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Part 1

Jones: –all been lies in the newspaper that the defector had given. She answered them without being unnerved at all. It wasn’t that she had been in a position of trying– us trying to keep the news from her. Someone had just escaped, telling her about it in the city, ‘cause we made it a matter of public record. But she said she knew at that moment, if they had shown her news clippings that contained stories told by her own mother, she would’ve reacted just the same. That is real socialist character, and we commend Liane [Harris] for exhibiting that kind of socialist conduct.

We commend Rosie Ruggiero, for turning in own sister [Elizabeth Ruggiero], for some matter that was not up to our standards. Her sister herself commended her [and] confessed her guilt. She said she had not realized the principle of her sister, and she felt so guilty about the fact that she had to report her. Though it was a small matter, it could’ve led to difficulties if everyone had done so. So, Rosie Ruggiero, we commend you highly for principled conduct.

Joan Pursley, and Liane Amos again, deserve great praise. When carrying several hundreds of dollars collected for this cause, a man came at them with a knife and said, I want all your money. They thought on Father, and laughed and said, you’d be welcome to any money we have, and then just laughed and cheered him, and he turned away. Something uncommon for a thief with a knife to do, without any more threats or any attempt at violence. This is the character that stills the panic we feel when we see anarchy, insensitivity, like was described by Pam [Bradshaw Moton] the other day, after seeing the horror of US capitalism, jelly-bombing children, and then at the conclusion, after seeing chemicals poured out on children, gas, just like used by Nazi Germany, then after the ending of the film, people laughing and talking about light-hearted and superficial things. We have some high character about us, and we commend it.

The 1978 elections, so the polls show, will show a tremendous gain in seats for the Republicans. There are 535 [435] members in the House of Representatives. It is felt by the polls said Congressman [John] Rhodes that the majority of them will go to conservative – or we should say, reactionaries – who will be running on Republican tickets. The reason America will be returning to Republicanism, because of the ineptitude of dealing with the problems of the threat of cow– Communism, typical Cold War bigotry, the slowness of the Democrats to deal with the problem of oil and the excess taxes burden on the middle class, though it seems that they are fastly getting out from any of that, the bourgeoise and the petit bourgeois are certainly doing their best to unload all the poor to uh– not only out of the welfare programs, but they want them to go away. There’s no way of to provide for people now. We’re taking one lady in, a black invalid, yes, totally non-ambulatory, who cannot get around, but they’re putting her out with several dozen more on the streets from nursing homes that’re just having to be closed down. (Pause)

Congress has not done its job, is the hue and cry of the nation. Neither has the president. The Congress rates just a little better than the President, but not too much bet– not too much better.

There needs to be an energy bill to regulate the supply of gas and fuels for the consumption of fuel in the USA, say the Republicans. Republicans worry because government is not beholden to anyone, even the President. Too much bureaucracy. What they’re really saying is (sighs) too much health and education and welfare. And that’s the happy tune of the reactionary mood that prevails throughout racist America these days. He said uh– Congressman Rhodes, who’s typically the voice of the Republican Party, said the tax bill will be vetoed. Republicans want to cut capital gains – that means they want the rich to have less taxes to pay – and he was bold about saying it, that is, Congressman Rhodes, and this was what the polls say the Republicans want throughout the Congress. Congressman Rhodes is not alone, when he speaks for Arizona.

A large earthquake has struck California. Five counties affected, the worst, Santa Barbara. There are 50 people injured and several missing. Major structural damages in bridges, highways, and other buildings. One of the firemen of the seas, uh– the sea coastal town between San Francisco and Santa Cruz, said that all of the cars were being whipped back and forth on the streets, rocked back and forth, as if a giant hand were shaking them.

The National Guard– After the court has given a second order, not only a temporary order but now a permanent order, restraining the Memphis police, 1100, from striking, the National Guard troops have been ordered to march in the streets and to arrest police on sight. If they resist, to shoot. A striking breakdown in solidarity that the imperialist class needs amongst its police effort, its military effort. That’s the only hope to buffer the needs of the people. I’m surprised the press has not spoken out against it, and the press is so effective, the American people have been like little puppy dogs, better trained indeed to follow their master, the press that takes its orders from the monopoly ruling class interest. But somehow, they’re not getting through. The press did its job well in Memphis, saying patience, exercise patience, ordering the governor and the mayor to exercise patience with the police and showing empathy for the police and suggesting that all should have concern for the police who risk their lives, but somehow the governor and the mayor’s concern about the taxpayer, who seems to be much more concerned about his extra tax burden and the danger to his life and limb in the streets that’re unguarded than he is even about his own racist police that reflect his own mood well.

The young mayor of Cleveland [Dennis Kucinich] won over all of the progressive elements [that] were seeking to remove him. Every black leader, all the civil rights activists, were trying to remove him in a recall vote, the first to be done on a Sunday in US history. The youngest mayor in America, in Cleveland, in a majority black city, where he was disliked because of the special privilege he had given to his family, racist views he was accused of holding. (Pause) It’s in that city that [Richard] Hongisto, who’s quite a sellout in San Francisco, he even agreed to break into the International Hotel, we have pictures of him kicking the doors down, but it was too racist for him to even endure, and he resigned as the Chief of Police. Nonetheless, the young mayor has won. There’s a racist mood. Strange, the racist mood even runs through the black community that is the majority of the Cleveland voters. There had to be an awful lot of Uncle Toms and Aunt Janes.

President [Jimmy] Carter, says a US News & World Report, that his whole future as an officeholder may be at stake in the upcoming Camp David conference between Israel and the Arabs, or more particularly, Egypt. He said, but it has to be ventured. The Arab League, Iraq and (unintelligible word) in particular, fear that the Egyptians will make a special deal with the president, that the US public is very concerned over oil price increases and the danger of rationing. So it will be putting up pressure– the public mood will be putting up pressure on Carter to restrain Israel.

Which is showing very little restraint, in that a committee of its cabinet have already agreed that five new settlements shall be established, Jewish settlements, in the conquered West Bank region that they stole– the Israelis stole from Jordan. Senator [James] Abourezk, in a brave kind of statement, said just that: Israel stole the land, or he said, the US capitalists, the British capitalists stole it, along with the Zionists, to give it to the Israelis. Stole it from the Palestinians. This is the bravest statement, said one (sighs) broadcasting comment on BBC that has come out of United States by any congressman in many a year.

Navy crash of one of its sophisticated planes near Guam. Twenty-nine aboard, some still are missing. Fortunately, the admirals– there was a high level conference over some kind of military plans, which included the Under Secretary of State and several other assistant cabinet members. At this point, two are known dead, four are missing of the 29 aboard.

The tax credit bill is greatly geared to aid the middle class. Senator [Ernest] Hollings is against any aid for those many, many middle class parents who want to send their children to private schools to get around having to deal with the poor or blacks and Indians in particular. But Senator Hollings, even though he’s a conservative from North Carolina [South Carolina], says that there are just not enough income for United States to maintain its military budget. And so the middle class’ prejudices will have to wait a while. He will not support any parochial tax relief or private school tax relief. But he will give tax credits to the middle class for their college cost. They don’t want that middle class, as Governor [George] Wallace to say– uh, says to be radicalized, so there’ll be all kinds of wooing in the middle class, because if it suddenly woke up and realized that it is also a part of the oppressed of the class structure, then USA would have a rude awakening. Majority of private schools are attended by students from the upper middle class background.

It is not yet known how the Senate will go entirely. Senator [Robert] Byrd, Majority Whip leader of the Senate, was a little more hesitant. He said he wasn’t opposed to aiding, by giving tax credits for the upper middle class to send their children to private schools or parochial schools, but he would first this term like to just try tax credits to the upper middle class to help them with their children going to college. College now costs six thousand dollars a year per student, thus meaning the lower middle class and the working class will have no opportunity at all of sending their children to school. To college, that is.

