have the best way. He thus subjects every decision, he said, to a harsh hardness by reviewing it through a Marxist-Leninist-Communist prism. That means a microscope. And that extends to the time he gets up, keeping in tie– trim by working hard and eating as healthy a food as he can to stay alive for the revolution. But he said that no matter how strong he is, and how much I may have filled my life with work and activity, there’s still an aspect of living underground that’s like dying in a certain emotional sense. But why should I complain, when so many of the world die from hunger and starvation.

I love my family, and there’s the reality that for the rest of my life, I’ll never see any of them again, none of my old friends, but you learn to live with that, because the greatest love in the world is communism. He stressed too that people should not take those friendships for granted, the ones where people are struggling in a political way to make their lives more meaningful. He said relatives that don’t stand for Marxist-Leninism are no meaning to you anyway. They would sell you out at the drop of a hat. His family’s proven that. Also, he said, he hoped his friends would have children that were socialist, because the future of revolutionary struggle lies with them in USA. He was speaking of USA in particular, that socialists should bear children. Well, he not too aware of the nuclear age, I’m afraid. But he added that considering his circumstances, the decision to have children is obviously and incredibly more complex one for me to make than other people.

Did he have any regrets about a decision to leave to go underground? Without a trace of hesitation, smiling broadly, he said no. Then a few minutes later, he said goodbye, and walked away. I didn’t know whether I’d ever see my old college schoolmate, where he was going or whether I would ever see him again in this lifetime. That was from The New York Times, but it was given by a Los Angeles Times writer.

Thus ends news for the day and commentary. News for the morning. Remember Peoples Rally tonight, and be prepared for testing. There will definitely be testing. (Pause)

One last bit of news in Nicaragua. The political situation in Nicaragua’s becoming increasingly critical as the people continue the struggle against threats of instant death for opposing the Somoza [Anastasio Somoza Debayle] dictatorship that’s upheld by US monopoly capitalism. Each day, he commits more and more murders, (turns head to cough) steps up the horrible fascist repression. (Pause) But the food s– hunger strikes go on. Guerillas have broken out from one major prison near Mo– Manimbo, where– and have held a huge anti-Somoza rally before going off into the hills. Serious incidents are taking place all the time in Nicaragua’s cities and towns that bear witness to the crimes and abuses of the dictatorship. So, bravo to the people who continue fighting and clashing.

Several clashes going on this very moment. Fifty were wounded this morning by the secret police, upheld by USA monopoly capitalism, our tax dollars again that oughta cause us no [small] amount of pain every day, and cause us to work, for the time comes when none shall work. Remember, our freedom– our people’s freedom depend on it now, as the fascist states coming down heavier on their heads each day. In San Marcos, the repressive forces opened fire on a group of people, killing Fernando Tapio Orlando Flores, 12-year-old and another 12-year-old, Samuel Calero, and wounding 15 other children. That is Nicaragua today.

Jinotepe was also attacked by Somoza’s fascist thugs that are paid by direct aid given by the CIA, our tax dollars, who sought to evict more than 1000 students from the teacher training school. They arrested several young people and injured more than a dozen others by hitting them. Look up Nicaragua on the Central American map, not too far away from us above Panama. They arrested several young people and injured more than twelve dozen others by hitting them with their rifle butts. Sixty-eight-year-old Carmela Cruz Peralta was killed when she was hit by a bullet while washing clothes in the patio of her home, which is next to the school. Before this, the National Guard, secret police of N– Somoza’s dictatorship, upheld by US monopoly capitalism for 44 years, had murdered four students and a worker, and their funeral developed into a huge demonstration in which the people shouted, Punish the killers and chanted socialist FSLN slogans.

The bloodshed in Jinotepe – J-i-n-o-t-e-p-e – began when National Guard thugs seriously wounded 12-year-old Martin Valero, whose right hands had to be s– amputated, right hand had to– had to be amputated, cut off as a result of the wounds he suffered while raising funds for the striking students, to aid striking students. The incident aroused mass indignation, and led the workers, students and people as a whole to begin a march through the city, that was attacked by Somoza’s butchers, who killed three and wounded 20. To even conduct such a march could’ve gotten them the death penalty, but that’s bravery, socialist bravery. People who love liberty more than their miserable little 98 cents worth of minerals that constitute their body of this life on this side, on this plane.

There have been similar incidents in Rivas, Leon, Diriamba, Matapa– galpa [Matagalpa], the people have burned buses and used homemade bombs, and students and workers strikes continue, though illegal and can bring them the death sentence or life imprisonment, all along, in every kind of city, every village, there’ve been every kind of protest against Somoza and the CIA US monopoly capitalists that back him. Meanwhile, the broad front of opposition forces are getting gu– solidarity together, socialists with social democrats and communists. They’ve met to consider the serious political situation, and have agreed to call what appears to be a general strike, even though strikes are outlawed and carry the death sentence in fascist Nicaragua. N-i-c-a-r-a-g-u-a.

