Serial 1374

United States Government

To: Director, FBI
From: SAC, Sacramento
Date: 12/12/78

Subject: Correspondence matters, recommendation for letter from director

[Editor’s note: FBI request for assistance addressed to: “Edmund G. Brown, Jr., State Capitol, Sacramento, California, 95814.” In the “Remarks” section of the form is the following text:]

In connection with Bureau Special “RYMUR”, 00: San Francisco, Bufile 89-4286, SCfile 89-191, FBI HQ furnished Sacramento with two lists of names of individuals believed to have been at Jonestown, Guyana. FBI requested

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SC 89-191

expedite checks of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and Department of Justice (DOJ) to obtain fingerprints to aid in identification of approximately 900 bodies.

The first list of approximately 900 names was given the agencies on the morning of 11/24/78, and by 10 AM on 11/25/78, (Saturday), both had completed the search and made available 351 drivers licenses and applications with thumbprints and 166 fingerprint cards.

The second list containing approximately 250 names was furnished DMV and DOJ in the late afternoon of 11/29/78. By noon on 11/30/78, they furnished an additional 64 drivers licenses and 29 fingerprint cards.

To fulfill the Bureau’s need for two copies of each document, DMV made approximately 1700 photographs and DOJ made 390 copies of the fingerprint cards. This entailed having extra employees work nights and on a weekend.

The cooperation of the management and employees of both agencies was outstanding and it is believed the letter of appreciation from the Director to these agencies is appropriate and will further enhance our relations with these State agencies.

Send copies to:

California Department of Motor Vehicles
Doris V. Alexis, Director
2415 1st Ave.
Sacramento, California 95818

California Department of Justice
Evelle J. Younger
Attorney General
555 Capitol Mall, Suite 350
Sacramento, California 95814