Serial 1821

January 24, 1979

The Associate Attorney General
Attention: Robert Ford

Director, FBI


Reference is made to the letter dated January 8, 1979, to Honorable Philip Jordan, Special Assistant to the Attorney General from Joseph L. Nellis, Chief Counsel, House Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse & Control. In his letter, which is furnished to Inspector, Deputy Assistant Director James O. Ingram on January 15, 1979, Mr. Nellis requested that the Department furnish the Committee whatever information has been received concerning captioned subject. Enclosed is the above-mentioned letter and its enclosure.

In response to Mr. Nellis’ inquiry, the FBI is aware of large quantities of controlled drugs found at Jonestown, Guyana, following the incident which occurred there on November 18, 1978. An investigation has been instituted to determine the source of the drugs and the nature and extent of their use. The drugs are currently in the custody of local authorities in Georgetown, Guyana. To date, the source of the drugs is not known. Investigation at this time indicates that all drugs were probably used by the inhabitants of Jonestown as opposed to commercialized trafficking in narcotics.