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Jones: For the life of me, I cannot understand why they would conclude that this is reasonable, in that now, BBC admits that 97 percent of Rhodesia or Zimbabwe is under the control of the rightful representatives of the people, the Patriotic Front, headed by Robert Mugabe, Marxist, and nationalist leader Joshua Nkomo.

US State Department expects more direct negotiations later. Perhaps it’s just hopeful optimism, because this afternoon, Egypt expelled all Israeli diplomats, military aides, economic attachés, in a state of what they called open belligerence because of Israeli fascist aggressive policies. Israeli government represented its concern for the Egyptian action over the end– over the United Nations forum. It is hopeful that this will not be the end of a bargaining process in the troubled Near East that could lead to nuclear war anytime. Secretary of State [Cyrus] Vance plans an emergency trip for a conference to try to trouble– try to, yes, probably, likely – try to soothe the troubled waters of that terrible war zone.

United Nations Security Council, in a 13 to two vote, have voted for Namib– Namibia, formerly a territory of South Africa, before World War I, a territory of the German imperialist, but by 13 to two vote, they voted for Namibian independence. But there are checks on it. Even though Walvis Bay, an important port, has been included in the so-called Namibian– Namibian independence, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia abstained because the elections are going to be held under the auspices of the United Nations, and the Soviet Union is suggesting that the United States intends to exercise control over Namibia’s outcome.

Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist leader of the Patriotic Front that holds 97 percent of Zimbabwean or Rhodesian territory, has said that no settlement can be brought about between Rhodesia without Great Britain’s direct participation, direct negotiations with the Patriotic Liberation Front. Robert Mugabe said that he would consider, and Joshua Nkomo, his nationalist cohort, would consider having representatives of the illegal racist Ian Smith interim govern– government present. However, the Patriotic Front said they would consider no negotiations whatsoever that was not predicated upon the immediate taking-over of the armed forces and the police by the representative government that now practically controls Rhodesia, namely the Patriotic Front. It seems that the USA has no respect for the will of the people whatsoever in this dreadful and rather shocking right wing move to lift economic and military sanctions against the white racist government that only represents three percent of the people in Zimbabwe. This could lead to much more bloodshed and torturous conditions. The United States of America has always been known for its imperialist stance, but even socialist Social Democrat Sweden and one of her NATO allies Belgium, said this was a very peculiar move to make at this time, when the Patriotic Front has been clearly justified as the government of the people of Rhodesia. (Pause)

Gabon – G-a-b-o-n – has expelled 9000 people from Benin – B-e-n-i-n – a socialist Marxist country that recently, as you remember, bravely resisted and overwhelmed the thousand mercenaries that were landed by US imperialists and her lackeys. Benin found that Gabon was planning a military coup d’état, an overthrow by subversion and infiltration of the Benin government. In retaliation for Benin’s accusation against the world body of the United Nations, Gabon has expelled 9000 Benin citizens, including mall merchants, taxi cab drivers, and manual skilled laborers.

The Iraq government has ordered all British diplomats and representatives to leave their country. They have been given 24 hours to leave Bagdad. The Iraqis have been accused by Britain before the United Nations of terrorist activities in England that have killed off a number of right wing Near East leaders. Iraq denies it, and retaliates by demanding that all British representatives, English representatives be removed from Iraq in 24 hours. Iraq is a highly nationalistic, extremely paranoid government, but it has followed a pro-Soviet course, though it is not a Marxist nation.

Turkey issued an impassioned plea by way of President [Jimmy] Carter before the Senate to lift the ban of arms against the reactionary state of Turkey that has had numerous left wing uprisings of late. Of course, it is said that it is very likely that the Senate will respond favorably to Carter and the reactionaries’ request. It’s disheartening and painful to we who have paid so many dollars into that bloody warfare machine of USA imperialism, to realize that every time a people rise to their freedom, USA comes along to aid the oppressor. There may be a close vote in the House, but it is expected that the lifting of the ban of military arms and hardware that had been banned since 1975 will succeed in the Senate and will also pass narrowly in the House of Representatives.

