Embassy Notes on Stoen case, January 27, 1978

[Editor’s note: The following two pages of notes were taken by an unidentified official at the American Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana on January 27, 1978.]



Katsaris – Maria looked very bad; not slept [for] days. Accused father – said had info from “official USG [United States government] source” the father worked w/ CIA in right-wing [illegible word] plot vs People’s Temple. Very hostile.

Stoen – Called by [Clarence] Hughes. Went down for 1/7 hearing. Haas also attended. Proceeding went well; appeared have best of case. Procedural [illegible word] continued from Sat-Tues. [illegible word] Stoen of favorable ruling. Hughes expected favorable ruling within days.

Complaint by People’s Temple that Stoens misrepresented as members. Demand that [illegible word] PT as part of reason – dispute. Visas reduced 1 month [to] 2 wks. (Sat.)

Judge started receiving many calls from Pegasus Hotel. [illegible words] other side.

Sat. – Immg [Immigration] officers returned; said had to leave. Stoen refused. No [illegible word] given. Sunday took Mrs. to airport. [illegible sentence]

[illegible sentence] Took Mrs. to plane. She left, he surrounded by PT members and threatened. [illegible words] Mrs. Stoen notified authorities of immigration and G-town police. PT made complaint.

Thurs. Stoen to Emb. [illegible word] Stoen.

Fri. Left at Haas advice, went to Cong[ress] to lobby. Claims told all former PT members, more. All [he] wants is child, not revenge vs. PT.


Stoen admits child well cared for by Jones daughter. Fears Jones mental deterioration. [illegible words] rumors of contacts w/ Mideast terrorists. Paranoid [illegible word]

Claims Amb. Mann sleeps with [illegible word] who Jones controls. Reports to Jones who manipulates Dr. Reed, ForMin. [illegible word] is Paula Adams.

Stoen left 3/77. Tried to for 2 years before but too loyal to create trouble. Sent child to PT.

Originally posted on June 16th, 2020.

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