Chinese bilateral trade looks very promising with the British indees– indeed, indeed. Following their Doctrine of Three Worlds, wooing the Second World into their Third World, which they pretend, or at least pretend to lead the undeveloped nations, trying to divide the Third– Second World, which includes the European Common Market nations, the capitalist nations, away from USA, thus assuring that there will only be a nuclear engagement between USSR and USA. According to US News & World Report, the Chinese are continuing to deceive and dupe the USA into a certain nuclear war in which they will be the clear losers, because the Soviets will have the advantage. Chinese will have wooed away the allies, the NATO allies, and the Chinese will be the winners that will pick up the pieces, along with the Soviets, because both have underground shelters, said US & News World Report [US News & World Report], which is one of the– or the only magazine, according to press revelations around the world, that doesn’t– hasn’t been under the pay of the CIA. China has worked out petrochemical expiration agreements with the British, aeronautical agreements, coal mining, and underground shelters agreements. China’s getting most of the aid on a long-term uh, loan basis. China won’t have to pay right now, they can pay later. And obviously with the Chinese philosophy that they’re going to bring about a nuclear war soon, there won’t be anybody left to pay in Britain, ‘cause two well-placed bombs will put that island under the ocean.

Vietnam charges that (sighs) ethnic Chinese or hooligans equipped with weapons came into the Vietnamese border, took the security guards’ guns, tried to agitate a riot. Vietnam – socialist Vietnam, an ally of the Soviet Union – says it’s obvious that China’s trying to start an eruption in Vietnam between China and Vietnam, and wherever it can to carry out the one main theme of its Doct– [tape failure for several seconds] –soon as possible.

We have– (sighs) Let me see.

Finally, Congress has gotten around to form a committee on assassinations. The first to be called will be the– James Earl Ray, who claims– already has given the name of an anti-Castro Cuban involved, he said, with the Martin Luther King assassination. He claims that he is the innocent fall guy. [Coughs] Also, following that, Congress will go through, at least the appearance of investigating President [John] Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. Already, people are lining up with information about people that participated at every level of the government in President Kennedy’s murder. So much, said the one that Radio Moscow heralded today, that I’m going to ask the librarian Teresa [King] to put on the board which will be the only thing required by the people that have just the basics to pass, which were all given on the tape of the Saturday night Peoples Rally.

Plus one thing. I want you to know what the conspiracy against Kennedy was, who was in it, and how that same element is after us. It included INTERPOL – that’s the international police of the capitalist world, made up of Nazis, it was formed in Nazi Germany originally, and its president was a Nazi, SS member [reference likely to former SS officer Paul Dickopf, whose INTERPOL term ended in 1972], up until last year. I mean, in the last term. It was a combination, said uh, Burroughs, the CIA agent, of the Mafia, the immigrant– the immigration authorities, Secret Service, CIA, FBI, Dallas police, Dallas sheriff’s department, and people at the highest level of government who he will keep nameless, because Senator [Frank] Church’s committee on investigating the assassination and CIA activities was afraid to handle it, so until his family is safe, he will not go into it. You can go back and read it on the board. She’ll put it there, I’m sure.

Widespread fighting in Lebanon.

It is expected Israel is bracing itself for retaliation from the Palestinians, because the death toll has riten– risen to over 200 in the explosion that blew out an entire block of Palestinian Liberation Front homes and apartment buildings, not killing those who were in the Palestinian Liberation organization, the [Yasser] Arafat movement, but their children, their grandparents, their wives. The death toll of children has risen into the seventies already. These senseless acts of terror, no human being, no sensitive being, could condone. (Pause)

Reading on. The corporation, by the way, did not sell out its entire corporation to the new French corporation. Its European holdings is a matter of correction of the news that I read on the board, they sold out their European Chrysler division to a French company.

Big corporations in the United States are having to sell some of their stocks to uh, some of the Arab emirate rich nations, which include Emerson Radio and others, mostly– all on the American stock exchange have had to sell some of their secondary stocks. Capitalism is having a hard time of it, as the dollar continues to plummet, that is, to fall. (Pause)

Most wary of all, said President Carter, facing his administration and Congress, they’re most wary of all, is the oil embargo that may come from OPEC, if something isn’t done soon, to drop Israel, if it does not get away from its impossible terms of not giving up its conquered territory that it stole from Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. The rumors of the OPEC, who gave just this week an eight million US dollar loan without strings attached, long terms to pay it back, to Guyana, the rumors are that the oil price will go up at least five percent. Even the Shah of Iran has joined Iraq in pushing for it.

US wants to expand US coal. Many scientists and ecologists feel that it will throw already an abundance of carcinogens, cancer-causing substances into the air that will make it almost impossible for people to live in the US climate. Consolidation of coal is also going to be difficult. The resource of coal is not that long-lived. Lots of trouble with labor these days in mile– mining the coal industry, because of a general disregard for their health and general welfare.

Brazil, South America, is growing sugar cane, [and] in fact, is helping Guyana do the same, to be converted into alcohol to fuel their nation. Twenty percent of their automobiles are now using alcohol as fuels. By 1980, no less than 40,000 Brazilian automobiles will be running on pure alcohol made from their sugar cane. A similar project is expected for the vehicles of Guyana. That’s an advantage that the sugar-growing nations will have. The world price on the sugar market is being pushed down by the manipulations of the monopoly capitalists again till it will be ha– hardly profitable to sell on the world market, but this is a breakthrough the world monopoly capitalists, headed by imperialist USA, will not be able to control, said Radio Netherlands, that US will not be able to do anything about this. It’s a Brazilian breakthrough, in a rather right wing country, taking an increasingly independent stand from USA. As you know, Brazil, Surinam, Venezuela, Guyana, Peru, just formed an independent alliance, an economic alliance, which makes very likely that there will be no border threats from Surinam or Venezuela against the Republic of Guyana, the socialist cooperative republic of Guyana. Brazil has never had any claims– laid any claims to Guyana’s territories.

As I said, in Santa Barbara alone – or did I say? – 50 were injured in the quake. In the five-county region, the assessment of damage in the milli– millions, the number of people killed or still listed as missing and injured in California, cannot be determined at this time.

The cops are still ignoring back-to-work orders in Memphis, in spite of the arrest of nearly 100 police.

This young woman, by the name of Myad [Diane Nyad], is halfway through her swim from Cuba to Florida. Much news in all the capitalist world about that. (Pause)

Protesting farmers are going to be mollified, or attempted to be, at least, neutralized and calmed down by President Carter, who is on his way to Missouri to speak to some of them, to try to get them a little bit more of the mood that he is helping them.

Big news. The strike of the newspapers in New York City, which includes the racist [Rupert] Murdoch, who owns The New York Post, and The New York News, and The New York Times, still continues. (unintelligible word) buying out-of-town papers particularly li– particularly the most popular is The Washington Post. In fear that the Daily News may be out for weeks and months, they have started one-minute dial news that’s updated from hour to hour. (Pause)

It is felt that the Senate will extend the time limit on the Equal Rights mo– movement of the women, giving them opportunity, after heavy lobbying on the part of the women, giving them opportunity to have a little longer to get it passed before the states. They’re doomed to defeat, if they don’t have extension of time.

