Serial 1894-0


Date 2/2/79

To: SAC, San Francisco
From: Director, FBI

Enclosed for San Francisco are five copies of an LHM prepared at FBIHQ reflecting investigation conducted in Guyana by FBI Agent technicians. Also enclosed are original 302’s from the LHM.

One copy each of the enclosed LHM has been disseminated by FBIHQ to the Criminal Division and the Civil Division of the Department.

Additionally, one copy has been disseminated by FBIHQ to US Secret Service Headquarters.

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United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, DC 20535

January 24, 1979


On November 30, 1978, Special Agents [names deleted] all assigned to FBI Headquarters, travel to Georgetown, Guyana, to assist in the investigation of captioned matter. They remained in Guyana until December 16, 1978. Special Agent Robert J. Oglesby, Legal Attaché Caracas, Venezuela, was already in Guyana.

Attached are FD-302s, FBI Laboratory Report, and an investigative insert indicating pertinent investigation conducted in Guyana during the aforementioned period.

The attachments appertain to interviews conducted with Guyana National Police authorities, Guyana Pathologist, Doctor Leslie Mootoo, examination of documents and tapes made available to the FBI by the Guyana National Police: examination of documents and a listing of tapes and documents to be returned to the United States for further review and analysis: an FBI firearms identification laboratory report containing the following significant findings:

1. Two bullets were recovered from Leo Ryan; one is .30 caliber, the other .38 Special or .357 Magnum. The .30 caliber bullet was identified as having been fired from the .308 Winchester caliber Remington, Model 700, rifle. The .38 caliber bullet could have been fired from the .357 Magnum Ruger, Security Six, revolver, but not from any to [of] the other recovered weapons.

2. The two bullets recovered from Monica Bagby were identified as having been fired from the .38 Special Smith & Wesson, Model 36, revolver recovered from Larry Layton.

3. The other weapon identified as having fired ammunition components recovered at the airstrip is the .22 caliber Ruger, Model 10-22, rifle.

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4. Also present at the airstrip, as evidenced by recovered ammunition components, was a .308 Winchester caliber or 7.62 NATO (they are the same cartridge) rifle and a .380 Auto caliber pistol which has not been recovered.

Authority for FBI to interview pertinent individuals in Guyana, especially those not returning to the United States, was not granted. Documents and tapes obtained from Jonestown, Guyana, and maintained at the United States Consulate, Georgetown, Guyana, were not turned over to the FBI until December 29, 1978, when these items were forwarded to the United States for investigative review by the FBI.

On December 6 and 7, 1978, FBI Headquarters personnel traveled to Kaituma Airfield, near Jonestown, Guyana. Ballistics related items were located at the Kaituma airstrip and custody was immediately assumed by Guyana National Police authorities. Observations at Jonestown on above dates indicated that voluminous documents, wooden crates, and other materials were still in Jonestown. Guyana National Police took custody and control of some documents. Numerous tapes were also observed. On December 7, 1978, five wooden trunks were filled with the numerous tapes and observed the previous date, and tapes were taken into custody by the Guyana National Police and returned to their police headquarters in Georgetown.

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Table of Contents

Doug Ellice
American Consulate
Georgetown, Guyana
Copies of different types of checks recovered at Jonestown, Guyana. 1
[name deleted], Guyana National Police (GNP) Some material found in Jonestown, included was a listing of residents of Jonestown, (No Date). 2
[name deleted], (supra) GNP Some material found by police at 41 Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown 3
[name deleted], (supra) GNP Some material found by police at 41 Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown 4
Cecil A. (Skip) Roberts
Assistant Police Commissioner, GNP
Interview regarding any possible conspiracy, People’s Temple (PT) bank accounts, recovered funds and copies of GNP investigative reports regarding murders committed at 41 Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown, and Ecology report concerning Congressman Ryan and eight other persons. 5
Cecil A. (Skip) Roberts Photograph of statement written by Anne [Ann] Moore 6
Cecil A. (Skip) Roberts Copy of statement written by Maria Katsaris 7
Cecil A. (Skip) Roberts Police report concerning murders at Port Kaituma 8
Cecil A. (Skip) Roberts Copies of letters signed by Anne J. McGowan, addressed the Bank [of] Panama, and Russian Consulate in Georgetown directing the money belonging to PT be given to Russian Consulate. 9
Dr. Leslie Mootoo
Observation and examinations be conducted on dead and physical items found at Jonestown 10
FBI Statement Review of tape recordings and custody of GNP. 11
FBI Statement Review of tape recordings and custody of GNP including tape recordings titled “White Night,” and a conversation between James W. Jones and one Marvin Sweeney 12
FBI Statement Copy of tape identified as “Last Hour.” 13
FBI Statement Location of five cases of additional tape recordings at Jonestown, 12/7/78. 14
John Burke, US Ambassador Custody of tape identified as “Last Hour.” 15
FBI Statement Custody of tape recordings. 16
FBI Statement Custody of tape recordings. 17
FBI Statement Inventory of radio and electronic material found at Jonestown, and stored at American Embassy, Georgetown, Guyana. 18
Richard Martin, Vice Consul of the United States Embassy, Georgetown, Guyana Oral and final statement concerning his seizure of material at Jonestown, and its transportation to American Embassy, Georgetown, Guyana 19
Richard Martin (supra) Statement concerning FBI documents found at Jonestown. 20
FBI Statement Statement and FBI Laboratory Firearms Report. 21
FBI Statement Statement concerning material found at American Consulate, Georgetown, Guyana 22
FBI Statement American Consulate, Georgetown, Guyana 23