Serial 1838

[Editor’s note: This document was transcribed by Don Beck. The editors of this website are grateful for his invaluable assistance.]

United States Government
Date: 2/6/79
To: Mr. W.O. Cregar
From: [name deleted]

Subject: RYMUR

Attached to this memorandum is a daily log maintained by SA [name deleted] during the period 11/21-27/78 while assigned at the National Military Command Center (NMCC), Crisis Action Team (CAT), Pentagon, in the course of the RYMUR investigation.

1 – Bufile 89-4286
1 – Mr. [name deleted]
1 – Mr. D. W. Moore, Jr.
Attn: Mr. [name deleted]
1 – Mr. [name deleted]
1 – Mr. [name deleted]

LAC: mp (6)

[Page 2 – photocopy of manila envelope]

[Page 3; page 1 of notes]

DAILY LOG OF SA [name deleted]
AT National Military Command Center (NMCC), CAT, Pentagon
RE: RYMUR Bufile 89-4286

November 21, 1978 (Tuesday)
11:35 AM
Established direct liaison with [name deleted] and Col. [name deleted] of Crisis Action Team, National Military Command Center (NMCC)

12:05 PM
Received briefing from NMCC on current situation re: RYMUR, Bufile 89-4286.

12:30 PM
Telephoned Supt. [name deleted], FBI HQ, and informed him of my telephone # here at NMCC. [name deleted] was also advised by me of request by [name deleted] to be informed of any planned violence, manifestations, etc. by “Peoples Temple” sect against arrival in SF of Cong. Ryan’s body, or against the proposed return to Oakland or Dover of unidentified bodies (maybe 100 in total) from Jonestown. [name deleted] replied that there is no planned violence, manifestations, etc, by “Peoples Temple” (PT) in U.S.A. However, there is a “Peoples Temple (PT)” in SF and the PT defectors have expressed that they are fearful of their lives – retaliation by PT followers here in the U.S.A. This was released to Col. [name deleted], NMCC.

[Page 4; page 2 of notes]

Nov. 21, 1978 (Tuesday)
1:25 PM
FBI Super. [name deleted] advised that the total membership of PT is 1200-1500. However, reportedly there are only 200 active PT followers in LA and SF. Although there are no indications, as of now, as to any planned violence by PT, the religious teachings of PT include that they will retaliate against anyone who brings harm to Jimmie Jones and/or his church PT. This was relayed to Col. [name deleted].

4:10 PM
I was advised that both the identified and unidentified bodies of American citizens in Guyana will now be lifted by the military to Dover AFB. Government of Guyana does not want any burials in Guyana of these American citizens. Supr. [name deleted] of FBI HQ so advised and memo was so dictated by me to steno “Wanda” in FBI office. Also notified that FBI agents were not permitted to board the military aircraft at McDill AFB, Florida, destined got Guyana, per US Ambassador at Georgetown.

5:15 PM
USAF representative advised that FBI Disaster team may be called into action, to assist the identification of bodies at Dover AFB.

[Page 5; page 3 of notes]

Nov. 21, 1978 (Tuesday)
5:20 PM
FBI Sup. [name deleted] alerted to possibility of DOD request for assistance at Dover AFB of FBI Disaster Team.

5:25 PM
USAF representative at Crisis Action Center at NMCC, Pentagon, advised by me of fact that FBI Disaster Team is available and will be activated at specific request of DOD. This action was confirmed by FBI Supr. [name deleted].

[Page 6; page 4 of notes]

November 22, 1978 (Wednesday)
11:25 AM
Crisis Action Team (CAT) Supervisor advised that first C141 with 81 bodies scheduled to leave Georgetown, Guyana, at 4:30 PM today, and arriving Dover AFB at approximately midnight tonight. He also advised that FBI should send teletype to State Dept. and to JCS (attn: JCS/CAT Super) asking if assistance of FBI Disaster Team needed by DOD at Dover to affect identification of bodies. This info was released to FBI Super [name deleted].