Senator Robert Byrd in Meet the Press said the president was doing a reasonable job, and he said it’s futile to try to judge the president’s performance through the– the polls. He said that U– USA must do something about energy control and the consumption of oil, because world leaders – he meant the Arab world – is watching, and other capitalist nations are watching. Japan has agreed to do something about expending its surplus and to export more than it has, uh– I mean to import more than it’s had to uh– Japan is the one that has the real surplus. Capitalism’s working better for them. They sell more than they buy. But USA’s not so fortune– fortunate, nor are the rest of the capitalist nations, except West Germany. (Pause) He said – Senator Byrd said – that the natural gas must have some compromise on regulation. The American public is in a mood for it. He would refuse to say on Meet the Press whether he thought it was right himself. How clever a reactionary Senator Byrd is, former member of the Ku Klux Klan who is the head of the Senate. The crude oil issue of the bill, controlling that portion, he as much as said, was dead. Tax credits for colleges, too close to call, was his opinion on Meet the Press. Draft report of college credits would increase inflation. He said either way we go, we’re in trouble in the nation with a high cost of living continuing. [He] Said if you give tax credits to one group, you’re going to increase the inflation on the other hand. If you don’t, you’ll still be increasing inflation.

Tax bill said to have too many concessions to rich, says President Carter, and also Senator [Russell] Long opposes Carter. Senator Long, a Democrat, thinks there ought to be more concessions for the rich, and the capital gains should be decreased. When asked by Meet the Press how Senate Majority Leader, Senator Byrd, felt, he was very evasive. He said, well, there has to be a capital gains decrease. On that side, he was for the capitalist. But he said then the tax will largely have to be helpful to the middle income, though he said it ought to be in the direction of helping those on the lower spectrum. But he never would say, the working class or the poor. It was the middle class. He was really for one time a hundred thousand dollar exclusion every contract that the rich corporations had. Give them a– give them a hundred thousand dollars tax-free. Why, why, why, every worker would surely love that. He said, otherwise he would be for dropping it 35 percent. Well, my. The average working class uh, that makes over 40,000 a year, the middle class, they have to pay 50 percent nearly of income tax, but big corporations, they ought to pay no more in any circumstance, no matter how much mi– the millions or billions they’re pulling in, said Senator Byrd, than 35 percent, because he said we gotta keep the capitalists he– happy. That’s what really makes the nation go. ‘Course. Makes it go for the capitalist. (Pause) He railed against the bill to eliminate capital gains, and he said it would not be hypocritical for Con– for Carter to turn around and sign it now, even though he’s been strongly opposed, suggesting that Carter may be seeing the handwriting on the wall, though Carter has said he will veto any reduction in capital gains. (Pause)

I cannot see anything else that is of great importance to you in the news, that you need to know.

He said that the president had come through in terms of economic stimulus. He said the president had helped Latin American affairs with the Panama Canal Treaty, took a great deal of credit for those congressmen that supported it. He said that he refused to criticize George Meany, who Carter has criticized as being– he was just livid with anger. Jody Powell said he’d made him the most angry of any man of all, because Meany had said he wasn’t doing all he could do to curb inflation and assist the working class with some wage assistance. President Carter’s for wage controls, you know.

Again, where other Senators have been very critical of Carter’s aides, particularly Jody Powell and [Hamilton] Jordan, uh, Senator Byrd got around it on Meet the Press by saying I never have to go through them. All I know is some chap by the name of [congressional liaison Frank] Moore, and then (yawns) the Vice President [Walter Mondale], so he avoided getting into that ball game of having to criticize uh, any of President Carter’s aides. He said that uh– when asked about the Senate pork barrel bill, called the Public Works bill, it’s been giving jobs to the privileged uh, select families and supporters of the Senate, he said well, now, he wouldn’t go that far, even though there’s 3000 extra employees at a time when they need to curb spending, most of them going to people who’ve been especially close to the Senate, he said it does provide for planning, for flooding and irrigation. He said it’s wrong to call the bill totally irresponsible. When struck straight in the head about the Senate uh, bill to aid its own office complex, making the ceiling 16 foot high, he said that extra 130 million dollars was misplanning, but he said the Senate has corrected it. But Meet the Press reminded him only when the press and the public brought some pressure to brea– bear. Senator Byrd said that there shouldn’t have been the frills voted by the Senate for their own Senate office– new Senate office building. Shouldn’t have been there, but it was just uh, a mistake. No bad intentions meant whatsoever. He would not agree with uh, C– those on the Carter team who defend Carter’s staff, he wouldn’t disagree. House Speaker [Tip] O’Neill, head of the House of Representatives, has been hi– sharply critical of the presidential staff– staff, particularly Jody Powell and Jordan, including– uh, calling them too liberal, and that is something else, to be able to call those chaps liberal, but as I said, Senator Byrd avoided defending them also by just skirting the issue, saying he never had met the chaps. They said isn’t that uh– Meet the Press said, isn’t that highly unusual, for the Senate leader, the head of the Senate, Majority Whip, like you are, Senator Byrd, to have never met the chief aide to the president, who Jordan is, and his chief news person, uh, who is Jody Powell, he said, well, I don’t think it’s too unusual. Said, didn’t you have close contacts with the former president’s uh, chief aide, he said, well, yes, I guess so, just haven’t gotten around to knowing these chaps. Oh, politicians. Uh, they never give a straight answer. Nothing in the capitalist bureaucracy. I listened to this Meet the Press for half an hour, and all you heard was evasion, evasion, and lie. He said Carter had done something for employment, the 95 million unem– that are now employed, but out of the working class potential of 190 million, that leaves 100 million that are not employed, said Meet the Press. Well, he said, they’re not all wanting to work, really. Said we’re going to have to do something about that uh– uh, come up with some kind of program that’ll make folk work. Sound a little bit like the concentration camps that the congressman from Pennsylvania was suggesting for the youth on that horrible youth terror that showed black youth giving the finger to the newscasters, and their mother crying, saying they’re out of control, another black youth saying, well– an Indian youth saying, we were raised like animals, and so we have grown up to be animals. Same kinda mood. He said it was wonderful what the president had done to keep Social Security from collapsing, and that’s only temporary, said the Meet the Press, Social Security could collapse next year, well, he said, it’s a great breakthrough that uh, the president had kept it shored up, and Senator Byrd admitted that Social Security was about to collapse. Turkey embargo, he thought that was a great thing that the president had lifted the arms uh, ban against the fascist oppressive regime that’s putting hundreds of thousands of its own students into jails as political prisoners, but he thought that was a good thing. Strengthening NATO’s capacity to win the war against Communism, and the neutron bomb, he praised that. He thought those were all good accomplishments of our president. He opposes any amendment bill. There’s a move abroad, even in the middle class, for fixing the budget of Congress. He said, because that would affect our ability to move our defense posture, our national defense would be threatened. So he’s for any kind of price fixes, uh, budget fixing on the part of [the] good Congress, the United States of America.

