Q281 Summary

Summary prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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FBI Catalogue           Jones Speaking

 FBI preliminary tape identification note: Labeled in part “Aug 14 News”

Date cues on tape:     Tape contents consist with identification note

People named:

Public figures/National and international names:
Jimmy Carter, U.S. president
John Kennedy, assassinated U.S. president
Richard Nixon, former US president
Franklin D. Roosevelt, former US president
Walter Mondale, US vice president
Griffin Bell, attorney general
Jody Powell, White House press secretary during Carter Administration
Hamilton Jordan, Carter Chief of Staff
Frank Moore, White House congressional liaison

Sen. James Abourezk (D-SD)
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV)
Sen. Frank Church (D-ID)
Sen. Ernest Hollings (D-SC)
Former Sen. Robert Kennedy (D-NY), assassinated presidential candidate
Sen. Russell Long (D-LA)
Rep. Tip O’Neill (D-MA)
Rep. John Rhodes (R-AZ)
George Wallace, Alabama Governor
Dennis Kucinich, mayor of Cleveland [by reference]

Kurt Waldheim, Secretary General of United Nations
Adolf Hitler, German Führer
Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda
Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister
Margaret Thatcher, leader of Conservative Party in Great Britain
Lord David Owen, British Foreign Minister [by reference]
Paul Dickopf, former president of INTERPOL [by reference]
Johannes Willebrands, head of the Netherlands Catholic Church [by reference]
Leonid Brezhnev, Communist Party General Secretary
Alexei Kosygin, Soviet Premier [by reference]
Todor Zhivkov, First Secretary of Bulgarian Communist party [by reference]

Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon, Israeli Minister of Agriculture [by reference]
Ezer Weizman, Israeli Minister of Defense [by reference]
Anwar Sadat, Egyptian president
Yasser Arafat, leader of PLO [by reference]
Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran
Gen. Emmanuel Erskine, leader of UN peace-keeping force in Lebanon
Ian Smith, Rhodesian Prime Minister
Joshua Nkomo, leader of Zimbabwean Patriotic Front in Rhodesia
Robert Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwean Patriotic Front in Rhodesia
Bishop Abel Muzorewa, leader of Zimbabwe independence

Hua Kuo-fenj, chairman of Chinese Communist Party

Fidel Castro, leader of Cuba [by reference]

Martin Luther King, assassinated civil rights activist
James Earl Ray, convicted assassin of Martin Luther King
Huey Newton, leader of Black Panther Party
Daniel Ellsberg, DOD analyst, leaker of Pentagon Papers
Lewis Fielding, psychiatrist for Daniel Ellsberg [by reference]
George Meany, labor leader, head of AFL-CIO
Rupert Murdoch, newspaper magnate
Diane Nyad, long distance swimmer
Victor Marchetti, former CIA agent, whistleblower author [by reference]
Frank Olson, doctor who died in LSD-induced accident [by reference]
Rockefeller Family, American family of great wealth
Garner Ted Armstrong
Herbert W. Armstrong, father of Garner Ted Armstrong [by reference]
William Harris, member of Symbionese Liberation Army
Emily Harris, member of Symbionese Liberation Army
Patricia Hearst, newspaper heiress, kidnapped by SLA in 1974

Richard Hongisto, Sheriff of San Francisco
Don Freed, author and screenwriter [by reference]

Jonestown residents:
Gene Chaikin
Liane Harris
Teresa King
Pam Bradshaw Moton
Joan Pursley
Elizabeth Ruggiero [by reference]
Rosie Ruggiero

Bible verses cited:      None


Jim Jones reads the news for August 14, 1978. The reading consists of a major story and numerous shorter articles, including items likely read as they come over the wire services into the Jonestown radio room.

The major story is that of a statement put out by James Abourezk, a Democratic U.S. Senator, on what he calls “nightmare USA,” a statement which reports on the continued surveillance of American citizens by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, in seeming contravention of the restrictions put on them in the post-Watergate era. Jones does insert himself quite often into the reporting, to the extent that, for the most part, it is impossible to tell where Abourezk leaves off and Jones begins. The comparisons between the dirty tricks of COINTELPRO and the “traitors” of Peoples Temple are Jones’, however.

