Serial 1562-3

[Editor’s note: This FD-302 interview with Juanita Bogue, who left Jonestown with her family on November 18, 1978, appears two different places, as part 3 of Serial 1562 and as part 21 of Serial 1681, the FBI’s 387-page report of January 12, 1979. While each version of the interview had unique deletions – designated by blue type – in neither interview was the subject identified. The deleted information which is known to the editor is indicated by red type.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/29/78

[Juanita Bogue], member of the Peoples’ Temple (PT), Jonestown, Guyana, was interviewed at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFKI), Hangar 17, Queens, New York (NY). [Bogue] was advised of the identity of the interview Agent and of the nature of the interview. United States Secret Service (USSS) Agent [Name deleted] was also present during the interview. [Bogue] provided the following information regarding the PT and the Jonestown facility:

[Juanita Bogue] first became associated with the PT in [Released at 1681-21: Willets [Willits]], California, when she was approximately [age deleted] years old. She joined the church at that time [Released at 1681-21: with her parents.] At the beginning the church congregated at the Golden Rule Hall, in Willets, California, and then at various locations until the temple was built in Redwood Valley, California. In 1976, she went to the PT in San Francisco [Released at 1681-21: while her mother stayed at Redwood Valley and father went to Jonestown.] She then joined [Released at 1681-21: her family] at Jonestown in August of 1977.

While at Jonestown her jobs consisted mostly of [several words deleted] but occasionally she worked in [several words deleted]. She stated that both she and [Released at 1681-21: her parents] were not happy with the situation at Jonestown and decided they would attempt to escape at the first given opportunity. She felt that they were prisoners and were actually afraid for their lives if Reverend Jones knew they were planning to leave.

Approximately seven months ago, [her brother] [Released at 1681-21: Tommy Bogue] and [Brian Davis] tried to escape by running into the bush. They were subsequently caught and brought back to Jonestown when they were placed in leg irons. They were kept under guard and made to work extra hours. This was allegedly the beginning of the punishment known as Public Service. Public Service was extended work hours that individuals were made to perform for the infraction of any of the rules at Jonestown. People on Public Service in addition to working extra hours were also made to exercise and to run to their meals and various chores. Reverend Jones determined the length of time one was to serve on Public Service.

[Bogue] said that [Released at 1681-21: her family] had turned over to the PT all their money and property prior to going to Jonestown. After

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arriving there they realized that they had made a mistake. She said that the living conditions were terrible, the food was not ample, and all the mail was censured [censored]. [Released at 1681-21: The entire [Bogue] family] have no intentions of remaining affiliated with the PT.

[Juanita Bogue] was then asked specific questions regarding the following underlined topics. Her responses are as follows:

Signed and Oral Oaths

Approximately six years ago while at the PT in Redwood [Valley], California, she recalled Reverend Jones asking the church members to think of the worst possible thing that they could do that was against the law. He then asked them to write this down on paper in the form of a confession and that he would hold these documents to ensure their loyalty to both him and the PT. She said she was very young at the time and does not recall whether she wrote a confession or not. She also recalled that while in San Francisco at every meeting of the PT (which was four or five times a week) everyone was made to sign a blank sheet of white paper. These were referred to as “mediation papers” and she believed these were used in the same fashion. She did not recall signing any papers since her arrival at Jonestown.

Personal Bodyguards for Jones

Jones had no specific bodyguards, however, there was certain trusted members of the Security Force that were constantly with him. Johnny Jones appeared to be his personal guard when in San Francisco, however, at Jonestown it seems that different individuals took turns. There were always two armed guards outside Jones’ house during the evening hours.

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Did not have any knowledge of either the use or production of drugs at Jonestown. All drugs, both medicinal and agricultural, were maintained in one storage hut. Upon anyones [anyone’s] arrival at Jonestown they had to turn in all drugs, even asperin [aspirin], at this particular building.

[Juanita Bogue] worked in [Words deleted] almost the entire time she was at Jonestown and felt that she would know if narcotics were being grown in any quantity.

Regarding the manufacturing of dolls, they were made by the senior citizens at the camp and were sold in Georgetown and an area called “up the river”.

The PT operated two boats, the smaller being called the “Cudgel” [“Cudjoe”] and the larger being the “Albatross”. She did not have any knowledge as to the use of these boats other than routine transporting of supplies and people to Jonestown. She recalled Jones saying at a meeting once, never to admit that we owned the “Albatross”. He did not want the officials of the Guyana government to know.