Nightmare USA. Senator Abourezk calls a nightmare USA. He’s fixing to get himself killed, the way he’s going. He said, is there a difference between the Nazi who kills a Jew with poison gas, the CI[A] operative who experiments on children in our institutions, and they die, or who puts LSD into several people’s drinks unknown to them, like the Army doctor [likely Frank Olson] that jumped out the twelve-floor window to his death, or is this too just following orders? Is the apple pie image burned at the edges, or is it roasted right through? Is the cocktail shaker nearly dry? So they’re getting (sighs) a little bit of– I guess some people have a little principles left, though he– Abourezk is considered in the polls to be a loser, because he’s not been pro-Zionist Israel, in fact, he been very critical of Zionist Israel. He also criticized the FBI and CIA, who are still conducting break-ins, he said, doing illegal acts to install microphones, bugs, surveillance equipment, so forth and so on. These illeg– illegal activities against American cities and domestic organizations are criminal. He said any other person would be put in jail for years for what they’re doing. He condemned the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders for advising that police should use criminal actions by undercover police personnel and informants. He condemned the IRS overall strategy of using one tax protester as an example to frighten others into dropping out of talks– tax protest in general. One person who was chased by the IRS owed five dollars, but he was also a member of a California-based tax rebellion committee, and his case was used as an example, and given nationwide publicity by the pre– the press, the obedient slave of the master, the ruling class, he received a one-year sentence for his five dollar protest as a psychological terror story, if there ever was one. Also, nearly a quarter of a million dollars– nearly a quarter of a million, rather, first class letters were opened and photographed in the United States by the CIA last year. That seems a little strange in a nation that’s supposed to be changing since Watergate. That’s not to mention the other letter, other mail that’s not first class, that was computerized and fe– fed into indexes that will be available to all government agencies– agencies that are snooping constantly on the American public. The CIA conducting tests, take­– uh, make just contact with people that– uh, prospective bars or the youth hang-outs, and then they’re picked at random to be given experimental drugs. And much of it has resulted in injury or death to the individual. He said this is no different that Ni– uh, Nazi Germany, that the CIA personnel then observe the test by using one-way mirrors, when the test of the drugs or whatever, are given. CIA have even taken cats and filled them full of surveillance equipment and put them back in the homes of the person that they want to monitor. This is something else. (Pause)

The Army security agency’s radio monitoring had to be conducted in secrecy, and personnel had to be disguised, because they were spying on their own people, and so they had to take the appearance of personnel.

Paranoia is rampant throughout the United States. Everybody is looking into everybody else’s business. We in the committee to defend our nonviolent movement have to report all activities when that kind of spying, and that kind of devious methodology is being used by the enemy. The FBI and CIA are still stealing such items as membership lists from organizations and any other personal de– data that might later make compromise possible for them and cause some person to have to work for the bureau, said Senator Abourezk, in his own private investigation. There’s been a relentless expansion of domestic intelligence. It has not ceased. The FBI maintains in readily accessible files, sensitive and derogatory personnel [personal] information not relevant to any investigation, so that they can force someone to cooperate with them. We know a little bit about that. That’s how all of our willing ex-members – traitors, now – perhaps got started. There’s a place in your consciousness, if you are above the animals, where your concern about principle should be more meaningful to you than your concern about embarrassment or a few years in jail, or even death. The FBI and CIA and IRS copies and distributes its reports on the private life of individuals to anyone and everyone, even private credit agencies. The image of an agent of the US government who is scrawling a poison pen letter to someone’s wife in language usually reserved for bathroom walls is still being done. COINTELPRO – Counter Intelligence Programs – which are Criminal Intelligence Programs, they should be called, called COINTELPRO, still goes on, involves sending anonymous letters or threats. We know about that. Our ex-members are threatening people, newsmen, district attorneys, trying to get trumped-up charge against our people. Thus far, no success. But certainly they are not to be go unnoticed for their efforts. The image of the agent of the US government scrawling poison pen letters, even to people’s wives, to being family difficulties and members of their families, or divide organizations, and set up organizations to kill each other, continue to go on. This is hardly the way we would feel clean about paying our taxes. The FBI established Dr. King as the most dangerous Negro leader in the United States, and it’s still at it, discrediting every black person. Working with newspapers – newspapers work with them willingly – to the FBI, so they can drop a story, smear whoever they choose, so they can be destroyed by some kind of attack on their sexual life, typically sexual promiscuity or perversion. The uh, FBI program’s called black ba– black bag – bag jobs. They go in, use a technique involve trespassing, and getting information on people, their friends, their relatives’ homes or wherever. We should call it white bag jobs.

Women’s liberation movement is infiltrated by informants of the FBI. This is also information that’s come out uh– that has been turned over to Abourezk. What he will do with it, I do not know. Probably the same informant that uh, Radio Moscow spoke about. The Justice Department condones and often encourages the FBI’s continued use of informants. We heard that from the mouth of the attorney general [Griffin Bell], no less, and he got a contempt order for not turning over information where illegal methods had been used against socialists. The FBI attempted to influence public opinion for 40 years, by supplying information and articles to confi– confidential high-placed FBI people, often editors, or CIA officials in the news media, and that’s the way they successfully get their smear campaigns against such as Huey [Newton] or ourselves. IS– IRS – Internal Revenue Service – reforms are most necessary and appropriate. Because they’re using so many illegal means, the IRS told their agents to pick up all the dirt that they could on several candidates that they considered not working for the bureaucracy. They were mainly interested in sexual hang-ups. On one occasion alone, they paid a young woman, promised her a pension for life, and a haven abroad, if she would be able to get 20– it’d be 20,000 dollars a year and other benefits, if she would be able to get some information on a judge that they wanted to get out of the circuit court because he had handed down some se– decisions that were favorable to the people. On another occasion they wanted to de– defeat a district attorney that was a little light on poor people, that wasn’t coming down heavy enough. What IRS would have to do with that, I don’t know, but the IRS and FBI had complicity, and they paid another handsome sum to get that done. It’s one case alone, as I said, the IRS agent was promised 20,000 dollars annual pension for life, a new identity, a home abroad, if she were successful in getting something on a state attorney, who was just a little bit unfriendly to corporate interest and a little light on the public sector, a little more considerate of the public sector.

The IRS established– the Internal Revenue Service has established a special service staff to– [Tape cuts off]


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Jones: –[Garner Ted] Armstrong of late. As you know, the difficulties between he and [Herbert W. Armstrong] his father. They’ve been in on the raiding of churches and ripping off of thousands of their books and records, some 50 agents spent an estimated 68,000 dollars to try to catch a church member. On one occasion, in a controversial group who had been overseas for some years, helicopters, police cars, Customs, motels, IRS, FBI, CIA, all took part. The man they were after did not land, did not come back to the United States. The sum he owed was under one thousand dollars, but they were going to make a sample [example] of him, like any one of us if we were to decide to go back to the United States. And what is there back there that we’d want to go to? Just recently in The Los Angeles Times, it caused one FBI agent to say, look at our raids into churches. A few more like the one we did in Los Angeles, and we’ll look like the Tuscaloosa sheriff’s department. The FBI crept into a film on INTERPOL that was being shown by Scientology, showing that it was filled with Nazis, INTERPOL is, that was the first one that came after us. They avoided entry fees by breaking and entering through the kitchen. And so, the Church of Scientology has taken them to the Court of Small Claims, not being able to get any district attorney to take any criminal action against them. It seems like there’s a little bit of lack of honesty in government agencies that we’re supporting these days, doesn’t it, my friends.

Well, that is the end and summation and conclusion of the news. Not too encouraging. That’s why we should get out there, do our best to build this community, because I tell you, my friend, there’s no place for our people to go, and in an environment like that, after Watergate, the CIA hearings, Senator Church hearings, and all that’s been brought out, and we still have this kind of a mess con– continuing every day, as we see the harassment against our people. On the serious side, let’s not let them perish. Let’s not have our conscience guilty because of the blood of any of them on our hands.