Non-aligned nations are in a growing dissension. They’re conducting, as you know, a conference in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, headed by the remarkable [Josip Broz] Tito, 86 years young, who has been perhaps the greatest freedom fighter against fascism, [Adolf] Hitler’s Germany, in the world. He’s lived a good, strong, able life as a socialist, and has been involved in guerrilla war, risking his life, many times throughout his young year– young years.

Singapore, the nation of Singapore, said it was tired of US imperialist efforts to use non-aligned nations to spread proxy wars.

Considerable dissension has been noticed in the non-aligned conference over Cuba’s representation in the non-aligned Third World membership. The arguments of certain right wing regimes is that Cuba is a satellite of the Soviet Union, but from my visits to Cuba, I can assure you, that that’s another trickeration of the capitalists.

[Tape break-up for several seconds]

–in Portugal, socialist Portugal, has been almost brought down to collapse due to its dependency upon the International Monetary Fund, because the government of [Mário Alberto Nobre Lopes] Soares has been demanded to relinquish its power, after losing a majority that it had formed in a coalition with the Social Democrats. The Social Democrats broke their tie with the socialist government of Soares over conflicts in the field of socialization in agriculture. The Social Democrats had asked for the dismissal of the agricultural minister, and Soares refused. So it seems that the socialist government has come to an end, which saddens out hearts considerably.

Nigeria, which has always been considered pro-USA until Carter took his trip and tried to negotiate secretly with bank interests in Nigeria, has increasingly taken a more positive stand for Third World liberation and for black integrity. Nigeria is one of the richest black nations in the world, one of the richest oil nations in the world. It has refused to allow any of its teams to participate in the international sports events in Edmonton, Canada. Bravo to the Nigerians. Other African nations have spoken out against this move. It is a rather dichotomous move, paradoxical move, being that Nigeria has a reasonable pro-capitalist or free enterprise, so-called, government. It has become increasingly belligerent and one of the greatest oppositions to USA, to racism, to the oppression in South Africa.

The USA dollar again declined to the lowest point in the history since the Great Depression. The yen gained some 17 cents on the dollar. West Germany have ordered mass– massive tax cuts to try to help the slumbering, faltering dollar. They are going to utilize the money that they have in reserve to help with other less-developed capitalist nations, as capitalist economies continue to rock and reel. This came out of the economic summit meeting of the seven leading capitalist [nations] being conducted in Bonn, West Germany. West Germany is the capitalist sector of Germany, that prides itself in being the inheritor of murderer Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

A delegation from Angola has gone to Zaire. In another one of the surprise moves of all times, Zaire and Angola, which– who have been enemies for years, are now forming closer ties. Zaire is headed by nationalist dictator [Mobutu Sese Seko] and Angola by the Marxist-Leninist pro-Soviet, pro-Cuban August Ne– Neto– Augusto– Agostinho Neto’s government. Zaire has approved the official opening of an embassy in great festivities planned for tomorrow. First time in their history, Angola will have an official embassy in Zaire.

International Development Bank has voted seven and a half million dollars’ aid to the faltering Chad government that seems to be in great difficulty, because the French imperialists, lackeys of the USA, have not been able to maintain the regime.

Libya has been helping the brave guerilla bands, liberation bands, the Frolinat, that have been fighting so firmly and so determingly for liberation of their country. (Pause)

US citizens have been requested to leave Lebanon by the president of Lebanon [Elias Sarkis]. US citizens have been accused high-ranking business people of conniving with Israeli subversion in trying to topple the Lebanon government. Syria still standing at war footing, demanding that Israel withdraw and not advance anymore in its territorial aggression against Lebanon. Also demanding that Israel release Lebanon to the United Nations peace-keeping forces and withdraw its support from the Christian Phalacists– fascist or phalangist mer– militia that it has set up conveniently.

On with the news.

Only peace settlement negotiations acceptable to Nigeria for– by Nigeria for the troubled Rho– Rhodesian, or as we who are proudly devoted to Africa would call Zimbabwe, according to Nigeria, must be a government of the Patriotic Front. Great courage is being shown in these stands.

