Memo of conversation between State Department and Tim Stoen, October 3, 1978



Between Timothy Stoen, Esq. and EHO ‘Kane

Contacted Timothy Stoen to advise that Dept. had made inquiry regarding the John Victor Stoen case. (State tel. 228391) and to relay info in Georgetown 3016. Apologized for delay in getting in touch with him. Several attempts had [been] made and messages left for him. Either he was not in when I called or he was unable to reach me when he called back.

Mr. Stoen stated that he was angered at what he considered Dept.’s lack of concern for this case. He stated that promises had been made to him that Dept. would “forcefully intervene” if case were unnecessarily delayed which he feels has now happened. He stated Dept. is now breaking those promises.

I told Mr. Stoen that Dept. sympathized with his situation and regretted the time that had elapsed to date only to have the case reassigned. I explained Dept. policy of not intervening into the judicial proceedings of another country. The case is still in Guyana’s legal system. I emphasized Dept’s concern and understanding of his situation.

Stoen expressed that he wants action not words. He stated that Dept. is “unsophisticated” not to see “what’s going on in Jonestown”. [Illegible handwritten insertion] since Dept. is taking no forceful action, he is forced to use “self-help”. He mentioned his intention to go to Guyana within two months to retrieve son by “force if necessary”. He stated he realized that such action may be breaking laws of Guyana but he is left with no choice. He wished the Legal Advisor’s office and Mr. Christopher’s office to be aware of intention and rest of above info.

When all action is complete and his son returned, Mr. Stoen stated he will announce Dept’s non-cooperation in this case and the lack of full investigation made at Jonestown.

10/4 – Info’d F. Henneke, CA by phone of above. He will inform Mr. Christopher’s office.