Another story that has lasted over a good part of the summer has been the worldwide tour of Chinese leaders to Warsaw Pact nations and to the Caribbean, ostensibly – according to Jones – to spread the concept of the Doctrine of Three Worlds and to draw those nations more into China’s orbit. The expansion of the theory – the “assur[ance] that there will only be a nuclear engagement between USSR and USA …  and the Chinese will be the winners that will pick up the pieces” – is more of Jones’, though, and fits into his lifelong anticipation of an upcoming apocalypse.

He is able to bring other stories of the day into this worldview: Israel’s policy of building settlements on the West Bank mirrors the prime minister’s “desire to go up in the dust of a nuclear war before they’ll give one grain of sand of conquered territory”; there is a chance that the cardinals meeting in Rome to elect a new pope will choose someone who “will greatly involve himself with the terror that is in the world endangering World War III by nuclear weaponry”; an orbiting Soviet space station may have an infraray weapon that “can hone in on [American] industries … and wipe them out if nuclear war was inevitable.”

Jones also spends some time talking about the conspiracy against them, suggesting that its roots lie in the distant past and may in fact be a continuation of the conspiracy that led the U.S. both to start World War II – “Pearl Harbor was set up” – and to want to make a deal with Hitler to delay its end. At various points in the lengthy reading, he asserts that the conspiracy which plagues them also played a part in the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King.

Jones makes several announcements to the community, beginning with commendations for good socialist behavior to a number of residents. He also reminds his followers that guests are coming soon, that they need to work harder so the place will be spotless. He ends each segment of the multi-part tape with his declaration of love for the people of Jonestown.

Among the other stories covered:

  • Republicans are expected to do well in the upcoming midterm elections;
  • The Senate debate on the new tax bill has many benefits for the rich;
  • Backers of the Equal Rights Amendment seek more time;
  • The US debates increasing the production of coal;
  • A earthquake rattles California;
  • The National Guard is called out to help quell the police strike in Memphis;
  • The Cleveland mayor survives a recall elections;
  • New York City newspaper strike continues;
  • President Carter says his political future may hang on the outcome of the Camp David talks;
  • Egypt and Israel both posture ahead of Camp David;
  • Israel expects retaliation for a blast that killed 200 in a Palestinian apartment building;
  • The UN criticizes the US and Israel for not attending conference on racism;
  • The Labor government in Britain could fall to Margaret Thatcher;
  • Soviet leaders gather in Crimea to meet with member states of its alliances;
  • The Soviet Union expresses its displeasure with Japanese-Chinese friendship treaty;
  • CIA weather modification efforts do not affect Soviet grain harvest;
  • The Republic of Congo puts down a coup attempt;
  • More blacks defect to Zimbabwean liberation forces;
  • Rhodesia may get the neutron bomb from the US;
  • British Foreign secretary decries US lifting of military air to Rhodesia;
  • Brazil and Guyana commit to converting sugar cane to fuel;
  • National Conference of Black Lawyers condemns number of US political prisoners;

FBI Summary:

Date of transcription: 6/13/79

In connection with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s investigation into the assassination of U.S. Congressman LEO J. RYAN at Port Kaituma, Guyana, South America, on November 18, 1978, a tape recording was obtained. This tape recording was located in Jonestown, Guyana, South America, and was turned over to U.S. Officials in Guyana and subsequently transported to the United States.

On May 31, 1979, Special Agent (name deleted) reviewed the tape numbered 1B93-27. This tape was found to contain the following:

A review by JIM JONES of world news and other messages to People’s Temple members.

This tape was reviewed and nothing was contained thereon which was considered to be of evidentiary nature or beneficial to the investigation of the murder of Congressman RYAN.

Differences with FBI Summary:

The summary is accurate and meets the FBI’s purposes.