Continue with the news. (Pause) I believe that I have covered the majority of the news.

Su– Sudan. Massing– Massive flooding has caused people to flee Khartoum, Sudan, was where the Organization of Africa Unity was conducting its negotiations to take a strong stand for African independence. They have had massive rainfall in 100 cities that have leveled 37 centimeters. It is over three times the usual rainfall. Questions have been raised by the Soviet Union of CIA cloud-seeding again. Both Ethiopia, pro-Soviet, and even Sudan and Egypt are rushing in food and blankets, as 100 cities have had to be evacuated. (Pause)

I think that that pretty much covers the news. I shall review just briefly the news I gave midday, which was not taped.

Tokyo. Militant rightists and fascists have gathered in street mobs around the Chinese Communist embassy, protesting Japan and China signing a friendship treaty.

Sir Lionel Luckhoo, world famous attorney who is our attorney, who has never lost a murder case, has found great inefficiency, fraudulent use of funds, lack of punctuality of workers in the nationalized electrica– electrical companies and other public services that’ve been taken over by the socialist government. Demands for increased productivity have been made, or immediate dismissal of the workers.

The Association of Engineers in Guyana have protested the US boycotting and British boycotting, and even sending of inferior equipment. They said they have never been as low in their stockpile of equipment to maintain the various engineering projects in Guyana.

In England, perhaps one of the most horrifying news of the day, England has successfully had a baby in a laboratory test tube. Church leaders, humanists, including you– uh, humanists in the Soviet Union, have decried this as the beginning of an era when man will be able to clone, design certain kinds of human beings that will not be able to think or to resist, to be able to do the slave work of the ruling class. First test [tube] baby officially born, [Louise Joy Brown] a five-pound baby girl. Science has now entered the field of childbirth and child planning, child conception, and cloning. Horrifying fact. The same experiment was being conducted in USA between two self-centered couples [John and Doris Del Zio] who had several children and paid 30,000 dollars to a prominent surgeon to remove the seed from the woman, because she was infertile, and put it in the test tube. Another doctor [Raymond Vande Wiele], out of indignation, moral indignation, destroyed all of the facilities and the process by which the baby would’ve been born by laboratory test tube. The doctor has been sued, and the hospital, for over five million dollars. Uh– Let us hope that the juries of USA will realize the horror of this kind of scientific meddling with birth of children and cloning of babies. (Pause)

Consumers are asking for controlled prices on fruits in Guyana. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollar engine has been tampered with or was sent to Guyana in a damaged condition by capitalist elements abroad. The west coast of Guyana is in total darkness. The engines are having differential problems which may have been caused by the selling of inferior or sabotaged equipment to the socialist government of Guyana.

Ten thousand students in Guyana have had their second school proficiency examination. It repl– replaces the preliminary aptitude test. It’s not under the new referendum a pass or fail test. A more humane type of testing evaluation has now been introduced in Guyana. We were thought to have had to take some Guyanese students into our program, but according to Minister [Vibert] Mingo today, Cabinet member, our friend and liaison with the government, close friend of Dr. [Ptolemy] Reid, head of the PNC, deputy prime minister of the PNC, there has been a mistake in the computer, and we’re to go to the Educational Department and tell them that we are not in any way prepared to take any more students.

Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea charge d’affaires rally. Guyanese supporters have gathered by the hundreds in support of Korea’s demand, which USA oppose, for reunification of that country. Commander Lee of the GNS has come out in support of the reunification of communist Korea. A rally will be held in the Essequibo region this night. (Pause)

That seems to be–

Rhodesia’s scheduled for elections, one man one vote, is nothing more than a white referendum, says Guyana Broadcasting Studios, in spite of the United Nations voting through the lifting of bans [of] military aid to that fascist regime of Ian Smith.

Private cars used as taxis in Guyana admonished by the government for th citizenry not to ride in them, because they are not insured. We should notify our Georgetown people who on occasion do use it– u– do utilize them.