Soviet or Cuban Association

Two or three Soviet officials visited Jonestown approximately two months ago. No names were recalled, however, one was believed to be a doctor who came to give Jones a physical. She did not recall them addressing the members of the PT, but related that at that meeting she was working late in the [words deleted] and did not make all the meetings.

Jones often mentioned that if all went well at Jonestown they would eventually move the community to the Soviet Union. No one took these statements seriously.

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Weapons were carried by certain members of the Security Force at Jonestown. She does not recall seeing any handguns, but said they had quite a few rifles. She could not give an exact number, but estimated 20 or 30. The PT was also in possession of approximately 20 long and cross bows. Tom Grubbs instructed the people as to their use. When called on alert to guard the camp many of the people were issued knives along with the above mentioned weapons.

She often saw Steven [Stephan] Jones and Mike Touchette by the piggery carrying long rifles with scopes. She recalled Reverend Jones saying that Steven kept weapons at his house. She related that Steven Jones made a statement to the press in Guyana that no weapons were kept at Jonestown.

Hut 14 was where the heads of the Security Force resided. She often saw weapons going in and out of the building, but did not know if they were stored there. She had no knowledge of how the weapons were shipped to Jonestown. She also had no knowledge of any nuclear device, however, she believed that Pauline Groot could possibly make a bomb. She heard that Groot worked with Dr. [Laurence] Schacht on such a bomb that would be used against the soldiers of Guyana if they should ever attack Jonestown. She was not aware of any weapons training at Jonestown except occasionally with the bow and arrow.

In the temple at San Francisco people were told that certain security guards carried guns in their attaché cases, however, she never observed these weapons. There was a 24-hour Security Force at the temple in San Francisco.

Dr. Lawrence [Laurence] Schacht

Reverend Jones paid for the education of Lawrence Schacht. She did not know Schacht very well, but she did note

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an extreme change in his manner after being at Jonestown. He often walked around talking to himself. He was constantly shaking and appeared to be a sick individual. He was not very well liked by the people of Jonestown. She understood that Reverend Jones told both Dr. Schacht and George Touchette to prepare the poison the Saturday of the mass suicide. Approximately one month prior to the suicides Dale Parks, while unloading supplies from the boats, observed several cases of cyanide. He called the agronomists to find out if they ordered it as some form of insecticide, however, no one had knowledge as to who requisitioned it. The cyanide was then placed in a storage hut with other chemical supplies and was not seen again.

Contingency Plans, Assassination Plans, Hit Lists

Not aware of any of the above. She said only the individuals that were very close to Jones would be knowledgeable of any such plans. She emphasized that although she has been associated with the PT for a long period of time, her jobs were menial in nature and she would not be privy to such information. She felt there may be a chosen few within the organization that would have possibly been assigned to kill certain defectors of the church such as the Stoens, Murtles [Mertles], Debbie Blakely [Blakey] and others, but does not know who they would be. She did not have any knowledge regarding any plans for murdering public officials.

Criminal Offenses

No specific knowledge of any individual member of the PT that is a fugitive from justice. She recalls though at different meetings Reverend Jones would single out an individual and tell the congregation that that person was wanted by the police and that he was saving him by keeping him within the PT.

Radio Operation

Had no knowledge of codes or operating procedures of radio at Jonestown. She provided the following names as

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known radio operators:

1) Terry Carter
2) Sandy Jones
3) Harriet Troop [Tropp]
4) Caroline [Carolyn] Layton
5) Karen Layton
6) The Carters
7) Mike Prokes
8) Maryanne Cassanova [Mary Ann Casanova]
9) Sharon Amos
10) Maria Katsaris
11) Paula Adams

Maryanne Cassanova is believed to be the only one still alive that would have knowledge of codes.

Mark Lane, Charles Geary [Garry]

No knowledge of above individuals except that they are both attorneys for the PT. Lane was observed at Jonestown on two occasions while Geary was there more often.

White Nights, Alphas

These were meetings called by Jones when he had a special message he wished to convey to the members. He usually called these when something was bothering him or when someone tried to escape. They often discussed at these meetings how if anything went wrong at Jonestown, they would take their lives. Everyone was required to attend.

