State Drafts of letters, statements on Stoen custody, January/February 1978

This document includes the drafts of several letters sent by the State Department – which culminated in this letter– in response to congressional queries about the custody case of John Victor Stoen. The drafts include a question in one letter about whether language about Tim Stoen’s “guarded optimism” on the outcome of the Guyana court proceedings should be included or not – the language was included, despite the recommendation that it be struck – as well as the signatures of State officials who signed off on the drafts.

The document also includes a handwritten list of Members of Congress who had contacted the agency on behalf of the Stoens.

A short handwritten note follows one letter which reads:

Should you say something on the Minister’s statement that he is determined to prevent any Exec. Branch (Guyanese) interference in the judicial process etc.? FH [Fred Henneke]

The notation “Not yet.” appears below the note.

Drafts of letters, statements on Stoen custody

Originally posted on June 17th, 2020.

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