Serial 1368

[name and address deleted]
December 6, 1978

Attorney General Griffin Bell
Justice Department
Washington DC

Honorable Sir:

It is with great chagrin that I read the news today that the Justice Department has failed to assure bodyguard protection for the late Congressman Ryan’s Legislative Consul, Jackie Speier. How chilling a remiss of your Justice Department to have made it necessary for Congressman Ryan’s family and office to need to repeatedly make anguishing calls to your staff to initiate even token and temporary coverage. How could you possibly allow such events to occur?

The citizens of this community and state are not at all assured that the Guyana consulate and your Justice Department were not responsible for failing to investigate the devastating potentialities of the Jones settlement. Congressman Ryan surely did offer you substantial clues that this was a need. Thus we hold you and your staff greatly responsible for the death and injury of Ryan’s party; not to mention the death of the staggering number in the settlement who wished not to die.

Once the tragedy upon tragedy did explode into reality – it would seem your department would be the first to rush to prevent ripple repercussions. Inexplicably – this seems not what is reported to us. Let us hope Providence is watching over Jackie Speier – as your staff seems not to be doing so within any enthusiasm.

Stop the anguish of those of us who reside outside the periphery of government powers – and watch hopelessly on.

I will send a copy of this letter to President Carter, the Ryan office and Mrs. Autumn Ryan so they know the depth of feeling we have in salvaging what life can be salvaged from this heartbreaking carnage.

Sincerely grateful for your prompt action,
[signature deleted]