[Juanita Bogue] recalls that the first White Night or alert was called September 9, 1977. She recalls the date because the incident had such impact in her and she thought from the first time that she may actually die.

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At this alert everyone was called into Jonestown. They were told people were coming to invade the camp. Everyone was armed with either weapons, knives, sticks or bows and arrows. They were then taken to surround the perimeter of the camp. It was then that she actually realized that she was to give up her life. They were also instructed that if anyone saw another member trying to leave his or her position they were to kill them.

At another alert approximately six months ago an actual suicide ritual was practiced. Debbie Blakely had defected from the PT, this upset Jones quite a bit. He called an alert and asked everyone to drink flavor aide that allegedly contained poison. After drinking the potion they were told to go outside to sit down and die. Several people refused to drink the flavor aide, however, Jones engaged them in a long debate and eventually everyone yielded.

A White Night was called at approximately 3:00 PM the afternoon before Congressman Ryan was killed. Everyone was called to the pavilion. [Juanita Bogue] did not arrive until the meeting was just ending. She was instructed to go home and get dressed and return at 5:00 PM. Everyone was drilled as to the proper responses they were to give if questioned by Ryan or his party. She did not go back to the pavilion at 5:00 PM; she went to the senior citizens building and visited friends.

Bribery or Influence of Officials

Would not have access to such information. Recalled that while in San Francisco she would do door-to-door canvassing at election time for certain officials. This was directed by Jones who gave the names of the officials they were to back. She does not recall specific candidates other than President Carter and Marsconi [George Moscone].

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Security Force, Angels

Not familiar with the term “Angels”. There are two or three Security Forces within the PT. Two were responsible for guarding the settlement and the other responsible for internal security of the organization. With reference to internal security, Jones would plant certain individuals among the workers, trying to gain their confidence, and ask such questions testing their loyalty or to see if they were planning an escape. As a member of the PT you were responsible to write up anyone who you thought might be disloyal or knew anything about escape. Therefore, no one could trust each other, for the identities of the internal force were not known. Jones constantly stressed the importance of this write up for he said the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had infiltrated the membership. These write-ups were submitted to Rita Tupper, Eva [Ava] Jones, Rochelle Hochman [Halkman] and Maria Katsares [Katsaris].

The other two security factions consisted of the trusted heads of Security and the Regular Security force.

The security heads were responsible for issuing weapons and scheduling the security watch. The security heads are listed as follows: Jimmy Jones, Tim Jones (Day), Johnny Cobb Jones, Calvin Douglas, Joe Wilson and Bob Kice.

The regular security force consisted of Tim Jones (Night), Cleveland Newell, Pancho (Gary) Johnson, Cardell Neal, Danny Marshall, Teddy McMurray [McMurry], Tom Kice, Ronnie James, Jim McElvane. There are other security members who she cannot recall at this time as well as people who were field workers or mechanics that were called upon to perform security duty on a regular basis.

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Planning Commission (PC)

The PC consisted of the most trusted members of the PT. These were the people who shaped the policies and programs that ran the PT. The final word for policy was always Jones’, however, these people had a lot of influence in the initial forming of these policies. She believes the following are members of the PC who are still alive: Charlie Touchette, Debbie Touchette, Paula Adams, Lee Ingram, Steven Jones, Sandy Bradshaw, Terry Buford, Chris Kice, Kathy Troop [Tropp], Tim Clancy [Clancey], Debbie Evans, Vera Young.

Extensive Care Unit (ECU)

This was a part of the hospital at Jonestown where those who tended to run away from the settlement were brought. There also was a period when several people tried to commit suicide rather than stay at Jonestown, these people also went to ECU.

At ECU the people were kept under constant guard and were heavily sedated. They were not allowed out of ECU except to take an occasional shower.

Individuals that she knew that had been committed to ECU are:

Patsy Johnson
Ricky Johnson
(First Name Unknown) (FNU) Costello
Aquentta [Acquinetta] Roberts
Gary Norwood
Keith Guy

Paula Adams

Adams was a close and trusted worker of Reverend Jones remained in Georgetown the majority of the time. Her

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main function was that of public relations. She often hosted parties for officials of the Guyana government. She was dating a particular Guyanese official for about five years, however, [Juanita Bogue] does not recall his name or position. She related that Adams had to be extremely trusted by Jones because it was forbidden for any member of the PT to associate or date an outsider. She has no specific knowledge of sexual blackmail on the part of Adams or Jones.

