Stoen correspondence with Vice President Mondale, February 1, 1978

[Editor’s note: In addition to his January 1978 letters to Members of Congress, Tim Stoen wrote – in longhand – to Vice President Walter Mondale on February 1. The letter was forwarded to the State Department for reply. Mondale received the same reply as did the Senators and Representatives before him.]

[Letterhead of Timothy Oliver Stoen]

February 1, 1978

Honorable Walter F. Mondale
Vice President of the United States
Executive Office Building
Washington, DC

Attention: Mrs. Ann Wright

Dear Mr. Vice President:

I desperately seek your help in helping my wife and I get our six-year-old son, John Victor Stoen, now being held in violation of a California court order in Guyana, South America. The man holding our son, Jim Jones, is manifesting extreme symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia and talking a lot of violence. He tells the Guyanese government that the U.S. politicians are on his side. The Deputy Prime Minister intervened in the “summary” court proceedings we brought in Guyana and no decision has been made as of now five months later.

Please, please help us before something dreadful happens. We be grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts.

/s/ Timothy Stoen