Serial 1837

FBI Airtel

Date 2/6/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: SAC, SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 10)

Reference Bureau teletype dated 2/5/79.

Enclosed herewith for the Bureau are five copies of an LHM regarding information provided by Helen Beatrice Swinney. Also enclosed are two copies of Agent’s notes of Review of Financial Records contained in the first seven crates of People’s Temple records in the possession of San Francisco.

The Bureau is requested to disseminate an appropriate number of copies of this LHM to James G. Hergen, Civil Division, Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. Also furnish Hergen copies of Agent’s notes for his information and assistance in his efforts to locate and identify People’s Temple assets.

This information is in response to his request on February 1, 1979 for this information.

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United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
450 Golden Gate Avenue
Box 36015
San Francisco, California 94102

February 6, 1979

Assassination of Congressman Leo J. Ryan
November 18, 1978

Helen Beatrice Swinney was interviewed on December 11, 1978 and January 5, 1979 by Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and advised that the first time she arrived in Trinidad (date unknown) aboard the “Albatross”, a bank account at the Barclays Bank of Trinidad and Tobago had been established in her name. She had been advised by [name deleted] that the $60,000 in this account had been set aside for her to utilize in purchasing supplies for the “Albatross”, as well as food and equipment purchases. Swinney displayed a Savings Account book showing Account Number 154-156-488 at Barclays, which shows an opening balance on November 6, 1978 of $60,000. Withdrawals are shown on: November (day illegible), 1978 of $2000; on November 8, 1978, of $15,000; on November 10, 1978 of $15,000; on November 14, 1978, of $10,000; on November 24, 1978, of $17,800; and on December 8, 1978 of $200, at which time the account was closed. There is no indication that Richard Janero [Janaro] was authorized to sign this account. When interviewed, Swinney was very vague and illusive [elusive] as to what equipment and supplies were purchased with the funds. She did indicate that after learning of the mass suicides in Jonestown, she closed the accounts and gave the remaining funds of $11,000 to her son-in-law, Charles Touchette, for further operation of the vessel “Albatross”.

[Administrative note] This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency; it and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency.

[Pages 3 through 8: FBI’s handwritten ledger of Peoples Temple bank accounts]

1. Barclays Bank International Limited
Water Street, Georgetown, Guyana
Account # 912649
Name of account: People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ
also account #985712
Name of account: People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ

2. Guyana National Cooperative Bank
1 Lombard and Cornhill Street G/T
Republic of Guyana
Name of account: People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ
Account # COR 29489 – savings account
Also checking account # 1230

3. First Federal Savings and Loan
Indianapolis, Indiana
Name of account: Lynetta & James Warren Jones
Account # V00365

4. Banco De Colombia
Aparta do 4213
Panama 5, Panama
Name of account: ??
Account # 0900520-6

5. Grenada National Bank
1 Bruce Street
St. George’s, Grenada, West Indies
Account #495
Name of account: People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ

6. Bank of Guyana
PO Box 1003
Georgetown, Guyana, SA
Treasury Bill # 148 for $1,000,000 held there in the name of People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ

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7. Bank of America
1700 Fillmore St.
Names on Accounts: L. Jones, J. W. Jones
Passbook # 054-220028-6
Certificate #395 account #80367

8. B of A [Bank of America]
Ukiah Branch
PO Box 299
Ukiah, Calif 95282
Names on account – Lynetta Jones in trust for J. W. Jones
Account #1282-80968

9. Numerous series E bonds. Bureau of Public Debt, Parkersburg, W; Va can provide printout of all series E bonds outstanding with the following information: name; SSN; birthdate
Series E bonds in the name of James Warren Jones; Lynetta Jones

10. Royal Bank of Canada
Georgetown Branch
38 Water Street
Georgetown, Guyana
Name on account: People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ
No account # listed on any checks or deposits

11. Financial Federal Savings & loan of Northern Calif.
PO Box 869
200 Broadway
Chico, Calif 95926
Name of account: Rev. James Jones
4 account numbers

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12. United California Bank main office
405 Montgomery St., SF, Calif 94104
cashier’s check fn $110,065.17
paid to Lynetta P. Jones or Marceline M. Jones on 7/28/77

13. Banco Union
Companio Anonima Capital
Caracas Venezuela
Name on account – Maria Katsaris & Deborah Touchette
P.O. Caja Box 893
Georgetown Guyana
Account # 01-58115-5
Amount in the account as of 6/78 $85,750.