We’ll be getting time off for the Sunday that we had to use. Take very great care, because the rains, excess rains this year, going down roadways, don’t rush through grassy areas, because of the poisonous snakes, and we’ve never seen them before, coming up into the community, we have to take an extra amount of caution. That I urge upon you. We’ll be given special benefits, as I said, for the time that we’ve had to use here to get ready for our guest [Don Freed]. We’re so pleased that the guest is coming, who has authored several books and helped produce several movies, of the authors of Parallax View, which we will all see tonight. We’ll have to. We won’t normally do that, but we all have to see it to be prepared, so tonight after work. Work will close at six o’clock. Please work well. Clean up your homes, so we’ll not have to be brought up in public rally. Remember all of the news, except [especially] the news I gave you about the CIA conspiracy that was brought out by [Victor Marchetti] the CI[A] agent that defected that said Senator [Robert] Kennedy was killed by a combination, the same combination that’s come after us. That’s why we want to know the patterns. We want everyone to know that theme that I told you that was in that tape. You go back to the tape on Friday [could be “Saturday”] night’s agricultural peoples rally meeting, and you’ll get the substance of the conspiracy that goes back to World War II and before, how Japan was set up. We started the war. It was an economic war. It was even admitted in Tora, Tora, Tora, how we put a total economic barrier– barke– bar– embargo on the Japanese so they couldn’t sell their goods to other nations, we threatened other nations that would trade with them. We forced their hand to make the first move, although we did attack one of their submarines before they attacked Pearl Harbor, and did ever so many other individual attacks on various uh, civilian and military personnel that were in the Japanese empire. But it was all a set-up. Pearl Harbor was set up. Thousands of lives were lost there. It’s calculated and planned. Looked like bungling, but any nation that was so quick to put all the Japanese in a matter of hours in concentration camps had to be well organized. The Japanese of course regretfully, said Governor Wallace, were not allowed to continue, they could have stopped communism. As they said, the same about Adolf Hitler. And of course, you need to read the last chance you have to look on the blackboard about how horribly IG Farben and Dupont worked together, how even Ryan Air Corps made the Japanese Zero that was superior to our own uh, fighter plane, and how uh, Krupp works worked together with Rockefeller, that’s why the US didn’t bomb the industrial sector of Germany, but burned up people, a hundred thousand in one night in Dresden till they could fit into the wash bowls, as Teresa put there. The Russians attacked only the industrial sector to cripple Germany from ma– making war on innocent people, but you saw no scenes of them hurting people. But you saw plenty of scenes, though they didn’t name them, you could tell the US soldiers uniforms, knocking bread out of people’s hands, emptying the little food that was in the pockets of old gentlemen, that was a wh– that was a wh– US soldier that knocked that woman back and knocked her bread out of her hand. The cruelties and inhumanity. To think all the Americans that were killed, the Germans, the 22 million Soviets, all for the industrial conspiracy carried out by the willing puppets of [Franklin D.] Roosevelt and [Winston] Churchill, who was long a member of the ruling class before he became prime minister. Sell-out at Munich that just gave Czechoslovakia away to Germany, because Germany was set up to be a cooperative capitalist nation with USA and her lackeys to take care of the first socialist revolution, the October 17 socialist revolution in S– Russia. But, because Hitler became a little suspicious of the Jews that– he had a terrible racism, he thought the Jews were too high in ruling class circles, even in capitalism in Britain and USA, he got a little too hungry for himself, little too power-minded w– taking more of the slice of the pie than it intended, so they had to end up fighting him. But you saw even on the TV, how at the last minute, they offered him a conditional peace, in which he coulda remained leader of what remained of Germany if he could still kill off a number of the Russians and hold Berlin. And they held back their own fighting force so that they could preserve them to be in a confrontation that could kill them, kill American boys, killing the Russians, if Hitler succeeded. Only after Hitler failed did he commit suicide. They were all jubilant, as you saw on the American-made film that was shown on Channel 2, but nobody, as Teresa said, everybody’s so brainwashed, they don’t even see– they can’t even see the truth when it’s presented to them. It said right plainly, Roosevelt send him a wire that he and his Gestapo head, Doctor [Joseph] Goebbels were jumping up and down, dancing about merrily, as Roosevelt promised them that they would have a conditional peace in which Hitler could remain the head of Germany, if he’d take care of the Russians. And so they left the Russians to fight that battle alone. And the Russians lost a half million, but they won it valiantly, and penetrated a hundred miles deeper into Germany than USA intended, thus the Cold Wire– Cold War started immediately. Oh, the trickeration of capitalism, the trickeration indeed.

Cooperate with your administrative heads. Let’s overcome our elitism. Let’s don’t be eccentric. Elitism is the one remaining thing that we have not totally cured. We have cured racism, sexism, ageism, but let’s cure elitism. No special privileges, you don’t allow your (unintelligible word) and moods, your particular– particularity of your department need to supersede the need of the collective. Put the collective first and foremost in your mind and heart.

Good work. Much love. I say, work, because we’ve got to free our people. And dress up our community so that socialism will be seen as a model for blacks who– and poor, oppressed minorities, and even whites who need a hope. And it can still come out of hope, but this book being written by this noted author, if that’s all that was done. So let’s make this place look as beautiful as possible. Please plant every ugly eyesore. Where the tractors have had to go through and leave puddles, let’s have the Public Services clear the area out as best we can, even in the rainy season, because they’re coming. Some will arrive any day. We don’t know when. We’ve got to be prepared. Thank you again, and much love.


Part II

Jones: They went ahead and bombed and destroyed what is now, since radiation death all counted, one million, nearly 300,000. They destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the pure reason to keep the Soviets from having a few islands of the Japanese chain.

All right, I’ll begin with the evening news. Anyone that passes with all the news, they don’t have to take the test, after this– this night, they won’t have to take the next test. Keep it up long enough, you won’t have to take any test. (Pause) (Tape edit)

–the news, but what I just gave you is required news, and Teresa will put it on the board. About the terrible connection of the Japanese, why they set up the Japanese, allowed them to prosper, because they were cheap markets, the Japanese made cheaper things, but then US capitalist lost hold because the Japanese wanted a better share. So Pearl Harbor was set up to make it appear that USA would never attack anyone, and so thousands of US boys were sacrificed so there’d be an excuse to get into World War II with Japan. However, USA had already uh, bombed several uh, Japanese military craft, including the– the submarine that you saw them destroy right in the movie before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But people are so dumb, they see that and don’t think anything out– out of it, and they justify anything that’s done– done in the name of the flag. (Pause)


Part III

Jones: Attention. Extra news of the day. The Israeli cabinet– Apparently some in Israel don’t want a nuclear war and don’t share [Menachem] Begin’s desire to go up in the dust of a nuclear war before they’ll give one grain of sand of conquered territory – no talking, please – so Israeli ca– cabinet has postponed the five new settlements, a pure act of aggression that would be settled on the West Bank of Jordan that had been stolen from the USA. They will postpone it until after September fifth. That’s all they can do, because Prime Minister Begin, the Minister of Agriculture [Ariel Sharon] and the Minister of Defense [Ezer Weizman] and several other right wing members of the cabinet, were not present when the decision was made. So the best Israel could do– there is undoubtedly a po– more progressive element in Israel that does not want nuclear war. But they had to call a secret session of the cabinet while Begin is ill. But from the hospital bill– uh, hospital bed, Menachem Begin, who destroyed one Arab village alone to establish Israel– (cries out) There’s to be no talking, and I do mean it. (Pause) Anyway, from his hospital bed, he said he took the decision– they took the decision without consultation with him and other members of the cabinet who shared his view. And he said, at the September fifth summit meeting, the decision will be the same. Israel will go ahead and settle– uh, establish the five new settlements on the West Bank that they stole from Jordan, and may even settle the Gaza Strip that they sole– stole from Egypt, and if things are not uh, suitable to them in terms of economic assistance from USA, they’ll settle the part of south Lebanon, said Begin, that they conquered by terrible acts of terrorism.

The Palestinian Liberation Front, in a very, very strange departure from their stance of yesterday, when they accused Zionists of doing this horrible act of terror that destroyed over 200 lives, a downtown Beirut section in a beautiful city– once beautiful, it’s nearly war torn now – Any child talking, put them on Public Services with anyone else – The Palestinian Libera– Liberation Organization now are accusing pro-Syrian elements of the right. However, the Iraqis are the ones that are prompting that, and they’re still suggesting that the rightest element of Syria are in cahoots or collaboration with Zionist front. The Palestinian Liberation Organization originally had put the blame entirely on Israel. Now the indication that it is right wing Zionist elements directly responsible to Begin, who is a Zionist fascist, somewhat like [Richard] Nixon, who had his aides directly responsible to him that were doing criminal acts like breaking into the psychiatrist [Lewis Fielding] office to collect the files of Dr. Daniel Ellsberg, who was a high aide in the Pentagon and the US State Department.

