Serial 1551

FBI Airtel

Date 1/2/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)

ReNYairtel to the Bureau and San Francisco, dated 12/12/78.

Enclosed for the Bureau is one color photograph of 32 individuals.

Enclosed for San Francisco are four color photographs of 32 individuals.

The following individuals were photographed upon their arrival at JFK Airport, Queens, NY, on 12/2/78 and 12/3/78:

Edith Parks
LeFlora [Le Flora] Townes
Andrea Yvette Walker
Sandra Evans
Yolanda Denise [Denice] Mitchell
Ruby Neal Johnson
Sonya Evans
Shirelle Evans
Julius Evans
Sharla Evans
Dawn Francine Gardfrey

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Leslie Wilson
Diane Louie Rozynko
Versie Lee Perkins
Beatrice Althia [Alethia] Orsot Grubbs

The following individuals were photographed on their arrival at JFK Airport, on 12/6/78:

Michael Angelo Simon
Thomas Charles Beikman
Timothy Glen Jones
Guy Edgar Mitchell
Paul Michael McCann
Chuck Robert Kerrkendall [Kirkendall]
Clifford Allen Gieg
Preston Lee Wade
Walter Lee Williams
John Raphael Cobb (with hat)
John Raphael Cobb (with hat and sunglasses)
John Raphael Cobb
Cleveland Newell
Burrell Wilson
James Warren Jones, Jr.
Aaron Arthur Hendricks
Laura Reid Johnston
Mark Nathan Cordell
Robert Homer Stroud

On 12/29/78, three copies of each of the above photographs were furnished to the US Secret Service, NY, NY.

Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies.