Serial 1781


Date 1/23 [28?]/79

TO: SACs, San Francisco
Brooklyn/Queens MRA
FROM: Director, FBI (89-4286)

Enclosed for San Francisco and Brooklyn-Queens MRA is a memorandum from the Criminal Division to the Bureau dated 12/16/78 and a copy of the response of the Bureau to the Department dated 1/17/79.

The above enclosures are being furnished to your Divisions for your assistance and guidance regarding the nature and scope of captioned investigation.

Enclosures (2)

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March 7, 1979
Irene A. Risteau
Director, Office of Foreign Litigation
Civil Division

Peoples Temple Assets Abroad

See distribution

Further to our memorandum of February 23, 1979, we enclose hereto an updated report on the status of the PT liquid assets in Guyana. Please substitute the updated Tab A for the Tab A which we furnished under cover of our 2/3/79 memorandum.

[Editor’s note: Second enclosure not included]