Syria’s 30,000 United Nations appointment peace-keeping force moving deeply into Lebanon because of the rightist attacks on the Syrians and the peace-keeping force led by uh, General [Emmanuel] Erskine, the black general of Ghana. Lebanon is in one hell of a mess. It’s torn up, fragmented into many (unintelligible word) parts and parcels. The struggle is just like an anarchistic situation, said one commentator, a return to the Stone Ages.

President [Anwar] Sadat unites in a coalition, another strange breakthrough, which means perhaps that Sadat is moving away from his USA policy. After getting a referendum that gave him almost absolute power, he moved in a coalition with the Socialist Party and uh, is opening a further coalition to other left segments. Perhaps this is also just a bargaining method to deal with Washington on September fifth. There’s a summit meeting at Camp David with President Carter. As you know, President Carter has stated that this can make or break his entire political future.

Brazzaville in the Congo. Congolese, the Peoples Republic of the Congo, were attacked by thousands of mercenaries today in an attempt to overthrow their government along with certain rightist elements in their military. However, it was put down successfully, after a bloody battle on three sectors. Timely as it was, the fifteenth anniversary of the Peoples Republic of Congo, but Marxist-Leninist principles survived in the Peoples Republic of Congo. The attack is that USA and her European seven little puppets of NATO collaborated in getting the mercenaries in. Of course. The same charge has been made about the 14,000– uh, no, it’s 16,000 now that are operating in Rhodesia, that most of them have been trained on the US Air Force Base in New Mexico, USA.

UN agreements, says SWAPO – the Southwest African Peoples Organization – will not be agreed to, so the fighting continues. SWAPO, in all-out guerilla attacks, have attacked the puppet army of Union of South Africa and have turned back an attempt of the Union of South Africa to invade and take over Namibia. At least, that is the thought of what their aims were, according to SWAPO.

The Secretary General [Kurt] Waldheim of the United Nations meeting in a world conference at Geneva, United Nations conference against racism. His opening statement was: I am shocked that the USA would have the nerve to openly say to the world public that she is not concerned about racism. USA’s response was that she is standing behind Israel, who also boycotted and would not attend the meeting, because the entire United Nations body had called Israel practicing a form of racism known as Zionism. Unless you are a member of the orthodox Jewish sect, you are somehow inferior. Waldheim said, why don’t the USA get off of it and admit that it’s the strong Jewish political influence at high levels and in levels of the press that cause them to behave in this fashion. Waldheim further said he could make no sense out of the United States policies that was not in their best interests to be interpreted by the world as not supporting a United Nations convention and a World Court convention against racism being held in Geneva.

The pope to lead, says the uh, spokesman for the cardinals– the College of Cardinals, hopefully will be one that will be led by inspir– inspiration to encourage participation of the bishops in more democracy, to give more power to the bishops, and autonomy of various sectors of the Catholic Church, which has 700 million follows– followers. Also, the co– pope that they are looking are will call for closer unity with other religions and will greatly involve himself with the terror that is in the world endangering World War III by nuclear weaponry. It will be a pope who will be opposed to armaments, so they hope. So they say. Seasoned– the Vatican watchers– that’s the Catholic state which should be illegal that exists inside the government of Italy, a state within a state, but under the Vatican, there’s enough gold and silver to feed all the world’s hungry, uh– Seasoned Vatican observers say after 456 years of having only Roman Italian popes, say this pope may not be Italian. There is some strong feeling that for the first time they may select anot– other than an Italian pope. It’s about time, being that the College of Cardinals are only comprised of 27, as they call them, princes from Italy, the remainder of the 113 are non-Italian, uh– it’s a tokenism include a couple of blacks from Africa. This could be a possibility that the Netherlands– the head of the Netherlands Catholic Church [Johannes Willebrands] might be considered for the papal office. It’s all speculation. He is adopting a liberal and has been sharply critical of US renewed Cold War efforts. All mention of a papal candidacy, of course as I said, is nothing more than speculation, because the College of Cardinals will have to decide it in the next several days.

The US dollar has plummeted again to the world’s lowest that it’s ever known since the Depression. It keeps making new lows. It’s getting very close to the low that it had in the US Depression, which was uh, zero. It lost two percent today alone in comparison to the mar– the Switch– Swiss uh– Switzerland monetary system, or mark. It lost also three percent in comparison to the West German Deutschmark, and the British pound, and the French mark [franc]. Gold continues to soar. The official price of gold is two hundred and eight– eighteen dollars an ounce, but it can be bought as high as 288 US dollars. On the white market in this part of the world, it’s over a thousand, nearly twelve hundred dollars, if you can find it, but there’s very little gold that you can find. Long ago, I wish we’da bought more. I bought several thousand dollars of gold for your benefit, and that gold is already increased by several thousands of dollars, due to USA inflation and the plummeting dollar. The dollar is continuing to decline. This is going to be bad news for people trying to make ends meet in USA, in that already, their dollar buys 18 perce– 18 cents less than it did in January this year, and they’ve had no wage increase to balance it. That includes the wage increases, and still the dollar’s worth 18 cents less than it was in the beginning of the year.

No proof– (Pause) uh, no proven ec– economic stability has come in the British empire, which has dwindled to the few islands there, and the Labor Government, if it is to succeed at all against Margaret Thatcher, the head of the Conservative Party and noted racist who promises to never let another black person or Indian or Asian, people of color, to even immigrate or settle, and has even gone so far as to say that she would put out– put them out after some of them have lived there hundreds of years, repatriate them, send them back to their countries, and that would mean, some of them wouldn’t know where they belonged, because they had been there many generations. But if the English government does not develop a trade surplus, which it is not doing, continuing to suffer from an imbalance of payments, it’s bad news for the Labor gov– uh, government. Curtains for it, in fact. The Labor uh, welfare-capitalist-socialist government, and it’ll mean a sure victory for Margaret Thatcher, who has taken a very racist stand, who heads the Conservative Party.

We suffer from the dollar in going overseas, said Carter today, addressing a group of farmers in Columbia, Missouri. He said, because we have to buy oil, he said, the American people are going to have to be willing to cut down on the use of fuel and take gas rationing. He said there is no use to attempt any more anti-inflationary controls. He attacked special lobbying interests and Congress for not having courage enough to do what’s in the best interests of the USA before the economy collapsed. He said we need a rational policy, and what we do not have– what we have, is anything but a rational policy in terms of our economics. We are buying more than we’re selling. And most of our money is going out for oil. That’s why the dollar continues to fall, said he, at Columbia, Missouri. He did give promises that he probably will not be able to carry out, as he’s never carried out one yet that he gave before he was elected, to the farmers that they will not import any more food for a while, because the farmers are putting so much pressure, because they’re– the price of their foods have fallen beneath that which it costs for them to produce them. So farmers are selling out to big corporations, and many of them, interestingly enough, are Arab conglomerates, owned by the Arab emirates of the Arab oil-rich League in the Near East.

Chairman Hua [Kuo-fenj] of the Communist Chinese Par– uh, government, the Peoples Republic of China, is visiting Romania, Yugoslavia, and Iran. There is speculation that this may be from uh, the capitalist view a trip planned to bring attention to the tenth anniversary of the Soviet Union’s necessary annexation of Czechoslovakia, when Czechoslovakia was going pro-capitalist or hedonistic at best.

