Serial 1540

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is former Temple member Jim Cobb. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

United States Government Memorandum
United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date: 12/10/78
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram
Subject: RYMUR


Disposition of Federal Warrants Previously Issued

The complaint and warrant charging eight PT members with conspiracy to murder Congressman Ryan were unsealed on 12/8/78, and the warrant was dismissed in view of the fact that all eight persons charged have been confirmed as dead.

The following is an itemization of information developed to date which would have substantiated facts contained in the criminal complaint filed above:

[Name deleted] [Jim Cobb] present at Port Kaituma airstrip during the shooting, identified the following individuals as persons observed by him actively involved in the shooting: Bob Kice, Tom Kice, Joe Wilson, Albert Touchette, Ron James, Eddy [Eddie] Crenshaw, Wesley Breidenbach, and Ron Tally [Talley].

[Name deleted], Edith Parks, [Name deleted] and [Name deleted], all Temple defectors present at Port Kaituma airstrip identified Tom Kice, Albert Touchette, and Joe Wilson as active participants in the shooting. This information obtained secondhand from [1/2 line deleted] present at Port Kaituma. The above individuals are being interviewed by Bureau Agents.

Vernon Gosney, concerned relative present at Port Kaituma shooting, identified Joe Wilson, Bob Kice, and Tom Kice as active participants in the shooting. In addition, Gosney advised that he observed three or four others personally involved but was not able to provide their identity. A photographic lineup will be shown Gosney.

[Line deleted] present at Port Kaituma shooting, identified Ronnie James as being present on the tractor transporting attackers to the airstrip.

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Memorandum to Mr. Moore

[Line deleted] present at Port Kaituma shooting, observed ten unknown individuals on a flatbed trailer who subsequently were actively involved in the shooting here under investigation. A photographic lineup will be shown [name deleted].

[Name deleted] and member of Congressman Leo Ryan’s party present at Port Kaituma shooting, advised that the driver (identity unknown to him) of the truck transporting the congressman’s party to Port Kaituma airstrip was also present on the tractor subsequently transporting attackers. A photographic lineup will be shown [name deleted].

In addition to these details which have been furnished San Francisco, additional eyewitnesses are in the process of being interviewed and it is anticipated their statements will corroborate information furnished to date. These individuals are [name deleted]; Richard Dwyer, U.S. State Department; [3 lines listing names deleted].

Additional interviews will be conducted by San Francisco of these individuals when the original FD-302s have been received so as not to duplicate investigation conducted.

In addition to these interviews, NBC News is in possession of 12 hours of television taping of the PT visit by Ryan which includes footage of the attack on Ryan’s party at the Port Kaituma airstrip. The FBI is in the process of obtaining a copy of that film footage.

Federal Grand Jury at San Francisco, California

The Federal Grand Jury for the Northern District of California began hearing testimony in this matter on 12/8/78. [2 lines deleted under b3 Exemption].

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Memorandum to Mr. Moore

[5 lines deleted under b3 Exemption].

Tape Recording Of The Final Hour At Jonestown

The Saturday, 12/9/78, “Washington Post” carried a front-page headline story revealing the contents of a tape recording made by the Jonestown community during the administering of cyanide. A review of the article as compared with the actual tape shows that the “Washington Post” article is essentially accurate. FBIHQ received a copy of the original tape from the American Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana, and a transcript is being prepared. The original tape is in the personal custody of FBI representatives at the American Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana, however, US Ambassador [John] Burke has not allowed the tape to be removed from the Embassy.

The State Department requested that they be provided a copy of the transcript of the tape on 12/9/78. This request was declined at this time due to the fact that the transcript is in an incomplete, unverified form. Per instructions of the Department, a transcript when verified as accurate will be made available to the State Department.

Investigation Conducted in Guyana

On 12/10/78, Legat Robert Oglesby telephonically contacted FBIHQ Command Post Coordinator SA [name deleted] at which time SA Oglesby advised that the FBI technicians in Guyana had created an extremely favorable impression upon the Government of Guyana and had developed a highly amicable and trusting relationship with the Guyana police. Oglesby stated that it appears that the results of the favorable relationship developed will be that all documents, both in the possession of the American Embassy and the Government of Guyana, will be released to the FBI for duplication and analysis at FBIHQ.

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Memorandum to Mr. Moore

It is presumed, however, that the Government of Guyana will request copies of most, if not all, documents be furnished to them.

SA Oglesby also stated that it is likely that perhaps 35 Americans will be detained in Guyana for an extended period of time as material witnesses to ongoing criminal proceedings in that country. Accordingly, the Government of Guyana may allow the FBI to interview these individuals in Guyana. In this eventuality consideration will be given to sending SA personnel from San Francisco, New York, and FBIHQ to Guyana to conduct these interviews inasmuch as the Agents in Guyana have not had the benefit of an overall view of the investigation conducted to date. Legat Oglesby is in full concurrence with this plan of action.