Serial 1855

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation


To: Mr. Adams
From: D.W. Moore

Subject: RYMUR

PURPOSE: To advise of a request by Assistant Commissioner of Guyana Police Cecil A. Roberts, that he be offered an opportunity to meet Director [William H.] Webster, and to have a photograph of himself with the Director.

RECOMMENDATION: That Assistant Commissioner Roberts meet and be photographed with the Director at a time acceptable to Director Webster.

DETAILS: Assistant Commissioner Cecil A. Roberts, Criminal Investigative Division, Police of Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana, will arrive at FBIHQ on 1/30/79 and be a houseguest at the Virginia home of Legat Robert Oglesby through Sunday, 2/4/79. The purpose of Assistant Commissioner Roberts’ visit is to meet with FBIHQ, San Francisco and Brooklyn-Queens MRA personnel regarding the investigation into the death of Congressman Leo J. Ryan of California.

In this regard, Assistant Commissioner Roberts has stated that he would be most appreciative if he could be afforded the opportunity of meeting Director Webster and being photographed with the Director.

Assistant Commissioner Roberts recently secure the permission of his Government to travel to the United States to cooperate fully with the FBI in making available any and all information and evidence in the possession of the Government of Guyana.