Serial 1863

0 122125Z FEB 79
FM CARACAS (89-4) (P)

Embassy officials at Georgetown, Guyana, advised that name of town to which Clifford Allen Gieg and Herbert Newell traveled is Kumaka located at intersection of Kaituma and Barima Rivers at small village known as Mabaruma. Copy of coroner’s inquest as previously furnished to San Francisco office indicates a statement of Herbert Newell appearing on page 42.

Interviews of Carters and Prokes as requested for use by the San Francisco office have been requested and are currently being typed as attachments to the coroner’s inquest. However, for immediate use of San Francisco, the coroner’s inquest beginning on page 28 contains statements by Carters and Prokes and interviews, when obtained, will be essentially [illegible word].

Legat left Georgetown, Guyana, February 10, 1979, and FBI currently has no representative in Georgetown.

The San Francisco office should be furnished the above info.


Originally posted on August 4th, 2020.

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