Thus is the end of the news for this moment on Tuesday. Be sure you get it all and the commentary about attorney Bingham that was supposed to be, according to the establishment press, killed by the radicals as a fall guy. Here he is, very much alive, and a spokesperson for Marxist-Leninism. (Pause) I love you very, very much indeed.

(Several seconds of silence)


Part II:

Jones: – Bouillion – B-o-u-i-l-l-i-o-n. Jerusalem fell to them, and then the carnage. The killing lasted for a week. There was a terrible massacre. A French government spokesman, eyewitness of this says that under the po– portico – p-o-r-t-i-c-o – of the mosque, the blood was knee-deep and reached the horses’ bridles. Godfrey became king of Jerusalem, the Christian kind. Seventy years later, Jerusalem was retaken from the Christians by the Saladin. Yes, the heathen. That’s what Christians would call him, the Sultan of Egypt. The excited– This excited the people of Europe again, and several crusades followed. This time, the kings and emperors of Europe came in person, but they had little success. Remember all the propaganda movies about the Christian pru– crusades, trying to make it look so holy. This is the true story.

They quarreled, these leaders, among themselves, for precedence and were jealous of each other. It is a dismal story of ghastly and cruel war and petty intrigue and sordid crime. But sometimes the better side of human nature prevailed over this horror, and incidents took place when enemies behaved with courtesy and chivalry to each other. Among the foreign kings in Palestine was Richard of England, Coeur de Lion, the Lion-Hearted, C-o-e-u-r, little– capital d-e, capital L-i-o-n. He was the Lion-hearted, noted for his physical strength and courage. Saladin – S-a-l-i– S-a-l-a-d-i-n – was also a great fighter and famous for his chivalry. Even the Crusaders who fought Saladin came to appreciate the chivalry of his. There’s a story that once Richard was very ill, and was suffering from the heat. Saladin, hearing of this, arranged to send him fresh snow and ice from the mountains. Ice could not be made artificially then by freezing water, as we do now, so natural snow and ice from the mountains had to be taken by swift messengers. One batch of crusaders went to Constantinople and took possession of it. They drove out the Greek emperor of the Eastern Christian Empire and established a Latin kingdom and the Roman Catholic Church. Terrible, bloody massacres also took place in Constantinople, and the city itself was burned by the Christian Crusaders. Christians killing Christians.

But this Latin kingdom did not last long. The Greeks of the Western– the Eastern Empire, weak as they were, came back and drove away the Latins, after a little over 50 years. The Eastern Empire of Constantinople continued for another 200 years, till the year 1453, when the Turks finally put an end to it. The capture of Constantinople by the Crusaders brings out the desire of the Roman Church and the Pope to extended their influence there. Although the Greeks of this city had in a moment of panic appealed to Rome for help, for a moment they forget their religious differences. When they called for help against the Muslim Turks, they helped the Crusaders little, and disliked them greatly.

The most terrible of these Crusades was what is called the Children’s Crusade. Large number– numbers, thousands of young boys, chiefly French, and some from Germany, in their excitement left their homes and decided to go to Palestine. Many of them died on the way. Many were lost. Most of them reached Marseilles – M-a-r-s-e-i-l-l-e-s – France. And there, these poor children were tricked by business, big time capitalists of that day, and their enthusiasm was taken advantage of by scoundrels. Under the pretext of taking them to the Holy Land, slave traders took them on their ships, carried them to Egypt, and sold them into the slavery of that horrible day. And both Christian leaders and Muslim leaders and other religions, held slaves, even of their own color in those days. That’s why the black slave became so popular towards the end, because the slave could always be identified. That’s why black people are always endangered, unless they get out of areas where they’re outnumbered by whites. All people of color, Indian, black, they will the ones picked out for the cliometric theories. Even Newsweek Magazine admitted that. They will be the new slaves, the new robots of US society, because you can easily identify a black or an Indian or an Asian.

Richard of England, on his way back from Palestine, was captured by his enemies in Eastern Europe, and a very heavy ransom had to be paid for his release. A king of France [Louis IX] was captured in Palestine itself. The Christian king was captured in the holy city, and had to be ransomed. An emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Frederick Barbarossa – B-a-r-b-a-r-o-s-s-a – was drowned in a river in Palestine. Meanwhile, as time went on, all the glamour went out of these holy Christian Crusades. People got fed up with them. Jerusalem remained in Muslim hands. But the kings and people of Europe were no longer interested in wasting more lives and treasure for its recovery. Took them 200 years to learn it, though, and millions of people raped, killed in bloody massacres. God, how re– how foolish religious people can be. And there’s a certain religious attitude in the war of capitalism, in monopoly capitalism these last days against communism. They’re calling for kind of a holy crusade against communism. Since then, for nearly 700 years, Jerusalem continued to be under the Muslims. It was only recently, during the Great War in 1918, that it was taken from the Turks by an English– by the English generals, and then later turned over fraudulently– the people of Palestine had their land turned over fraudulently by the Zionist capitalists– to the Zionist capitalists, to divert the Jews from the great strength they’d given the class struggle, because they were the strongest supporters of socialism in Europe.