BBC news. Nuclear waste is being dumped into the ocean by USA. United Kingdom nuclear power stations, and British and USA nuclear power stations deny the nuclear waste are dumped, but the BBC commentary insists that such contamination is being done regularly. (Pause)

It’s a legal battle with the French also on nuclear ta– tests going on. It seems very difficult to convince the French, one of the lackeys of NATO and USA, that they should not do any more atomic bomb testing, as it dumps high degrees of radiation throughout the rich farm areas of USA and Europe. There have been protests, several nations have been bringing up ships close to the Pacific atoll to protest the test by the atomic bomb that will be exploded this week by the French. A court battle is being conducted against the French to stop atmospheric testing. The prop– A proposal before the United Nations is also being pressured because a high degree of radiation has already ensued [issued] enough, according to the BBC medical authorities, to increase the risk of cancer five times in USA, Canada, Britain, and Europe.

Canada is the number two supplier of uranium in the world, right now, because the deposits of Zaire have not been tapped. And it looks like the independent strongarm dictator of Zaire is going to see that he gets the high market price for his uranium and cobalt. In spite of his right wing tendencies, he does not like white oppression.

Well, we’re grateful for that news, because when US capitalism and its imperialist yackeys [lackeys] cannot find cheap markets and cheap sources for the things they want to buy, that will force inflation and lower wages and cause more awareness perhaps– hopefully cause more awareness of the dangers, the imminent dangers of capitalism, and certainly will do one thing. It will bring about the collapse, eventually, of capitalism.

We are grateful, so grateful, for the return of my son, Ricky. He has a story to tell all of you of horror in the jungle at night. He heard my voice appealing to him early in the day, and tried to follow it as best he could, but wandered and wandered and wandered around in circles, unable to get out of the jungle. He was bitten by several different little creatures, bur fortunately, miraculously, nothing– nothing fatal, nothing dangerous. Moreover, a big tiger or panther brushed by him. He described it as quite sizable. Just thinking on Father and being quiet, the panther amazingly did not respond to his scent. Often a tiger will strike, even when it’s not hungry, just because of fear of what man has done to the tiger in the past. One blow of a paw of a tiger or panther will bring about instant breaking of the neck or the back. It was hell there. He says to all, don’t ever consider going into the jungle alone. It was a nightmare. We’re so grateful that he came home. When this morning I felt to stop the call to the army through the prime minister [Forbes Burnham] for a search, and made one last call, that beautifully, beautifully, he found his way to the edge of the jungle. We are grateful indeed.

So if you have depression, please talk to the council. If you have some kind of problem, write it up to the office, and I will be glad to try to do everything in my power, as beleaguered as I am. Indeed, I am beleaguered with the trouble on top of– of the heads of our people in United States. I named several of them last night, that [Tim] Stoen, [Jim] Cobb, Debbie [Layton Blakey], Liz Forman, Mike Cartmell, and others, have signed fraudulent lies, trying to get them put in jail.

But I can assure you, we will come through, we will get the victory. Our people will be free. All you need to do is work cooperatively and be grateful for what we have. It’s hell. We’ve had to hide our people from district attorneys coming by, all sorts of other officials, who they lie to and try to get them in trouble, because they’re pressured by something being hung over their head, and they have no honor or no courage. They would willingly sell out their sisters and brothers, those they have walked with in the greatest faith, the only thing that gives reason to life, socialism. They would rather sell them out than risk going to jail. That shows that we should stay put and appreciate what we have.

Remember again that suicide is exactly like I said: If I know how to protect people in the jungles, if I know how to bring people back, like the little boy, Jakari Wilson, that went into a coma just after Ricky left, when no one on earth has ever heard of a child coming back after going into a coma from a brain fall– a brain injury the day before, but instantly upon my attention and word, he came back. Let us think of the miracles, the miracles that this– that this lad was able to find his way back, even a couple of our other search parties got lost when they thought they knew the jungle well, and got completely confused in trying to find Ricky. So stay in the area of protection. Mighty, mighty. Mighty protection that it is. We’ve had no snake bites, we’ve had no panthers ever (unintelligible word) to come into our residential community. That shows a power of socialism in my mind that needs to be respected, and we need to show more gratitude. Let us be sure that we are being warm, speak to each other, report anyone that does not speak. We are to be courteous and considerate. In the serving of food, also those that come for service of food, are to be kind in their request.

