Stoen “By Any Means Necessary” telegram, October 3, 1978

[Editor’s note: The following is the text of a telegram sent to Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher from Timothy Stoen on October 3, 1978.]

PMS Honorable Warren Christopher, rpt dly mgm, urgent they receive as soon as possible, dlr.

Deputy Secretary of State
2201 C St, NW
Washington DC 20520

You are hereby advised I will retrieve my son John Victor Stoen by any means necessary stop State Department conduct inexcusable stop Ignoring mass suicide rehearsals documented by Blakey affidavit stop Violating promise to forcefully request Guyanese government to order Jones to return my child stop Ignoring Section 178 of restatement on Foreign Relations law stop I regret embarrassment to you

Timothy Oliver Stoen
120 Montgomery St Suite 1700 San Francisco, CA 94104