State Correspondence office reports of letters on Stoen Custody, March 6-10, 1978

The Correspondence Management office of the State Department issued weekly reports on the amount of mail volume it had received the previous week. On March 15, 1978, the number of letters about the John Victor Stoen custody case – most of them generated by the Peoples Temple – received the fourth-highest total:

“163 Californians wrote urging the US Embassy not to interfere with the judicial system in Guyana. They focused specifically on the child custody case of John Victor Stoen, who is currently living in the People’s Temple in Guyana with the Reverend Jim Jones while his parents sickens return to the United States.”

The weekly report also indicated (on page 2) that the office had completed drafting separate replies on Peoples Temple in Guyana and more specifically, on John Victor Stoen.

Public Mail Report, March 6-10, 1978, Document 625

Originally posted on June 16th, 2020.

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