Eyewitnesses report – as I close, about done – during the First Crusade, while the Christians laid siege to the Turkish city of Antioch, before proceeding to Jerusalem, a wealthy soldier and nobleman named Count Stephen of Blois – B-l-o-i-s – who later deserted and eventually was killed in battle, wrote the following to his wife. Attu– Adela – A-d-e-l-e[a] – in a letter dated March 29, 1099. We found the city of Antioch very extensive, fortified with the greatest strength and almost impossible to be taken. In addition, more than 5000 bold Turkish Muslim soldiers had entered the city, not counting the Saracens – C-a- – S-a-r-a-c-a – S-a-r-a-c-e-n-s – the publicans, the Arabs, the (struggles with pronunciation of Turcopolitans) that’s T-u-r-c-o-p-o-l-i-t-a-n-s – mispronounced, that’s why I spell it for you, Syrians, and the Armelic– Armenians, a group of Christians who have been massacred in genocide by the Turks and uh, been threatened with uh– been killed throughout the world, because of being different. Oh, how the human race is so, so primitive. Only socialism can redeem humanity from its degradation.

And other different races of whom an infinite multitude had gathered together there in fighting against these enemies of God and of us, we have, by God’s grace endured many sufferings, said the letter. He– ‘Cause you see, he was on God’s side. They’re all people, like USA, they think they’re on God’s side. Religious leaders like Billy Graham says that God would not suffer nuclear bombs to fall on America. He protected it from war, in World War II and– This kind of id– asininity, all these thousands of years, people never learn. And he said (sighs) we have endured many sufferings and innumerable hardships up to the present time. On with the letter.

Many of who have already exhausted all of their means in this most holy enterprise, very many of our Franks – F-r-a-n-k-s – indeed would have met a bodily death from starvation if the mercy of God and our money – yeah, our money, that’s who saved them – had not come to their rescue. Lying before the city of Antioch indeed throughout the whole winter, we suffered for our Lord Jesus Christ from excessive cold and enormous torrents of rain. Over half of us died. What some say about the impossibility of bearing the heat of the sun in Syria, is untrue, for the winter there is very similar to our winter in the West.

I’d like to tell you, dearest, what happened to us during Lent. The city of Antioch is about five leagues distant from the sea. For the purpose, they sent the excellent Bohemond [I] – B-o-h-e-m-o-n-d – and Raymond, Count of St. Gilles – G-i-l-l-e-s – to the sea with only sixty horsemen, in order that they might bring mariners to aid in this work, seamen to aid in this work. When however they were returning to us with these mariners, the Turks collected an army, fell suddenly upon our two leaders, and forced them to a perilous fight. They had to flee. In that unexpected flight, we lost more than 500 of our foot soldiers to the glory of God. Ooh. Blindness of Christianity. Of our horsemen, however, we lost only two for certain. Our men, full of fury at these most evil tidings, prepared to die for Christ and deeply grieved for their brethren, rushed upon the wicked Turks. They, enemies of God and us, hastily fled before us and attempted to enter the city. But by God’s grace, the affair turned out very differently, for when they tried to cross a bridge built over the great river Moscholum – M-o-s-c-h-o-l-u-m – we followed them as closely as possible, killed many before they reached the bridge, forced them to drown in the river, all of whom were killed, and we also slew many upon the bridge and very many at the narrow entrance of the gate in the name of Jesus.

I am telling you the truth, my beloved, and you may be assured that in this battle, we killed 30 emirs– emirs – e-m-i-r-s – that is, princes, and 300 other Turkish nobles, not counting the remaining Turks and pagans that we tortured. Indeed, the number of Turks and Saracens – S-a-r-a-c-e-n-s – killed is reckoned at 1230, but of ours, we did not lose very many men.

That ends the history of the Crusades, and that’s briefing it. I gave it in short form. A synopsis. [You] Can see the parallels of how people get caught up by passionate propaganda for the cause of capitalism and the cause of Christianity, even today, when really, behind the scenes is an economic problem. They whip up hate between the Irish Catholics and Protestants, but really what is the main concern is the imperialist of England wanting to maintain the resources of all the island for their own domination. They trick the people, getting them caught up in wars between each other over religion. Same exploitation goes on in these battles in Lebanon, and I mentioned, between Christians and Muslims, and in Chad between Christians and Muslims, and in Ethiopia, till the Soviets backed the Marxist leaders, the only Christians, this is the only Chri– exception, Ethiopia, where Christians have been on the right side. Usually all the battles, the Muslims are socialists – in Chad, the Muslims are socialists, in Lebanon, the Muslims are socialists – and Christians are Phalangists or fascist. So Christianity overall is the most oppressive of all religions. Jesus, (laughs) if he ever did live and if he ever did really walk the earth, has certainly been able to create a great opiate, those around him created a great opiate that diverts the people from the class struggle and economic awareness, so they can build a utopia on earth, which we have the best. And we should be grateful.