14. First Federal Savings & Loan of Miami
One SE Third St.
Miami, Florida
Name on account Marceline M. Jones
Account #71-0029139-0
Money in account ($52,252.24) transferred to
Bank of Nova Scotia on 11/3/77
Marlborough & Navy Lion
PO Box 9518
Nassau, Bahamas
See item 26 following

15. Frontier Savings Assoc.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Account #9330
Account closed 3/9/77 w/ $17,887.40 withdrawal
Name on accounts not listed

16. Great Western Savings & Loan ABA #016-1302
Reference # Cashier’s check 033 103572-3
Paid to Marceline & James Jones
Date: 4/21/77, amount of check $18,016.33
Also reference # Cashier’s check 058-045324-0
Date of check 3/8/77 amount $5685.23
Paid to Rev. James W. Jones

17. Bank of Marin
Petaluma Office
Washington & [word illegible] Streets
Petaluma, Calif.
Cashier’s check # 0216454
Date 3/23/77
Amount $18,000
Remitter Marceline Jones

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18. Receipt for cashiers check
Home Federal Savings & Loan of SF
No name on receipt
Receipt #11009246 date 3/24/77 amount $3050.62

19. Allstate Savings & Loan Assoc.
5077 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, Cal.
Name of account James W. & Marceline Jones

20. Coast Federal Savings
355 S. Hill at [illegible word] ABA 16-1302
LA, Calif 90014
Cashier’s check # 26-066221 fn payment on
Account # 26-316393-3
Name on check: James W. Jones
Amount $17,970.34 March 10, 77

21. Hibernia Bank
HDQ at SF, Calif.
ABA # 11-53
Receipts for cashiers checks
a. #034777
date 3/24/77
amount $22,564.13
Paid to Marceline M. Jones
b. #035169
date 4/8/77
amount $258.52
Paid to Marceline M. Jones

22. Los Angeles, Calif
US Life Savings & Loan ABA # 16-1302
date 3/10/77
amount $17,909.22 – to close account # 11-120237
receipt #11-01412
Paid to Marceline Mae or James W. Jones

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23. First Jersey National Bank agent for Anchor Spectrum Fund, Inc.
ABA #55-33
copy of redemption check amt $7380.91
paid to James Jones
date 2/28/77
receipt #203-236024

24. Gibraltar Savings & Loan Assoc.
911 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, Calif 90213
receipt for cashier’s check #1-653828
amount $17,956.41
date 3/31/77
name: James W. or Marceline Jones

Following receipts for certified mail, US Postal Service

25. Date Addressed to Sender
7/5/77 First Fed. Savings & Loan of Miami M. Jones
One S.E. Third Ave. Receipt # none
Miami, Florida 33131

7/7/77 Greater Miami Fed Sav & Loan M. Jones
PO Box 014461 receipt # 818310
Miami, FL

7/7/77 S.E. First National Bank of Miami M. Jones
PO Box 12500 Receipt # none

7/5/77 Dade Fed. Savings & Loan M. Jones
PO Box 013981 Receipt # none

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26. Bank of Nova Scotia
Marlborough & Navy Lion Road
Nassau, Bahamas
Savings account #SDB413
In name of P. Adams and D. Touchette
receipt for safe deposit key #549 issued to [no name]

27. Savings Bank of Mendocino County
Ukiah, Calif
BA #90-406
– Bank money order receipt #200894 dated 11/11/76 for $18,243.06
remitted to savings account (unknown [illegible word]) of Marceline Jones
– Savings account #20-2428-3
in name of Lew E. or Rev. Jim Jones

28. Wells Fargo Bank
PO Box 6064
Santa Rosa, Calif
Account #0536 274244 – checking
name on account – Jim or Marceline Jones

29. Greater Miami Fed. Savings & Loan
101 SE. Second Ave.
Miami, Florida 33131
Account #76554
name James W. Jones
account closed 11/7/77