However, Radio Moscow does not take any note of this, and Romania has just been meeting with the pri– president [likely General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev] and the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union [Premier Alexei Kosygin] in the Crimea– Crimea. One by one, they’re calling all of their allies into the Crimea. There are speculations that this is preparation for a new military offensive on the part of the USSR. Indeed, if they were terribly concerned about China’s presence there, they would’ve made much to-do about it on Moscow news, but they not­– didn’t say a mumbling word.

The Jip– Japanese ambassador, who has been refused admission with his new letter of protocol to Moscow, staying in Britain until the– Russia decides what to do about him, because they’re infuriated over the new peace and friendship treaty between Japan and China. The Japanese ambassador said, in an appealing note to the Soviet Union, the USSR, that relations with them is just as important as the Chinese.

China announced today that it will cancel agreement with the USSR after USA questioned them about it. That’s why I continue to believe that China is just playing a game uh, dominoes with her Doctrine of Three Worlds, attempting to bring about a nuclear war. USA brought up the issue of why China had maintained a treaty, an agreement with the Soviet Union, since 1950, which said that the major enemy of both China and the Soviet Union in the Pacific theater was the Japanese. This treaty had been in effect since 1950. But since the US capitalists and her lackeys brought it to China’s attention, China says she will cancel the treaty. In spite of all this supposed break in friendship between China and USSR, that treaty, which was renewable every five years, has been maintained constantly from 1950 until this year 1978, nearly 40 [30] years. There are some contradictions in the so-called strained relations between China and the Soviet Union.

Chinese summit meetings are anticipated. Summit meeting with the Soviet Union to help bring about an easing of tensions. However, the So–­ the Soviet Union said it was marred or– no, no, BBC says it’ll probably be marred by China’s present trip, which started in the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea, which is greatly aiding our own beloved republic of Guyana, and is a very pure form of socialism. However, China has not confirmed that this is going to be any way an embarrassment to the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union has not made any mention of it, as I said, because I listen to all the radio broadcasts. That’s how you got morning news, from being up all night. I don’t know how I survive, feeling like I do with so little rest. I even quit counting how long it’s been since I got any sleep of decent nature at all.

The Soviet Union does not yet say whether they see it as an anti-Soviet move. They do not mention it at all.

Religious radio continues to bombard the airwaves. The Soviet Union contested that today, and they did not understand why this is permitted. The USA of course could give a reasonable why that is permitted because it brainwashes people, get their mind on Jesus instead of all the world’s problems.

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Soviet Union, Russia, Brezhnev, meeting in the Crimea today with the Bulgarians, [Todor Zhivkov] First Secretary of their Communist party. They’re reaffirming agreements and strategies, says Radio Moscow, but they’re naturally not going to tell the world all they’re doing, to help bring about a relaxation of tensions, as was agreed by both USSA– USA and and USSR in Helsinki, Fing– Finland, the Helsinki Agreements, they’re known, that calls for peace and relaxation, disarmament, arms control, no proliferation of weapons, no new weapons such as USA violated the Helsinki Agreements when it made the neutron bomb.

The latest development in Mideast makes the interest of peace very, very questionable. The Soviets are greatly concerned over the planned move of (stumbles over words) Israel, which they– they feel the Zionists have control, even though there is a growing minority and even a minority Communist party, stronger than in USA. But there is uh, still the domination of the far, far right Zionists under Begin. And they think that the settlement of the Gaza Strip and– which is presently planned, the five settlements of the West Bank that they took from Jordan will go on. They’re also deeply concerned about the effect on world peace of the meeting between just Egypt and Israel. Said USSR, Radio Moscow, Tass and Pravda, that the only way you can bring peace in the Mideast is to bring all nations that are in the Mideast into the settlement agreement. Obviously, that makes sense.

Balkans. Unity will help avoid schemes to fragment in other areas like the Mideast and Vietnam. The Soviets are buffering their own alliances in the Warsaw Pact, said Radio Moscow, in the Crimean meetings that are highly secret. Highly secret meetings. The General Secretary, First Secretary of each communist party, such as uh, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bul– Bulgaria, East Germany, nations like that that are clearly in the Soviet bloc, Poland, had been meeting one-by-one with the USSR.

Brezhnev message to the non-discrimination conference, the anti-racist UN conference in Geneva. Of course, the Soviet Union is there in stro– strong force with their delegation. They favor the liquidation immediately of apartheid, the ending– end to all interference with African states by foreign exploiters and imperialists, neo-colonialists like the USA and her lackeys.

Rhodesia. Six activists were expelled by [Bishop Abel] Muzorewa, who were moving into the [Zimbabwean] Patriotic Front. More and more, Muzorewa and the other three Uncle Tom religious leaders who have gone along with Ian Smith’s followers are joining the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. The internal settlement was protested by the six. Muzorewa still can’t quite make up his mind, though he is critical uh, and suspicious of the intentions of Ian Smith. I would think so, after 11 years of white racist rule and total segregation, blacks– the only difference between Rhodesia and South Africa is that they don’t live in concentration camps at– that is, least all blacks vote. There are many in camps in the rural areas.

Protest in London by uh, people who want a ban [tape shuts off for several seconds] being felt in both major parties. Neo-fascism, a rise in the Hitler cult, said the socialist left and Communist–


Side 3

Jones: –meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, which USA has banned [tape off for several seconds] a document condemning the treat of tens of thousands of US political prisoners. Yes, US political prisoners. They were– They gave it in the most biting words, the most biting terms possible. You couldn’t’ve made it any stronger. Now how many of the black lawyers that include, I do not know. Many black lawyers that I knew in San Francisco were too timid to even join their own legal organization, but we’re glad for that attack.

Congolese celebrate the anniversary of their revolution in this– in de– despite the attempted coup that was engineered by US imperialism and her lackeys. 1969, the Congo Labor Party was established, and it’s still, we’re glad to say, at the end of the day, in the hands of socialism.

Special committee has been set up to study the explosion in Beirut by the United Nations, in that there’s not clear evidence of all the Israeli government involvement. But as I told you, there is thought that Begin has his own Watergate committee, his own Plumbers responsible to him of extreme Zionists who used rightist elements of Syria to bring about this horrible massacre that killed now what amounts to nearly a hundred children and well over 200 innocent mothers, grandparents. Fortunately, no leader of the Patriotic– the PLO, the liberation front of the Near East, but imagine how they feel, coming home to no family, their wives and their children all wiped out.

In Hanoi. Again. Hundreds of Chinese attacked the border stations at the Vietnamese border that– the northern border between Vietnam, the unified, which is Vietnam as a Soviet ally. Why this is being done is only speculative on the part of this commentator, is to try to get a conflict established, because USA has brought some of its nuclear fleet into this uh, Southeast Asian waters, and it’s a place where you could have confrontation. China’s arranging that in Europe. China is certainly engineering that in Africa. And aiding and abetting it in the Near East, because China is very strongly pro-Arab, and against Israel, it will not recognize Israel, is not for a peaceful settlement of the Israeli solution, so China is clearly not in the pocket of US capitalism, as some US press tries to clearly state.

Japan and China rapprochement, from a Moscow view, includes the anti-Soviet clause, and the Soviets say we are going on with our policies of defense, and now we will include in that defense posture, capabilities of ta– dealing with Japan on any scale they want to escalate, or step up the war to.

Locust attack in central Ethiopia will destroy crops in the west region. However– in a– in a vast region. However, Radio Moscow says that they have been sending uh, special kinds of insecticides and other methods of control to try to pale [curtail?] the amount of death that will be brought about by this hideous act. This we do not know– we do not know how– how much effect it’s going to have. We just don’t know how much effect it’s going to have, but Radio Moscow’s confident they can cut the numbers of dead– dead and dying clearly in half. That’s what they said: clearly in half.