12:30 PM
FBI [name deleted] advised that teletype has been sent to USDS and JCS (CAT) advising of availability of FBI Disaster Team.

3:50 PM
1st C141 leaving Georgetown at 10 PM 11/22/78, scheduled to arrive Dover AFB 3:45 AM aa/23/78. His info relayed to FBI Supr [name deleted].

4:00 PM
6 flights of C141’s scheduled to return bodies to Dover at 6 hour intervals.. Mr. Wm. Courtney, USAF Mortuary Service, Dover, tel# (302) 678-1075 (antoon[?] 8-455-6681) will handle mortuary services for DOD upon arrival of bodies, after which hr will turn bodies over to USDS. FBI Supr. [name deleted] so notified.

[Page 7; page 5 of notes]

Nov. 22, 1978 (Wednesday)
4:30 PM
FBI Liaison Officer [name deleted] told to have USDS approval for representative of National Institute of Drug Abuse to conduct examination of Jim Jones body while at Dover AFB.

4:35 PM
FBI #1 Man [name deleted] advised that USDS approval is necessary to military to arrange airlift of additional FBI agents destined for Guyana. Also that USDS must send communications to JCS/CAT to so arrange this transportation.

6:00 PM
1st airlift of Survivors will be performed on Saturday (subject to change)(tentative) November 25, 1978, destined from Georgetown by C141 to Charleston, S.C. This replayed to FBI Supr. [name deleted]

11:05 PM
DOD is very concerned about security of aircraft with “hard core” element of 40 PT sect members between Georgetown and Charleston AFB. DOD informally inquired as to whether or not civilian law enforcement would assist in affording security in this transportation. This info relayed to FBI Supr. [name deleted], who said that if US Marshals are to be used, then DOD should consult DOJ attorney (Liaison Mike E. Abbell, home phone [name deleted][name deleted], bus. 633-372? [last number missing—off edge of Xeroxed page]

[Page 8; page 6 of notes]

Nov. 23, 1978 (Thursday)
8:35 AM
DOJ attorney Mike Abbell advised he saw no role for civilian law enforcement (FBI or US Marshals) to afford security during the transport of survivors from Georgetown to Charleston AFB. Abbell said the security safest is responsibility of DOD. This info relayed to CAT Supervisor Capt (USN) [name deleted].

9:30 AM
Mr. Wm. Courtney, AF Chief of Mortuary Service, Dover AFB, requested to directly contact FBI Disaster Team captain Corval[?] S. Banner (Inspector –Dep AD, Identification Division), as he has 40 bodies (unidentified) at Dover and would like FBI Team to appear tonight at Dover to assist in identification. This relayed to FBI Supr. [name deleted], who said he would put Mr. Banner in direct contact with Mr. Courtney.

10:35 AM
Jim Jones body will arrive at Dover AFB on 2nd C141 military airlift at 1:15 AM on 11/24/78. Also, DOD instructions are to release the survivors to FBI, USDS and HEW upon arrival at Charleston AFB. They will have to be processed off base per DOD. The fact that Jim Jones’ body is on 2nd flight and that Charleston AFB is the site for landing of survivors is “close-hold” info. This was relayed to FBI Supr. [name deleted].

[Page 9; page 7 of notes]

Nov. 23, 1978 (Thursday)
12:05 PM
DOD plans to ask DOJ for assistance of US Marshals on airlift of survivors to Charleston AFB. Also, the 2nd airlift of bodies will arrive (scheduled to arrive) at Dover AFB at 9:15 PM tonight with body of Jim Jones. This relayed to FBI Supr. [name deleted] and [name deleted].

12:40 PM
I relayed to [name deleted] (JES/CAT) that DOJ attorney Mike Abbell is amenable to having Sky Marsha; on flight of survivors to Charleston AFB. Also [name deleted] said he is agreeable to a facility being provided FBI at Charleston AFB for interview of survivors, provided there is no requirement that the AF have survivors under house arrest. This info in full agreement with FBI Supr. [name deleted].