Be sure to get this down for test, because we will be having definite test, more intensified testing tomorrow night. Thank you, and I love you very dearly.



Part III:

Jones: In summary, we want to take a Marxist perspective on the Crusades, the so-called holy Christian crusade, which was merely a struggle for power and profits. But there are positive aspects – this is very short – that you can fit in to the concept of dialectic materialism. Remember the triangle of the thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, and of course, that is applied from feudalism up to capitalism to the present day, socialism, that will lead to the purity of communism. And the Crusades were an effective device to rid feudal society of certain elements of the nobility. This in turn enabled them to consolidate power and establish an economic base for more, you might say, effective economic production, which the rising bourgeoise, the new capitalist, did represent. And certainly, capitalism is superior over feudalism, as all systems that come on the horizon, communism being the purest of all. It will be the ultimate.

This economic base, the rise of townships and the con– consequent decline of the feudal system, set the stage for the later bourgeoise revolutions, such as the French Revolution, when the middle class demanded political power equivalent to their newly-gained economic strength. We need to understand now, feudalism and capitalism. Feudalism, there’s only two elements – master and slave – and with concomitant reforms, the lords and the serfs. But then the nobility, in a very clever way, was eliminated by their great religious crusades, as money really brings no peace, or prestige brings no peace. So they sought a divine mission. But in terms of economics, they did set the stage for the later bourgeoise revolutions, such as the great French Revolution, where the middle class demanded political power equivalent to their newly-gained economic strength, and set the pace for capitalism, which now is self-destructive, because capitalism is warring against itself. Monopoly capitalism is the highest form of greed, though it does bring great increase of productivity for the time, but in the age of scientific nuclear warfare, it is unrealistic to think of capitalism as the economic basis of life. With two out of three babies going to bed hungry, it has obviously failed, it has obviously failed to meet even minimal needs, and so all nature, science, and reasoning points us to socialism, socialism as the only hope for humankind. Thank you.

The last point I wish to make is in reference to the lofts again. Any people already there with their children, it is my desire to keep strong socialist ties between individuals, not the capitalist family in the nuclear sense, but those who have their families in lofts, there must be immediate rush order of gates that can be latched inside, so that no way – and the children must be instructed – if there’s another fall, whoever it is, you will have to move, if you have your child in a loft. I have to protect children from being vegetables all their lives.

In the true cooperative sense, children don’t need the one-to-one relationship. I more or less relent because of adultneed, to be loved by children, because children will thrive and be strong without any of the so-called father and mother figures, if there are strong family socialist community inter-relating, which we do. But I have not pushed that point of evolution, and will not, but I do demand that we show socialistic concern to put gates immediately, see that there’s firm latches that children cannot open, because if– then, the children must be taught, step by step, with your patient guidance as parent supervisors, step to step, how to handle themselves on a ladder. That is highly essential. And I’m hesitant to even make this allowance, because some of you will not show that responsibility, and there’ll be serious ramifications to the next case, I can tell you, for the offender, as well as the person offended.

You cannot depend upon me and drain me, expect me to do some kind of miracle. Or our medical team that does such wonders, our medical staff, Dr. [Larry] Schacht and all the other professionals, you cannot expect this. We’ve got to show safety precautions and great care. You can tell in my voice how much I love all of you. Please don’t put me through the anxiety of one of my children laying as a vegetable. And watch those cradles, those cribs in the nursery. I don’t want any more cases, not one, of turning your back or leaving them unlatched. Not one. Thank you.

Remember tonight, Women’s Revolutionary meeting at 7:30 and Men’s Liberation meeting at 7:30, then at 8:30, they’ll have a brief meeting together under the pavilion. Women will be under the pavilion from the beginning, the men for their hour meeting will be in the dining room pavilion. Thank you. And I’ll tell you more about films later on, what film will be shown. There’s a film that was slated to be shown today, if you are free, I don’t know what the electricians say about it, but it is important that you have electrical stability coming into those sets, and I hold the people responsible for those sets that work in the PA crew, that [at] no time will electricity be going into those sets and endanger it, as the re– the regulations say, that they must have a certain minimal amount of energy or voltage, that must be done. If that power’s not there, fix it so it is there, or discontinue the set. We must not destroy these sets. They’re too valuable for education and entertainment, and we can’t afford to replace them. Thank you. Much love.


Part IV:

Jones: (word fragment) today than usual, ‘cause we’ve been behind. We must know it all for examination tomorrow. [We] Want to keep informed on varied fronts. Want to know about the Christian Crusades I gave lengthily a moment ago. There is always a religious aspect to persecutions, publicly, and for the glorious conquest, but behind everything, even the persecution of people, burning them at [the] stake as witches in USA in its early days, it’s economic reasons. The old entrenched economic order is trying to kill off in the witch-hunts, the burning at the stakes, the newly-emerging competitive power representatives, the economic new ideas, persons that had power with property and business that were emerging or leading the people, were (sighs) just labeled witches. And that was an easy way to take care of them. Behind all religious crusades, there is a political reason, an economic reason.