We learned several things that we need to implement. A place where people who will work extra, accumulate time, can have a way of getting away to themselves. Please understand that your dad is under great pressure these days, horrifying pressure in saving his people, but we are moving ahead with increased buildings. One day you will have the space you need, and certainly we’ve seen such great improvements already.

Tonight there are several movies. We will either see the [Humphrey] Bogart movies or Shelley Winters – fantastic movie – or a couple of other movies I’m not familiar with. Unless there is some other request, we might give our television a rest. However, if there’s enough requests for some television movie, we will consider that. Due to the long meeting of last night, there will be a cancellation of the extra socialist class. But do be prepared for the news that I have given now, so that you will be ready for socialist testing, thorough testing. We’re going to have to get down to writing tomorrow night and the Peoples Rally Saturday.

Being that Zaire has turned (Pause) so sharply as a friend of the Angolan people, when it was almost considered to be in the pocket of USA imperialism, I think I will give you the background of Zaire once again.

It is located in south central Africa. West is the Congo, the peoples republic, Marxist-Leninist nation of the Peoples Republic of Congo. They are the ones that secretly worked out the peace treaties and negotiations between Zaire and Angola. North is the Central African Republic and the Sudan. You know the Sudan, where they’re having a hundred cities wiped out by floods. East is Uganda, with Papa Idi Amin, who said that the Cubans were the heroes of Africa. Also east is Rwanda, Burundi – B-u-r-u-n-d-i – and Tanzania, a socialist country that’s being aided economically now by China. Southeast is Zambia. Southwest is Angola. Zaire puts out a skinny leg to the Atlantic, where it has a twenty-mile coastline.

Cuba today, just now, by the way, has denounced United States for some new plot to destroy its government because of its involvement in Africa. Cuba appeals to China to follow its own international course of communism and not be allowed– not allow itself to be used as a tool of capitalism.

How was Zaire created? (Turns head off mike) Shut the door, shut the door, shut the door. (Back to mike) Former Belgian Congo, whose frontiers emerged from the con– uh, the consent of the neighboring colonial powers, the white domination of Britain, France and Portugal. It won freedom of sorts from Belgium in 1960– 1960. Belgium is B-e-l-g-i-u-m. Temporarily lost Katanga province. Those people were independent and bree– and free and voted their own independence, but US imperialists and French and Belgium imperialists would not allow the Katanga province to be free. That’s K-a-t-a-n-g-a. Now known as Shaba. But that was forcefully u– reunited with it in 1964.

The size of Zaire is 905,365 square miles, twelve times the size of Guyana, 77 times the size of its former colonial master. I like to remind us of that, that’s why I’m repeating. That shows you the unfairness of colonialism, imperialism. Portugal, its colonial master, was 77 times smaller than its colony of Zaire, and equal – Zaire is – to the third of the US, which is east of Mississippi. That’s a large, large area indeed. All of USA east of the Mississippi, from Florida upwards to Maine.

Population is 25 million, so there’s double the population in Zaire that there is in Guyana, which as I said, is the only place for people to be, because there’s more land, more food, and less population than any place in the world.

Luba tribes are 17.7 percent. The Mongo – M-o-n-g-o – including the Tetela is 16.9 percent. The Kongo – K-o-n-g-o – 12.3 percent. Rwanda, 10 percent. About 200 other groups are 43.2 percent.

Fifty percent, due to Zaire’s nationalist strongarm leader, Mobutu, has maintained the native religion that goes back eons of time into our Indian and black culture. Animism, that recognizes sacred regard for all life, minerals, rocks, animals and human. Less than 50 percent are Christian.

