Serial 1754

P 311956Z JAN 79

A memorial service has been arranged for Marceline Baldwin Jones by members of her family, which will be held at 3:00 PM, Sunday, Feb. 4, 1979, in the Trinity United Methodist Church, 1005 Hunt St., Richmond, Ind. The body of Marceline Jones was buried Jan. 8, 1979, at Earlham Cemetery, Richmond, Ind., in a private graveside service without incident. Rev. Theodore Hamlick, Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church, will preside at memorial service. The eulogy will be delivered by Bonnie Thielman [Thielmann] of Santa Cruz, Calif., a close friend of Marceline Jones and a missionary in Brazil, South America, when Jim Jones and Marceline were also missionaries. Mrs. Walter Baldwin, 149 S.W.


Sixteenth St., Richmond, Ind., mother of Marceline Jones, gave written permission for the memorial service to be recorded by an Indianapolis, Ind. TV station. This action resulted in a special meeting of the Pastor Parish Committee of the Trinity United Methodist Church. After meeting held by church body, Mrs. Baldwin was instructed to withdraw her consent for news media coverage for the memorial service. It is not known what effect, if any, this action will cause in deterring media coverage of memorial service. Tom Donette, member of Pastor Parish Committee of Trinity United Methodist Church on January 30, 1979, related to Bureau agent a deep concern exists among congregation regarding safety of congregation in view of the advanced publicity this memorial service as received through Mrs. Baldwin’s contact with news media sources, first giving permission then rescinding permission for filming and news media coverage regarding memorial service. Donette was advised that any concern for safety of congregation should be discussed with local and state police agencies as FBI did not provide protective service. Donette said he would apprise FBI of developments of events on a timely basis.


The adopted children who survived the Jonestown, Guyana, South America, incident as well as Suzanne Carwell [Cartmell] adopted Korean daughter of Jones’ will be present at memorial service. It is not known if other cult members of the Jones followers will attend this service.

For information of Bureau, Indiana State Police Intelligence Unit through Det [name deleted], Connersville Post #41, ISP, and Deputy Chief [name deleted] (NA), Richmond, Ind. PD, were advised of the safety concerns expressed by Donette as congregational spokesman. Both stated they will monitor community actions as may be appropriate. In the event of community incidents resulting from the anticipated memorial service, the Bureau and San Francisco will be advised. In the event San Francisco has knowledge of unusual number of cult members anticipating attendance at memorial service, or if information of value concerning Thielman is available and should be furnished local authorities on a confidential basis, San Francisco should advise Indianapolis.