For a moment, geography. We need to know our neighbors. Surinam, formerly a Dutch colony called Dutch Guiana – G-u-i-a-n-a – It is making claims on certain territories on the east coast of our beloved country of Guyana. It is capitalistic, its size is 63,251 square miles, as compared to 83,000 square miles in Guyana. Population, over half a million. Surinam is located on the northeast coast of South America, by the Treaty of Breda, or (different pronunciation) Breda. B-r-e-d-a. 1667. The Dutch obtained possession of Surinam and gave the British permanent possession of New Amsterdam. That was New York, New York, where– in the States.

The area was originally populated by Arawaks – A-r-a-w-a-k – and Carib Indians – C-a-r-i-b – Indians, who still make up three percent of the population. When the Dutch came, they imported African slaves. Reason they chose African slavery at the epitome, and will always choose African, people of color, Indian, is because they stand out. Slave masters could find their property easier. So they imported African slaves to do the work. The Africans escaped into the jungle. They all broke away. Their descendants, known as bush Negroes, are now 11 percent of the entire population of Surinam. Next, the Dutch were forced to bring in the indentured servants from India, which represents 37 percent of the population, and Indonesians, which represent 15 percent of the population. There’s more racial ethnic groups there than here, and much more racial strife. Most of the remainder of the inhabitants today are Creoles – C-r-e-o-l-e-s – 30 percent. There’s also a smattering of Chinese and even a few leftover white Dutch.

Surinam is the world’s second largest supplier of bauxite, and about 80 percent of its production goes to the USA. It’s owned by USA imperialists. US interests, principally Alcoa, control the entire industry. That’s why that economy can be manipulated for US interests, whereas this one can’t, ‘cause of all the property, it’s been nationalized, the major means of production and distribution, nearly 90 percent is nationalized by the Guyana government, and cannot be manipulated by the big corporations of USA imperialism, whereas they can in Surinam.

Well, that’s the end of that. Little study of our neighbor to the East.

The last thing is about Zionist aims, as they are now threatening World War III, as they have been strafing the capital city of Lebanon, Beirut, at treetop level all morning. And their aims – the Zionist means the capitalists of Israel, the capitalists amongst the Jews, the really entrenched reactionary capitalists – and the aims of Zionism is again transparent. The Israeli invasion of Southern Lebanon, strafing of Beirut, proves one thing: the inexorable logic of Zionism continues to be, as it always has been, the destruction of the Palestinian people.

What was their objective, that objective of the Israeli attack on Lebanon, or Beirut today? Retaliation, always, for the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The PLO commando raid into Israel a few days earlier, is that the real issue? The very size of the operation is so disproportionate to the commando action that even the Israelis have been forced to acknowledge that they were seeking more than revenge. The PLO attack merely provided a convenient pretext for a propaganda campaign, designed to condition world public opinion to accept whatever action the Israeli Zionist regime undertook. You remember the prime minister of Israel, Menachem Begin. He’s the worst fascist element. He killed a whole Arab community, wiped out men, women and children, so it could be taken over by the Zionist state. Zionism even sold out its own people, bargained with Hitler to get the richest Jews out, and gave him favors to keep the poor Jews and less-educated Jews that they looked down upon. Zionism is one of the worst evils of capitalism that mask in the name of religion, which says that the Jews are a chosen people.

Was the aim, then, to destroy the PLO’s military bases in southern Lebanon? Yes, but this is too only a partial explanation designed to give a military justification for an operation with far, far larger implications. The real purpose of the attack, called Operation Stone of Wisdom, by the Israeli high command, was to expel the entire Palestinian population, numbering upwards of 60,000 people, from all southern Lebanon below the Litani River. L-i-t-a-n-i. Of course, the Zionist authorities are old hands at this type of population control. Ever since the Israeli state was established in 1848 [1948], it has employed every available means, military, political and economic, to support its goals of fascism, to uproot the Palestinian people from their lands and homes, separate them from each other as a people, and disperse them to the four corners. This is the racist and genomi– genocidal essence of Zionism, for in order to establish an exclusivist Jewish homeland in Palestine, it was necessary to remove from the area those who had lived there for centuries.

To accomplish this, Zionism was compelled to embrace a racist ideology, which made the Palestinians and all Arabs inferior to the Jews. They reversed the very thing that’d been used by Hitler and the Gentile Christians against the Jews, mimicked the same kind of racist hate. Myths were perpetuated as to how the Zionists came to Palestine and made the deserts bloom, as though the Palestinians were incapable of even tilling the soil.