Who rules? The current dictator Mobutu Sese Seko is head of state and government, by way of coup d’état. He took over by military force in 1965. The 1967 constitution theoretically provides for a 420-member National Assembly, but the head of state really rules and the government does pretty much what he wants, while the National Assembly nods. The remnants of the old mining companies, now somewhat controlled by the government, still wield some power, but as I told you, the miracle change that’s taking place in Zaire is perfectly astounding. It will hearten the soul of Patrice Lumumba, who’s gone on in some other form, who was killed so mercilessly, trying to free Zaire, the Congo, and he was murdered by the CIA.

Although at the time of independence, the Congo’s living standard was the highest in black– black Africa, the Belgian rule had been essentially paternalistic. They had given more benefits at least to its people. The Belgians are the ones that spoke today against USA in some of its neo-fascist practices like the lifting of the ban of arms to Rhodesia. The Belgian rule had been essentially paternalistic, as I said, colonial capitalist monopolies raped the country of its mineral wealth, while plantation owners– many– mu– multinational US corporations raped the native populace to obtain a labor force. The old regime had not given any administrative responsibility to the natives, and there was no secondary education, no high school education for any citizen that was black or brown until the 50s.

Consequently, with the Belgians’ sudden departure in 1960, the Congo was left in the lurch. Internal strife followed independence. The provinces of Kasai – K-a-s-a-i – Kivu – K-i-v-u – and Katanga, on whose mineral deposits the rest of the world depended economically, all broke away. The country more or less pulled itself back together again in 1964. In 1965, after some minor rebellions, Colonel Joseph D. Mobutu, now Mobutu Sese Seko, the tough Israeli-trained paratrooper, regained control. That’s the second time someone trained by fascists like Israel has exercised independence. Idi Amin was also pro-Israel at one time, and is now anti-Israel, anti-US. He regained control – Mobutu did – and established a strong central government. In 1970, he was elected as the only candidate to a seven-year term as president. He has since set about getting cash for industrial development from the Western countries for the most part, but now with the new change, he is going to use an international train railway linking the Zaire government and Angola so that he can ship his raw materials to Angola and sell them to the highest bidder. And if that’s socialist, he has said it makes no difference to him. He has apparently been disillusioned by being used when he found out that the imperialist US and her lackeys was buying his raw materials under world prices. Capitalists don’t even look after their own. But at the same time, he’s expelling foreigners now, and Afertize– Africanizing all culture. He has banned neckties and Christian names, and has changed the date of the celebration of Christmas. He will not allow Christ to be honored, or no pictures of any of the white Christians to be placed on any public walls. That was the encouraging thing that I guess finally allowed him to develop his independent mind.

Leyland Motors, Fiat, and Peugeot have auto assembly plants here, and General Motors and Ford were soon to follow, but now Zaire is putting up barriers. This is a strange, as I said, fantastically strange happening. Zaire has huge mineral wealth. GM and Ford, of course, as US multinational monopolies who have milked and bled people all over the world, and helped with their money to overthrow governments and assassinate, torture and kill people. Zaire has huge mineral wealth. It is the world’s fifth largest producer of copper, which constitutes two-thirds of its exports. It also produces smaller amounts, most of– No, it also produces most of the world’s industrial diamonds and smaller amounts of gold, cassiterite – c-a-s-s-i-t-e-r-i-t-e – manganese, zinc, cobalt, silver, its uranium one of the only sources during World War II made possible the world’s first atomic bomb. As you know, 85 percent of uranium of the world is there, and 90 percent of the cobalt.

A national hero is Patrice Lumumba – L-u-m-u-m-b-a – the fiery first prime minister of Zaire. He was desposed [deposed] in 1960, captured and killed while trying to get to the Kanu province. The CIA pulled his body for miles on a road behind a truck, until his skin was pulled from his bones. He was then turned over to his arch-enemy, Moise Tshombe. At that speed, they pulled him, and he managed to survive. He was turned over to Moise Tshombe of Katanga province, who then had him tortured and assassinated while his body was almost nearly comatose.

Thus ends the commentary and giving of the news of the day. Study well. Much love. Give three gratitudes now. We have so much, so much to be grateful for. I love you so very dearly.