Serial 1441
Dec 27, 78 • 1700 • Georgetown-State • 4459

[Editor’s note: This is a State Department cable that was included in the FBI’s 2009 RYMUR release of documents under the Freedom of Information Act. It was not included in the State Department’s own release, but we have included identifying information for it using the agency’s designations.

[Two of the subjects of this serial whose names are deleted are Jonestown survivors Tim and Michael Carter. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]


[Listing of agencies receiving informational copies on pdf]

0 271700Z DEC 78
E.O. 12065: NA

1) The following should be furnished to Brooklyn/Queens MRA in response to their request:

2) The following are excerpts from a Guyana police report concerning arrest of [names deleted] [Michael Carter and Tim Carter] and Michael Prokes:

Quote: About 12 midnight on 18/11/78, suspects Michael Prokes, [Michael Carter and Tim Carter] were seen walking along the road in Port Kaituma and arrested. Michael Prokes and [the Carters] were each armed with a 38 snubnosed revolver and five rounds. The three of them also had sums of money which amounted to $48,400 U.S. and $764 Guyana currency.

On 20/11/78, [one of the Carters] took police officials to the chicken farm in Jonestown where he showed them a large quantity of U.S. and Guyana currency and a few pieces of jewelry hidden in a bag containing stock feed. A small quantity of jewelry and a further quantity of U.S. and Guyana currency notes were also found in a farm on the edge of the housing area. This money which was buried was also pointed out by [Michael Carter and Tim Carter]. A quantity of U.S. and other currency coins were also found in the house of Jim Jones. A large number of open checques: some already endorsed were also found in Jim Jones’ house. A further sum of money U.S. and Guyana currency and 4 gold coins were also recovered from a number of Port Kaituma residents who had found same in a suitcase abandoned at a point 1 1/2 miles from Jonestown. Michael Prokes, [Michael Carter and Tim Carter] were further questioned in relation to this briefcase and they admitted that they had left the briefcase in the bushes on the night of 18/11/78 while on their way to contact their vessel “Cudjoe”, the amount of money recovered so far is $2,524,565.02 Guyana currency and 4 gold coins, value not known.

The subjects Michael Prokes, [Michael Carter and Tim Carter] hold important positions in the administration of Jonestown. [Tim Carter] had made frequent trips to and from the USA in the interest of People’s Temple. The last trip was on [2 lines deleted]. Michael Prokes, is the public relations officer [2 lines deleted]. There were all aware that the plan was for all members to commit suicide and [one of the Carters] admits that they were at Jonestown until the members started to commit suicide before they left with all the cash recovered so far and important letters for delivery at given destinations in keeping with the wishes of the devotees of the People’s Temple. The three suspects were carrying guns when arrested. The letters indicated that very large sums of money are lodged in overseas banks in the names of members who died on 18/11/78. They having on the same day bequeathed the money to a certain overseas country. Unquote.

3) As FBI HQ is aware, the “certain overseas country” mentioned in the police report refers to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Police report quoted above confuses roles of [the Carter brothers. Tim Carter] recently traveled to U.S. while [Michael] was Jonestown [several words deleted]

Dwyer [Richard Dwyer, Deputy Chief of Mission, American Embassy, Georgetown]