Just as Israeli troops and– with their terror tried to wipe out the Palestinian people, so Israeli racist propaganda tried to wipe out Palestinian culture and civilization. But the Palestinian people refused to disappear. Thirty de– Thirty years later, they continue to fight for their land, their political rights, and their national identity, and the Zionists in turn continue in their unchanging goal of trying to destroy the Palestinians as a people. For so long as there continue to exist a clearly-defined Palestinian people, the underlying political assumption of an exclusivist settler state on Palestinian land is called into question.

This is the inescapable reason for Israeli intransigence, adamant resistance to all proposals that in any measure would recognize that the Palestinian people have the national rights– have national rights, just like the Jews. This is why Zionism cannot permit the establishment of a Palestinian state on the West Bank of the Jordan River. This is why Zionism cannot recognize the Palestinian Liberation Front or Organization as a legitimate political expression of the Palestinian people, or any other political authority that would establish the Palestinians as a human group of people, a national entity. And this is why Israeli troops have now expelled the– the Palestinian population from southern Lebanon and have occupied this territory with the clear intention of not permitting the displaced to return ever again.

Once again, the Zionist authorities have taken the only course they know. If their actions ex– ex– exacerbate the refugee problem, so be it, since in their view, this will only increase the pressure on the rest of the Arab world to resolve the Palestinian question through dispersal and assimilation of the refugees, and loss of their national identity into the various Arab nations that’ve been running dogs lackeys of US imperialism, not waking to the sleeping giant that they are, owning all the world’s oil resources practically. Well, all the rest that the Soviets don’t have, the Soviets have over 40 percent, and given time, the Soviet Union will be one of those powers also. But now the Arab nations are numb uh, into submission, because of US military might built up under capitalism and demonic methods of offensive warfare. They send their oil to USA technology for refinement, when they could do it theirselves, establish their own prices and cut out the great profiteers, middle men in USA, and build their own weapons. And of course we don’t need any more weapons. That will lead to Third– World War III, nuclear war, nuclear hell, any way you go, but its pattern, according to all economists, that the Arabs will form their own bloc. And uh, pressure is now being brought by USA who controls them by their need for her weapons, to just assimilate the Palestinian people, and once a great nation of Palestine will lose its total identity.

Egyptian president, now dictator by referendum, Anwar L. Sadat, pleads with the Zionists to be reasonable and accept the reality of some kind of Palestinian entity. They were a nation, completely removed by US and British imperialists. And while his scheme to tie the Palestinians to the government of Jordan is itself an unconscionable betrayal of Palestinian rights, even this is rejected by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, a true fascist, for the Zionists quite correctly see that it is the very existence of a unified Palestinian people that will continue to pose a mortal threat to the fundamental premise of their own political rule. Just like Taiwan came in – the Nationalist Chinese – and took over Formosa, and deprived them of their own land. So did the Jews, backed by USA imperialists, and the British particularly.

The Palestinian question is an inexorably checking– uh, ticking time bomb for the Zionist state. Almost two million Palestinians live under direct Israeli political control in absolute second-class citizenship role, as bad as the worst blacks afflicted in Mississippi. They live so in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and in Israel itself. In Israel, they compose a large section of the country’s working class, though (unintelligible, could be “they’re paid less”), where they are among the most exploited, as are even the black or dark-skinned Jews, the Sephardic Jews, ‘cause the Zionists look down on Jews of color. Another one-and-a-half million Palestinians live in states bordering on Israel, particularly Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. If a West Bank, Gaza Strip, Palestinian state was established, many of the Palestinians living in neighboring countries, especially those still in refugee concentration camps, would undoubtedly insist on being allowed to take up residence in the new state.

And so Zionism, the worst capitalist of the Jews, is forced to continue and expand its genocidal strategy of preventing the Palestinian people from re-establishing their own political entity. The areas of Palestinian majority must be shrunken and broken up. Hence the settlements’ policy in the West Bank, for Israeli expansionism is the inevitable counterpoint to Palestinian dispersal. Palestinians in neighboring countries must be forced away from Israeli territory. Now the Israelis have been given the power by stupid US government who would provide them with the nuclear weapon know-how. The CIA says Israels [Israelis] now have nuclear weapons, atomic bombs. And, in order to prevent them from linking up with the Palestinians inside Israel, there has to be complete annihilation and genocide dispersal of the Palestinians.

Hence the invasion of southern Lebanon. The Palestinians elsewhere must be deprived of all hope that a Palestinian homeland will ever be established anywhere, so that they will themselves acquiesce, give up, in an assimilation that will destroy their very identity. Hence also Israeli refusal to make any concessions that might be interpreted as holding out the possibility of an eventual Palestinian state. Time, the Zionist authorities believed, would work in their favor. The displaced Palestinians would become discouraged instead of a people in exile. They would settle into their new lives wherever they were. The Palestinians, however, formed the PLO as their organizing force for keeping alive aspirations for their re-establishment of a national homeland, and even an international headquarters stationed in Brazil, the country just to our south that we’ll be studying in days to come.