Anyway, we shall continue now with the news. USSR are establishing one month workers’ holidays, as uh, the new Soviet constitution. Twenty-five million citizens have been rehoused in USSR in the last year. The rent as I said now is as low as zero, the norm is three percent, and nothing is higher still than five percent. They have even been acknowledged by the world capitalists as having the best, the most advanced, and most productive housing scheme in the world.

Soviet orbiting station, one-day rest for cosmonauts while they were talking with their family and friends by closed circuit television. Anyway, the Soviet orbiting station, there’s no more news on what their heat system is, an infraray– an infraray system. This system, as was pointed out in the Peoples Rally, can hone in on industries, anything that emits heat, and wipe them out if nuclear war was inevitable. And the Soviets, as shown in that film, the bombing of Dresden, are a humane people who don’t bomb people who didn’t me– do any massacres of people or assaults on people. If you look clearly, you saw the ones that were doing the assaults were people in US uniforms.

Ukraine. No caucus in– in– the Northern Caucuses. They’ve found very good grain growing. Through new methods of fertilization, they are getting grain to grow in that area which had not formerly been a productive region. Even in areas of cold Siberia, the government buys (unintelligible word) grain at controlled prices from the farmers. They will not have to import any grain, in spite of what has been called by many opinions in the socialist world, CI[A] efforts at geo-physical warfare, weather modification, it has not affected at all the Soviet harvest of this year.

There will now be guaranteed, as I said, 40 days of rest per year for all Soviet citizens, 5000 new rest houses in their beautiful southern zone, uh, in the Crimea Sea, around the Black Sea, where there is weather much like Florida, the lower part of Miami, had been provided for people to vacation free. That is a guarantee of the trade unions and the Soviet govern– government.

The World Conference against Racism in Geneva, the main thrust of the rights of the peoples of Russia, free development of all nationalities– That was a Soviet statement before that world conference that USA refused to go to. They clearly showed the equality of citizens, said Finnish radio, that exist in the Soviet Union and guaranteed by law. They went into great details of their in– great and new idealistic Soviet constitution that proclaims equality against racial, national discrimination and any invasion of pri– uh, privacy. They are calling for an anti-apartheid policy against Rhodesia, South Africa, and Namibia. The Soviet Union before the world United Nations conference and World Court international conference in Geneva against racism, pledged that they would not stop until those nations were free. (Pause)

Let us see. I want to be sure we have all of the news. Yes.

Conference on Rhodes– Rhodesia will USA and Britain. They want to consolidate the position of the Western parties, because the Foreign Secretary of USA– of uh– of uh, Britain, rather, England [Lord David Owen], is highly dissatisfied with the role of the US government that has lifted the ban on economic and military aid to that white racist government of Ian Smith in Rhodesia, or what we proudly call Zimbabwe. So they’re trying to get their act together.

Army and police set-up. Free elections doubtful if nothing is done to change discrimination, said the Foreign Secretary of England, much to the chagrin of his own Labor Party. Uh, he may be getting himself built up to be fired. And also, it was condemned by the US government.

Weapons from NATO arsenals to use against indigenous populations, says Radio Moscow, have already been shipped. The neutron bomb is there. This act of war provocation will be met by the full Soviet might, says USSR. They did not elaborate. NATO armed in– intervention planned in Rhodesia. Even that was admitted by the Voice of Sweden. The people of Zimbabwe do not want and will not stand for limited reform, said the Patriotic Front of Zimbabwe or Rhodesia, under the leadership of Joshua Nkomo, nationalist, and Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist.

The National Convention of Black Lawyers conference, covered by Radio Moscow, said it– that it was quite different than tens of thousands, said the black lawyer’s conference passed a resolution that was spearheaded by the leadership of the black conference that millions are being persecuted in the United States for their political views alone, and that includes the Wilmington 10, and the Harrises [William and Emily Harris]. The black lawyers attacked USA dual treatment, hypocritical double standard treatment in getting light sentence for Patricia Hearst, while the Harrises have no assurances that they, though young couple, married couple, will ever get out of jail. We– The black lawyers condemned USA as a scheme, a system based on racism and class oppression. They’ve documented torture and murder in the Marion prison of Illinois. They further carried out what the prisoners– or the former officers who had left USA to live in Europe told Radio Moscow, that in 37 states, torture is conducted against black prisoners, and that there have been an elimination consistently of black and Indian prisoners and political prisoners, even that were white, and no one knew the difference. They were just listed as missing persons. They name as the two most notorious prisons practicing extermination and genocide and torture of blacks and Indians and minorities as Marion prison, Illinois, and Mackinaw prison in Maryland. Not the South, but the North. Also they clearly say– state that the Pentagon and CIA have for years conducted experiments on black, Indians and Asians, and political prisoners that were white, for years. Just like they conduct the experiments on monkeys or a common rat or guinea pig. One chap by the name of Estrada presented volumes of terror– terrorism at the black lawyers’ convention. The black lawyers have called for a unity of all lawyers of minority classes, and this is the first time in the history of USA that any black group has done this. One lawyer by the name of Estrada presented volumes and volumes of terror– terrorism that has been practiced against the Chicanos, the Mexican people, in USA. The systematic violation of human rights was presented in a pro– protocol document to the United Nations. It is strange, if you don’t believe that there is a lack of freedom or censorship in USA, why is it that the Voice of America did not mention one word of this prestigious convention of black lawyers.

Still, it’s too little and too late. They didn’t want to help us. I appealed to this very group, but maybe now they might be a good group to visit here and be able to see why they need such a place a this.

Soviet students, job placement agencies. There are three job choices for every Soviet citizen now. No one has uh, been without a job for 50 years. It’s a constitutional guarantee. Enrollment in jobs in all Soviet societies in Eastern Europe, the socialist alliance of the Warsaw Pact, there are many openings for jobs, and they’re appealing to some of the jobless from Europe to migrate to the Soviet Union because of labor shortage. Specialists are needed everywhere, because the Soviet Union are sending medical doctors, technicians, scientists all over in Africa and other nations that are becoming liberated. So, this shows the difference between how socialists provide for their people, as opposed to capitalists.

A worker is i– immune to dismissal by management. No management, no supervisor can dismiss a worker. It has to be by a consensus with the trade union. And they say that the unions don’t have freedom in Russia. And he’s immune to dismissal for three years, provides plenty of time to learn. He cannot be dismissed even by his superiors in the trade union by the Soviet constitutional law until he has had three years on the job.

Well, I think that briefly covers – if not briefly, at least it covers – the news of the day.

Trade unions in the Soviet Union, as you know, are the largest public organization in the USSR, and they have complete autonomy from any interference with government. But their goals coincide exactly with the government because the government of the Soviet Union are the people, said Radio Moscow. There are 121 million members in the trade unions in the Soviet Union.

Thus ends the reading of the news. Let’s gather under the pavilion for the showing of the movie which we need to see. Hiroshima. There you can see what a bomb did, 40 years ago, 43 [33] years ago. The bomb, even according to that film that they had at that time, was twenty-five hundred stronger, twenty-five hundred times stronger than that bomb. Now, it’s 7500 times stronger than the bomb you’ll see and the damage it did in Hiroshima. It’s only a brief film on Hiroshima, then we’ll go into The Parallax View. (Pause)

Much love. Gather under the pavilion. Everyone.

(silence for 20 seconds)

Woman: Gene Chaikin, please come to the radio room. Gene Chaikin, to the radio room.

(silence for 1:20)

Gene Chaikin, please come to the radio room. Gene Chaikin.