Assassination of Congressman Ryan

The Bogue family had planned to escape several months prior to the arrival of Congressman Ryan. They had hidden some of their belongings in the bush in anticipation of such an escape. They had heard a rumor the night before the mass suicides that Ryan would not be leaving Guyana alive. The source of this rumor was Donna Parks, a laundry worker who guide at Jonestown. The Bogues were planning their escape with the Simons and the Parks. They met the Friday before and the morning of Ryan’s death and decided this would be the day to go.

The Bogues and the Simons met at the sawmill at Jonestown to plan their escape, however, someone had discovered their luggage hidden in the bush and they were made to go back into the town proper. It was then that they decided to tell Congressman Ryan that they wanted to leave with him. Ryan made them sign statements to the effect that they wished to leave and also to an oral statement, on tape, as to the same.

The Bogues were then told to get on a truck along with the Parks family, Monica Bagby, Vern Gosney, Larry Layton, Wesley Bridenback [Breidenbach], Jim Cobb, a group of concerned relatives, the press and Ryan’s aide. Ed Crenshaw was the driver.

At one point while they were waiting to leave Stanley Gieg got into the truck and drove it into a pocket of mud. A short time later the truck was pulled out and they started to leave. As they were leaving they heard screams from the pavilion

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area. They stopped the truck and returned and picked up Congressman Ryan. They had determined that Don Sly had tried to stab the Congressman at that time. The defectors (Bogues and Parks) tried to warn Ryan’s entourage that there would be further trouble and that was wrong for Larry Layton to be with them. They were then told that they were alarmists and that everything would be all right. As the truck approached the front entrance of Jonestown eight it was stopped. Joe Wilson got aboard, checked out the truck and remained for the rest of the ride to the airport.

At the airport as Ryan was conducting a brief press conference [Juanita Bogue] spoke to Layton and asked him why he was leaving. He responded that his mother had recently died and he wanted to leave. She did not believe him. As Layton walked across the field to a smaller airplane she saw Joe Wilson pass Layton a handgun. [Juanita Bogue] told Ryan what she saw and Ryan assured her he would have everyone searched.

She then saw Stanley Gieg driving a tractor toward the airstrip. They knew trouble was coming so they started boarding the large airplane. Ryan and the press remained on the airstrip. She stated [started] to hear popping noises and saw the windows on the airplane shatter, she immediately ducked to the floor. She looked toward the rear of the airplane and saw Penny Parks shot in the head. She briefly looked out the window from a crouched position and saw the heads of Bob Kice, Tom Kice, and she thinks Joe Wilson on a tractor adjacent to the airplane. The shooting continued for about five minutes. Teena and Tommy Bogue managed to shut the door of the airplane.

After the shooting stopped the survivors on the airplane decided they would make a run for the bush. They were fearful that others would return and kill them all. When the door was opened several of them ran straight into the jungle. [Juanita Bogue] saw a wounded news man lying by the airplane. She attempted to help him and convince him to hide in the bush. At this time the

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situation appeared to have calmed down and she saw the other bodies lying on the airfield. She saw Congressman Ryan’s body on the ground and observed he had been shot in the face. She helped collect the bodies and put them in a shack at the airfield. She remained at Port Kaituma at the Rum Shop overnight and Sunday she was taken to Georgetown in the custody of the Guyana police.

[Juanita Bogue] provided information as to brief description, access to weapons (W), members of the PC, position held, alive or dead and present location, regarding the following individuals:

Tim Jones – white/male, alive, son of Reverend Jones, PC, head of security, issued weapons.

Jimmy Jones, Jr – black/male, alive in San Francisco, PC, security head.

Eddie Crenshaw – black/male, possibly dead, truck driver, wanted to get out of Jonestown.

Herbert Newell – black/male, alive, worked on “Cudgel”, blamed survivors for what happened at Jonestown, trusted by Jones, not necessarily PC.

Johnny Cobb Jones – black/male, alive, San Francisco, security worker (W).

Johnny Jones – black/male, dead, PC, public relations work.

Mark Cordell – white/male, alive, good friend of Steven Jones, security, possibly living with father in State of Washington.

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Jim McElvane – black/male, dead, PC, head of security for entire PT, sold property that was turned over to PT in San Francisco.