This is a political act much more than the so-called acts of terrorism – so-called, that is – that accounts for the implacable Zionist-capitalist hatred of the PLO. By the same token, it is this which has made the PLO the one political force recognized by the Palestinian people themselves as their legitimate political representive– representatives. This is the very essence of the Middle East conflict that now, this very day, threatens nuclear war. The fundamental contradiction in this area is not between Arab and Jew, it is between the Palestinian people and Zionism, capitalism. Zionism is the ideology of racism and bourgeoise capitalistic nationalism. The Jewish bourgeoise exploited the justified fears of a people who had suffered great agony during World War II, and promoted religious myths about the Jews being a chosen people, in order to have their own market, their own capitalistic system, their own political and legal Zionist superstructure. This is why Marxist-Leninists say the real interests of the Jewish masses in Israel itself are not with Zionism and the reactionary fascist bourgeoise nationalistic regime it has produced, but with the masses of Palestinians. The cutting edge of the struggle against imperialism, Zionism and racism in the Middle East rests with the continuing struggle of the Palestinian people for an end to national oppression and for their own self-determination. The Israeli invasion of Lebanon, its continued harassment of Beirut today, has not changed that fact. If anything, it has made it clearer than ever before. [Tape cuts off]


Section II

Jones: (unintelligible beginning) Cobb has uh, set him up, accusing him of all things. He had nothing to do with the Medlocks, accusing him of threatening their life on a telephone. Medlock pulled a knife on him. On, yes. It’s amazing how some of these people can do. People I saved from prison get up on the front of a television, but one of them– they’re in lots of trouble, they’re in lots of trouble, because of it. Lots of trouble. John Haynes – you remember him – on the television telling all kinds of lies about his family and me. Well, he’s now going around, eating his brain out with dope. You do pay. You do pay.

Crowd: Murmurs

Jones: Put his mother and loved ones through here, had to come and be the– interrogated by the government. Grandmother. No gratitude when I did– of all I did for that kid. But all those people, you add burdens to this movement. You add chances of people being arrested, when you gossip. You don’t know what the hell gonna happen by somebody, how you gonna flip them out by some kind of damn bullshit. I hope you did tell it in a loving manner that they– you were just concerned about her test, but I think you have to face one thing, Rennie [Kice], when all you have is po– po– all the positive factors, laziness is not one of your weaknesses, but you owe– you do gossip.

Rennie Kice: That’s true, Dad.

Marceline Jones: I think so, that, you know, I agree with Dad, you’ve got a lot of ability, but you do– you cause division.

Jones: It’s good to be an observer for the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, and bring things so it can be remedied, ‘cause we don’t knock people down if they’ll tell us what the hell’s wrong. We coulda probably saved all of you some unnecessary worry if you’da talked about it. ‘Cause you don’t know what it’s doing to your body, Thelma [Cannon or Jackson]. You don’t– I know what’s happening to your body right now by revelation. (Pause) You don’t– You harbor this shit, and dump it out on somebody else, but when– if you could get the facts, that I’ve never done an unjust thing in my life, and would dwell on that fact, and know how wonderful a friend you’ve got, you people would avoid a lot of later health problems that will be irreversible, you won’t be anything you can do about them– do about them.

Marceline: I think the tr– I want you to know the whole fact, because the trouble is, we go off– everybody goes off in dir– all– their own direction without knowing the true– the whole fact of the thing. Joyce and Sharon were talking, and said, I didn’t even know anything about the difference in the test. But they sa– they said, Diane – which is true – does not have the nursing background. She was a– was an operating room technician. Judy [Ijames] had a nursing background, which gave her an advantage. Is there any way that we can arrange for her to have time to study for this rather than the news, and I went to Dad, and there was no problem. The arrangement was made immediately. But see, you didn’t know that. You went off on half information. Sometimes, it’s an ego thing, and we’re all guilty of it, Rennie. We have to be careful that we don’t want to be, you know, really have the (unintelligible word under Jones) information.

Jones: I mean, none of you better manipulate any guilt in her, for talking about what uh, was on her mind, killing her, gnawing at her. You better hear that, husband. Not a word, Not a word.

Young man: Yes, Dad.

Jones: Because I do not take easily to this kind of a situation which was created for me today. But you see how well I can respond to criticism. We’ll talk it out. But why in the hell do you keep something back? All you had to do is, you coulda find out Richardell [Perkins] had not told the truth about the box. And we’ll have to straighten her mind out. Be sure to make note that you know no– you knew nothing else. She said there was something you wouldn’t tell her. She knew about the box, but she’d heard that from Richardell. Richardell seems to make a lot of time around here.

Voice in Crowd: Too soft

Male: Well, the first thing– first thing– first thing, Richard– uh, Richardell, (several words too soft) you still have some kind of commitment, man. You’re the– you’re (too soft) talking to her and complaining–

Jones: On, no. No, no. Says you can’t– don’t like anything, you don’t like the way it produce, you used to live on the country, you don’t like this, you don’t like that, uh, uh, would you like to tell all of us, brave soul?