[Page 10; page 8 of notes]

Nov. 24, 1978 (Friday)
9:05 AM
USN Captain [name deleted], National Military Command Center, CAT Chief, advised that this AM his team was notified by military at Georgetown that body count is now doubled from the original 409 count. It is now estimated at about 800 (this classified “confidential”). Survivors are 24 (docile) first released by Guyana Government to American Embassy, Georgetown, which group will be transported by C141 to Charleston AFB late today or early AM of 11/25/78, with 2 sky marshals and about 4 air police. The 44 remaining survivors (hard-core ¬– ex-felon[?]) are still in custody of Guyana Government and it is unknown at this time as to when they will be released, but military will also trans port this latter group of 44 with 4 sky marshals and 4 air police to Charleston, S.C. This info relayed to FBI Task Force men, SA [name deleted] and Inspector Jim Ingram, stressing the new high (revised) body count is classified “confidential” by DOD.

9:42 AM
SA [name deleted] stated that US DOD plans to make public release re destination (Charleston AFB) of survivors.

9:45 AM
SA [name deleted] said American Embassy, Georgetown, notified that DOD conducted medical (pathological) report in Jonestown re bodies and FBI wants to get it.

[Page 11; page 9 of notes]

Nov. 24, 1978 (Friday)
11:08 AM
USN Capt. [name deleted] (CAT) advised that as of last night 4 C141 flights brought in 270 bodies into Dover. As of 9AM today 341 bodies have been counted in Jonestown, and more are being uncovered. This is total so far counted of 611. DOD estimates total could be increased to 800 bodies. IT appears that Oakland Mortuary (Army) will not be necessary, as Dover can handle bodies for processing. This info relayed to Inspector Jim Ingram over secure phone, since above body count figure is classified “confidential.”

1:20 PM
Received telephone call from SA [name deleted] that AF Driver, Mr. [name deleted], will arrive at Pentagon, River Entrance from Dover AFB with the suicide letter (in plastic case, within 4 envelopes and _____[?]) recovered by DOD from body of Jim Jones. USDS Task Force member [name deleted] will instruct [name deleted] to turn this evidence over to SA [name deleted] at Pentagon. This info relayed to Inspector Jim Ingram who instructed that I accept this evidence from [name deleted].

1:25 PM
No airlift has been scheduled for survivors as Guyana government has not released any as yet to American Embassy at Georgetown. This info relayed to FBI Supr. [name deleted].

[Page 12; page 10 of notes]

Nov. 24, 1978 (Friday)
2:00 PM
I received 8” x 11” brown manila envelope classified “confidential” and sealed, from Mr. [name deleted] (negro, male, civilian AF employee, driver for 436th Transportation Squadron, Dover AFB) at River entrance of Pentagon. [name deleted] said he received this package (envelope) from USAF Major [name deleted], the Information Officer at Dover AFB and whose tel# is [name deleted], [name deleted]. [name deleted] realizes the envelope is classified but does not know what is contained in the envelope. I gave [name deleted] a receipt for the envelope. He gave envelope to me upon the advice of Mr. [name deleted], USDS Task Force, tel# [name deleted]. I initialed the lower right hand corner of envelope, dated it, and put “RYMUR” also on it.

2:35 PM
I turned the above envelope over to SA [name deleted], Document Section, FBI Laboratory Division.

4:25 PM
SA [name deleted] advised that new FBI HQ RYMUR Task Force Hdgtrs tel nos are: [name deleted][name deleted].

5:00 PM
Col. [name deleted] advised that he received verbal notice from Jonestown DOD personnel that body count is now a “little over 800,” and that official communications is forth coming with actual figure. Also, 4 – C141’s landed at Dover with total of 270 bodies, 2 more C141’s on way by 8:30 pm tonight. Total with it 422, FBI Supr so informed.

