Serial 1550

FBI Airtel

Date 1/2/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: ADIC, NEW YORK (89-495) (P) (BQ-4)

ReWFOtel to Bu, 12/19/78, requesting NYO contact United States Labor Party regarding information developed on “Angels”.

Enclosed for San Francisco is one copy of Executive Intelligence Review magazine, 12/5-11/78 issue. Also enclosed is one copy of three New Solidarity newspaper articles, dated 12/8/78, 12/12/78, and 12/19/78.

Enclosed for information of Bureau is one copy of pertinent sections of the magazine and one copy of the three newspaper articles.

Enclosures voluntarily furnished by [name deleted], United States Labor Party, New York City, 12/28/78. [Name deleted] concerned that United States Labor Party, officials may be on P.T. “hit list”.

Although most of the information appears to be a recapitulation of previously publicized material, it was accepted because it has personal information on members of the “Angels” and criticizes the investigation of federal law enforcement authorities. Because NYO not privy to entire investigation, this information is being reported to San Francisco and the Bureau for consideration in its investigative value.

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Officials of United States Labor Party would like to testify before Federal Grand Jury hearing testimony on captioned case and anxious to appear before any Congressional committees investigating PT and cults in general.

[Name deleted] did not have any additional unpublished information that would assist in captioned investigation.

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POIA/PA Deleted Page Information Sheet reporting that two pages withheld in entirety pursuant to Court Order in case of Lyndon LaRouche v. Clarence Kelley

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[Photocopy of file folder]

[Balance of serial consists of newspaper articles referenced in cover memorandum.]