Richard: Uh, so Dad, uh, it– it all started by the– about the news. Uh.

Man 1: What don’t you like, brother, that’s what we’re asking.

Richard: Oh, oh, oh. Well, you– you want to talk–

Jones: I know you have difficulty with the news because you have difficulty reading and writing. But we– we– we understand that, and uh, you– you can talk to uh– you can talk to, I’m sure, Comrade [Tom] Grubbs will work on that so you can get some help with reading and writing.

Man 1: (too soft) –and he said something to me about this problem, and I come to you, Richard, and I said that Walter Cartmell had– had problems that way, and he was being helped, and Chuck Beikman, who couldn’t read or write, passed a test, because somebody stood over there and took his what– whatever he said about it and wrote it down. Dad even told anybody about– but to put everybody’s mind at ease–

Jones: Shift, please.

Man 1: But that wasn’t good enough. She– I mean, she didn’t– she was concerned that– that you didn’t get that, and she said something to me, and I come to you, and told you if you had any problem that you could come to me, and I would make way with one of the teachers to– to alleviate your mind that you wouldn’t be put in that kind of strait, and Dad wouldn’t push you to the wall anyhow, that he was loving and kind, and you wouldn’t be put through any kind of embarrassment. So, I– I don’t understand you going on and going on to– to her about that, I really don’t.

Man 2: Can I say one thing– One thing before you– before you (unintelligible word) on. You have a very long agenda tonight, we’re not going to have a hell of a long meeting. All right? You guys say what you gotta say, and get done. When you get done and– and get everything squared away, because we still got guests coming tomorrow, we gotta prepare for, a whole lot of things. We’re not gonna have no long fucking meeting tonight.

Woman: Right.

Man 2: That’s right.

Crowd: Agrees, calls, applause

Jones: This is so bad– that’s so bad– the here– I want to give, even though we can’t afford it, permanent days off, and you know we can’t even get permanent days off because of people plotting, talking. You can’t give them enough time to plot to do something.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: Now that is goddamn dreadful.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: That’s a damn shame. (Pause) You may be seated. (tape edit) –the black. Not as much as America today, but it shows what socialism can do to change a situation. Where 18 years ago, a black person could not even go on the beach. Batista was such a fool, he was a dictator, Fulgencio Bastista, but he was part black, and they would not allow that man to go to his own beach. He couldn’t– There was a certain beach that was reserved to whites only. When Dr. [Fidel] Castro’s revolution took over, they took all those plush apartments and made them beaches for the– all the workers. And the first people he put on them, as a sh– a sign and symbol of the brotherhood that socialism meant, he took every black person from the uh, outside in the uh, mountainous regions and the hinterland and brought them in for two-weeks vacation and play– put them right in those plush apartments, and made the sonsabitches in them get out. (Pause)

Crowd: Scattered applause

Jones: He started his revolution in a– in the black sector of the country, because he knew they understood oppression. And he’s obviously committed to blacks ‘cause he’s risked Cuba– they risked Cuba’s life. They say, well, why’d you risk all of our lives, some people go about, you get us all killed. That’s– That’s all– That’s what revolution’s about. Cuba risked itself getting blowed out of the water for Africa, but it’s still determined to help Africa. What– what the hell’s a life anyway, only as you live it and purpose. Sure, we risked our lives. All this crap about suicide, it wasn’t suicide. It was a mass demonstration against injustice. It was a demonstration that we believe that all people are created equal and that we stand up for every one. If we all have to die, we will stand up for everyone’s life. And I don’t understand why people can’t talk more ‘bout such things as that instead all this crap shit.

Crowd: Right. Scattered applause.

Jones: Peace.

Marceline: Oh. Excuse me.

Jones: So, now. Let’s– Let’s get to– Hundreds of thousands like that. A three-year-old grandchild, nobody to help her, had to go to the hospital, they didn’t take care of her, and then when she gets home, she finds her baby, her grandson, starving to death. In US. All the new people must see that film, now you must sign up to see that film. When I call for it, [if] you haven’t see it, you must see it, ‘cause it shows business people, white people, black people, all kinds of people, don’t make no difference, they all end up the same way, rich people, they end up in a goddamn nursing home wi– you’d be better off– you’d be better off if somebody killed you slowly by punching you out with pe– pins and needles. There no hell like an old pra– older person having to live in that kind of a mess.

Marceline: I also want to tell you, it’s not only the old. I want to tell you about a young black man, who went into a state of cata– a ca– a catatonic state, went into a fetal position, and I ran into him in Mendocino State Hospital, and they had not bothered to straighten his legs out. And so he was curled up in a ball, and there was no way, he’d been that way so long, they’d never done any range of motion, like we do for Joe [Beam, aka Joseph Helle] here every day, they never had him out exercising like we do for our senior citizens, and there was no way in the world that he would ever walk again, because nobody had bothered (tape fades)