Serial 1734



To: SAC, San Francisco
From: Director, FBI

Re Bureau airtel to San Francisco 1/12/79.

Enclosed for San Francisco under separate cover by registered mail items are potential evidentiary value recovered from military personnel who participated in the evacuation of the dead from Jonestown, Guyana. The items enclosed were recovered by military authorities who have advised that military personnel apparently “looted” some bodies at Jonestown.

Enclosed herewith is an inventory of the above items which was furnished from the Criminal Investigations Detachment, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Also enclosed herewith for San Francisco are two videotape cassettes furnished by NBC News, New York, which represent film taken in Guyana by NBC photographer Bob Brown (deceased). The enclosed cassettes were inadvertently not forwarded with other cassettes furnished to San Francisco by re airtel.


[Page 2]

[Photocopy of manila envelope]

[Pages 3 through 11 are individual sheets labeled “evidence/property custody document.” Each document lists items recovered from the military (all except the final are from Fort Bragg; the final item came from Dallas, Texas) and forwarded to San Francisco. Because much of the material on each document is deleted – mainly the names of people who turned in the “looted” materials – the listings below are only for the “Descriptions of Articles” on each page.]

[Page 3]

2 Red suspenders
2 Black suspenders
1 [illegible word] handheld fan, Tan & Brown in color

[Page 4]

2 Plaques, wood type construction 6.5″ x 8.25” bearing drawings of monkeys

[Page 5]

14 Cassette tapes
1 Can Desenex spray-on foot powder

[Page 6]

1 personal check, bearing check number 154, and the names: Jim V. [W.] Jones, Marceline M. Jones, 1600 Page St., San Francisco, CA 94117. The check is for the Wells Fargo Bank, 2960 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95401. The check is issued for account #1210-00241-154-0536-274244. The check is unsigned and no amount has been filled in.

[Page 7]

1 Knife constructed of wood and metal, bearing the manufacturers marking “Stainless Steel Japan” on the knife blade with a wooden constructed handle and blade bearing the markings “Illegal Inches for Dishonest Fishermen”, marked for identification HAH, 1130, 14 Dec 78

[Page 8]

1 wire stripper “Super Champ”
14 sockets of various sizes
11 Craftsman wrench ends, various sizes
7 punches, various sizes, and plastic pocket
3 chisles [chisels], various sizes
numerous [illegible word] plastic pocket containing Kelter Keys
2 Files
4 wrenches, various sizes
2 [illegible word] wrenches
4 Extensions, various lengths
3 pliers
3 nut drivers
1 electrical tester
1 [illegible word]

[Page 9]

1 Breaker bar “Thorson, 15”
1 Professional extension, 8“ in length
1 Magnet with extension
1 Craftsman 3/8” wrench
1 Stanley tin snips
1 Craftsman pull handle
1 Ball pin [peen] hammer
1 Thorson 57 8” extension
1 Rat tail file
1 Power –Kraft adjustable pliers
1 stearing [steEring] wheel pulley
1 ¼” nut driver ”Craftsman”
1 3/8” nut driver ”Amalite”
2 brake adjuster
1 12” Breaker bar ”Mac”
1 needle nose pliers ”Craftsman”
1 9/16” wrench ”Mac[”]
1 vice grip pliers “Peterson”
1 tension bar
1 19” extension ”Craftsman[”]

[page 10]

1 Medical Dictionary, “Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary,” Edition #12. The book is bound in a green in color binding. The book is stamped “Jonestown Medical Library”. Marked 1545, 20 Dec 78, LNP.

[Page 11]

1 Sanyo Model M9600, cassette tape player/FM-AM-SW radio, with black electric cord. The tape player is portable, however, battery compartment contains no batteries. The case of the tape player is black and gray in color. Has a carrying handle on top. The tape player is marked for identification, “POW, 1025, 16Dec78.”