Serial 1328

[Editor’s note: Serial 1328 is an administrative memo in the RYMUR file and was not transcribed.

[However, page 2 of Serial 1274 was also included in the serial, and is transcribed below.]


Page 02 George 04349 181944Z

The decision on whether to charge [Stephan] Jones would be announced tomorrow in court. If Jones is charged, he and Beikman may stand together as accused and in that case the inquiry will have to start all over again.

3. Magistrate Christian today also ruled the second statement regarding the Amos killings made by Beikman, on Nov 23, was inadmissible as evidence. Christian agreed with McKay that the statement had not been made freely and voluntarily.

4. As stated above, the inquiry is scheduled to resume tomorrow morning.

Burke [John Burke, American ambassador to Guyana]