Billy Oliver – black/male, dead, head of security, brother of Bruce Oliver, also head of security (dead).

Steve Jones – white/male, alive in Georgetown, PC, cannot be trusted, could conceivably carry on father’s work, natural son of Reverend Jones.

Lee Ingram – black/male, PC, alive in Georgetown, wife is Sandy Bradshaw. Cannot be trusted, held as witness to Sharon Amos murder.

Chris O’Neal – white/male, alive, wanted to get out of Jonestown.

Calvin Douglas – black/male, security (W), violent, alive in Georgetown.

Cleveland Newell – black/male, alive in Los Angeles, (W), Basketball Team.

Bonnie Simon – white/female, dead, Internal Security.

Pauline Groot – white/female, dead, chemist.

Tom Grubbs – white/male, dead, archery instructor, teacher at Jonestown.

Marie Rankin – black/female, security, PS supervisor, did not agree with overall PT program, dead.

Terri Buford – white/female, PC, very close to Jones, however, loyalty to Jones questionable.

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Jean Brown – white/female, PC, Inner Circle, returned to San Francisco.

Rennie Kice – black/female, dead, PC.

Lora [Laura] Johnston – white/female, alive in San Francisco, dangerous, PSU [Public Service Unit] supervisor.

Vera Young – black/female, PC, Inner Circle, never to Jonestown, security in San Francisco, carried weapon.

June Crym – white/female, PC in San Francisco, went to Jonestown for two weeks.

Mike Prokes – white/male, PC, public relations worker in Georgetown, photographer, dangerous, wrote press articles pro-Jonestown.

Tim Carter – white/male, alive, PC, Inner Circle, might possibly defect, loyalty questionable.

Sandra Bradshaw – white/female, PC, Inner Circle, dangerous (W).

Judy Flowers – black/female, alive, PC in San Francisco.

Jim and Harriet Randolph – (Harriet dead), Jim – white/male, alive, welfare worker in San Francisco.

Leona Collier – black/female, PC, Inner Circle, handled money for PT, leading secreary in San Francisco.

Dale Parks – white/male, alive, Respiratory therapist, hated Jones.

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Burrell Wilson – black/male, alive, Basketball Team, security, not violent.

Claire Janaro – white/female, PC, never to Jonestown.

Richard Janaro – white/male, PC, dead [alive], purchasing agent for PT.

Don and Bonnie Beck – PC, Inner Circle, both in San Francisco – (Don teacher at PT in Ukiah), lost son at Jonestown.

Marie [Maria] Katsaris – white/female, dead, PC, Inner Circle, handled money for PT, was Reverend Jones’ mistress.

Tish Leroy – white/female, dead, PC, Inner Circle, agricultural secretary and income tax worker.

Chuck Beikman – white/male, security guard, illiterate, alive in Jonestown [Georgetown], held for murder of Sharon Amos.

Joyce Touchette – white/female, dead, PC, Inner Circle.

Charlie Touchette – white/male, alive, PC, worked on “Albatross”.

Michelle Touchette – white/female, dead, on PC in San Francisco.

Mike Touchette – white/male, alive, truck driver (W).

Albert Touchette – white/male, dead, coordinator (?)

Stanley Clayton – black/male, alive in Georgetown, must stay in Guyana to marry a native girl.

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Odell Rhodes – black/male, alive in Georgetown, (witness), nighttime ECU supervisor, will return to Detroit, wants out of PT.

Vera Ingram – left PT eight years ago (?)

Jim Cobb – black/male, alive, left PT several years ago. Jones wanted him killed. Jones bragged to Odell Rhodes on day of murder that they killed Cobb at the airport.

Larry Layton – alive, worked in sawmill and x-ray room, was security in San Francisco.

The following information and description was obtained from [Juanita Bogue] through both observation and interview:

Name: [Juanita Bogue]
Race: White
Sex: Female
Date of Birth (DOB): [Deleted]
Place of Birth (POB): [Deleted]
Height: [Deleted]
Weight: [Deleted]
Build: [Deleted]
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: [Deleted] in California
Employment: [Deleted] San Francisco
Education: High School – [Deleted] California
Marital Status: Single

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Family Members: [Deleted]
Mary Lee [Marilee] ([Sister] – Dead]
Social Security Number: Does Not Recall
Destination: [Deleted]
San Francisco, California, with family, does not have address