Serial 1367×1

United States Government
Date: 11/29/78
To: Director, FBI
From: Legat, Caracas (89-4)

Subject: RYMUR

Enclosed herewith are 22 rolls of film as obtained on November 28, 1978, from [name deleted] of the Guyana Police Department at Georgetown, Guyana. This undeveloped film was taken of fingerprint cards of members of the People’s Temple (PT) who immigrated to Guyana. The originals of these cards are being held by Chief Immigration Officer Pithomberg Ramfall, who was present at the time [name deleted] and his staff exposed this film.

Photographic film is extremely scarce in Guyana and available film was used. [name deleted] explained that 12 rolls of this film were exposed on Plus-X film using a light value of 13 and an exposure value of 1/15 of a second at F-11. The 10 rolls of the Tri-X film were exposed at light value 13 with an exposure value of 1/30 of a second at F-11.

Ramfall explained that Guyana Immigration fingerprinted everyone over the age of 16.

FBI HQ has previously been furnished the names and dates of birth of PT members by Georgetown State Department teletype 3877. This is a 40-page teletype and pages 10 through 40 should contain the names which are identical to the attached fingerprint records. Attached herewith for ready reference on pages 10 through 40 of referenced State Department message.