Serial 1364

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 12/21/78
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram

Subject: RYMUR

Attached is an information sheet which sets forth the administration of the Command Post activated for the RYMUR investigation.

For information.


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(Organizational Breakdown)

James O. Ingram – Inspector-Deputy Assistant Director in Charge of Investigation
SA [name deleted] – Number 1 Man
SA [name deleted] – Coordinator


1. Background of Peoples Temple Group
2. Identification of Victims
3. Pathologist Report
4. Interviews of Victims’ Relatives
FBI Agents in Guyana

5. Identity of Subjects
6. Physical Evidence
7. Foreign Police Cooperation (FPC)

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1. Department of State Liaison
2. Department of Defense Liaison (National Military Command Center Crisis Action Team) (NMCCAT)
3. News Media (Contact DOJ has had with Peoples Temple and Jim Jones)
4. Lead Coordinator
5. Interviews – aides
HAM Radio Transmissions
Physical Evidence
6. Criminal Investigation of Subjects in the U.S.
7. Computer Matters
8. Leads from Newspapers


DOJ Liaison – Bob Keuch (office) 633-2333
(home) [number deleted]
– Mike Abbell (office) 633-3729 or 633-3921
(home) [number deleted]
weekend [number deleted]

* * * *

US Marshal Special Operations Group

[Most information related]

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Health, Education and Welfare (HEW)
HEW Field Coordinator – [name deleted] (Charleston) (803) 747-7691
[name deleted] (Atlanta) (404) 221-2900

Disaster Squad, Dover, Delaware – [name deleted] (302) 678-6681

Bob Oglesby – Pegasus Hotel Rm. 408
Consulate – 62687 x31

United States Secret Service – [name deleted] 634-5731

State Department Special Consular Services (night Phone) 632-3712

AUSAs (Columbia) – L. Lofton (803) 777-3289
C. Ryan (803) 622-4214

AUSA (California)
Bob Dondero (803) 722-8411, room 231

SF Agents in Charleston, S.C. – [names deleted] (803) 722-8411, room 230

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Home Phone Numbers of Agents Working the RYMUR Case.

[Editor’s note: highly redacted]

Engineering Section
[Name deleted] – ext. 3781 and 2305

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[Editor’s note: all names on pages 6 and 7 deleted]

Identity Of Press Representatives In Guyana
Crime Scene Film (NBC)
Identity Of All Survivors
Leads On Jim Jones
Background On Dr. Larry Schacht
Leo Ryan’s Briefcase
Weapons Traces
People’s Temple Members In The US
Dangerous People’s Temple Members According To [Name Deleted]
News Article Leads
Leo Ryan Pathology Report
Crime Scene Photographs
NSA Inquiries
Mark Lane
Liaison With Families Of Agents In Guyana
Peoples Temple Members’ Passports
Subpoena Duces Tecum For Terry Buford
Identification Of Various Committees Within The People’s Temple

[Page 7]

Coordination Of Physical Evidence, Including Autopsies, At Dover Air Force Base
Location Of The Assets Of Peoples Temple