Standardized Affidavits on the Paternity of John Victor Stoen

Even as Jim Jones was signing affidavits about his relationship with Grace Stoen, and as Temple members were writing personal affidavits about what they said they knew about Grace, numerous other members in San Francisco joined the campaign by signing short affidavits on what they said they knew about John Victor Stoen’s paternity. The language in these 32 affidavits is identical; all were signed on the same day – August 20, 1977 – and all were witnessed by Jim Randolph, who was a Notary Public as well as a Temple member.

These affidavits are all located at Section FF-8-1 – FF-1-32 of the FBI’s RYMUR release. The full citation of the first affidavit, signed by Eva Pugh, for example, would be RYMUR 89-4286-FF-8-1.

Twenty-seven of these affidavits are duplicated at the end of Section FF-8, from pages FF-8-50 through FF-8-76.

The affidavit reads:

I, (name), do hereby swear that I have heard Grace Stoen say that Jim Jones is the real father of John Victor Stoen.

Dated August 20, 1977.

Temple members who signed the affidavit include:

Sharon Amos, FF-8-18
Jack Lovell Beam, FF-8-21
Rheaviana Beam, FF-8-29
Bonnie Jean Beck, FF-8-11
Maxine E. Betts, FF-8-22
Deborah Blakey, FF-8-16
Sandra L. Bradshaw, FF-8-10
Jean F. Brown, FF-8-2
Teresa Buford, FF-8-14
Ruby Jewell Carroll, FF-8-28
Phyllis Chaikin, FF-8-24
Genevieve Cheek, FF-8-31
Timothy Clancey, FF-8-20
Leona M. Collier, FF-8-4
Laurie E. Efrein, FF-8-26
Maureen C. Fitch, FF-8-3
Hue Fortson, FF-8-6
Phyllis D. Houston, FF-8-27
Lee Ingram, FF-8-13
Florida Johnson, FF-8-23
Marceline M. Jones, FF-8-32
Edith Kutulas, FF-8-7
Jane E. Mutschmann, FF-8-25
Beatrice A. Orsot, FF-8-15
Eva H. Pugh, FF-8-1
James Robert Pugh, FF-8-5
Andrew M. Silver, FF-8-9
Carol A. Stahl, FF-8-8
Kathy Tropp, FF-8-30
Robin Tschetter, FF-8-12
Diane Wilkinson, FF-8-17
Vera L. Young, FF-8-19

Affidavits on the Paternity of John Victor Stoen, RYMUR 89-4286-FF-8-1 – RYMUR 89-4286-FF-8-32