[Page 13; page 11 of notes]

Nov. 24, 1978 (Friday)
5:05 PM
Guyana government still has not released any of the survivors, so no military airlifts have been scheduled by DOD. IT is possible, per Col. [name deleted] (JCS/CAT), that survivor airlift could commence Saturday night or Sunday. FBI Supr. [name deleted] so notified by me.

5:40 PM
Body count at Jonesville[?] now given as 802 and survivor count at 78. All 78 survivors are at Georgetown and Guyanese Government intends to release small group (24?) of non-violent survivors to American Embassy. This info relayed to SA [name deleted].

[Page 14; page 12 of notes]

Nov. 25, 1978 (Saturday)
10:15 AM
Unofficial body count (per Col [name deleted], JCS/CAT) is 909. Survivors county is 76. (28 docile and 48 hard core) who are all in control of Guyana Government. The release of 28 survivors to American Embassy is expected on Monday, 11/27 or Tuesday, 11/28. This info relayed to FBI SA [name deleted].

11:50 AM
Body count now 910. Breakdown is:
At Dover AFB 718
At Georgetown 122
At Jonestown 60-70
910 (unofficial)

Survivor count is 80. Breakdown is:
Hard Core 46 }
Docile 25 } at Georgetown in
Arrested 4 } control of Government
Hospital 3 } of Guyana
80 (TOTAL) (84 per USDS)

This info relayed to SA [name deleted]. (SA [name deleted]) advises that above survivor count of 80 does not include the 4 survivors in Trinidad with the boat “Albatross”. Therefore Survivors, per USDS, is 84.

[Page 15; page 13 of notes]

Nov. 25, 1978 (Saturday)
12:55 PM
Pentagon is proposing to USDS that HEW Rep. at Charleston AFB be designated as the central coordinator for Public Affairs matters as pertains to survivors upon arrival at Charleston. SA [name deleted] at FBI HQ so informed.

1:40 PM
SA [name deleted] confirmed that FBI in accord with HEW Rep at Charlestown being designated by USDS as central coordinator re Punic Affairs on survivors.

[Page 16; page 14 of notes]

Nov. 26, 1978 (Sunday)
11:20 AM
Body count is now firm at 912, and all are at Dover AFB. There are 84 survivors. SA [name deleted] so informed.

12:05 PM
DOD begins its withdrawal of equipment and manpower from Guyana today and hopefully by tomorrow all of DOD will be removed from Guyana. No positive info as yet about survivor removal, but DOD is proposing that a 36 hour notice be given for organization of military airlift of survivors from Guyana, if no commercial aircraft deemed feasible or available. SA [name deleted] was so informed of the info.

[Page 17; page 15 of notes]

Nov. 27, 1978 (Monday)
9:45 AM
Per USN Capt. [name deleted], Crisis Action Team, this Guyanese matter, at NMCC will cease at 12 noon today. New tel nos for Joint Operations Div., JCS will be [name deleted][name deleted]. Also tel# for ADDO, NMCC, will be [name deleted][name deleted] and [name deleted][name deleted]. 3 large Jolly Green Giant Helicopters (H1453) will remain in Guyana till early AM 11/28/78. Afterwards only 2 helicopters will be left there to render support to American Embassy at Georgetown. All other DOD personnel and material will be removed by then. An 84 year old survivor left yesterday vial commercial to NYC. No C-141’s as yet have left Charleston AFB, as Government of Guyana has not yet released any survivors. DOD has asked for and will have 24 hour response time for C-141 to be available at Georgetown for removal of survivors. DOD believes survivors may more economically use commercial air for return to CONUAS (precluding arrival at Charleston AFB). This info relayed to FBI Supr. [name deleted].

10:40 AM
Per USN Capt [name deleted] at NMCC/CAT, AF will provide security around hanger being used by FBI in Charleston AFB. This relayed to SA [name deleted].

12:00 Noon
NMCC/CAT ceased operation.