Serial 1563

FBI Airtel

Date 1/4/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)

Enclosed for the Bureau is one copy and for San Francisco is the original and two copies of an FD-302 reflecting ELSUR 12/1-2/78, at Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription December 12, 1978

Attached hereto is a transcript of telephone conversations between [2 names deleted]. The conversations were recorded on Telephone Number [deleted] pursuant to a signed authorization (FD-472) [words deleted] to do so.

Other persons identified are as follows:

[All names deleted]

[Editor’s note: Pages three through six consist of a transcript of a telephone conversation. However, all names are deleted, and all exchanges other than greetings and inconsequential conversation are also deleted. Hence, this transcript was not transcribed.]