Serial 1894-1


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription January 5, 1979

Douglas Ellice, American Consulate, Georgetown, Guyana, advised that he had received hundreds of checks of various types totaling over $200,000 from the Guyana National Police authorities and Richard Martin, American Vice Consul, who obtained these checks in Jonestown, Guyana, when he visited that area.

Attached are photocopies of the sample number of the checks in the possession of Mr. Ellice. It was noted that the first three items are for $50.33 each and the remittances are from three different areas in the United States.

Check numbers 110 and 111 drawn on Barclays Bank of California, by Phyllis D. Houston, are for $793.62, and are noted for Patricia and Judy Houston, room, board (lodging), and educational expenses. The remaining checks are observed to be payable to cash and all are drawn on various accounts at the Bank of Montréal, San Francisco, California. Drawers’ signatures appear to be different, but the remaining writing of the payee cash and dollar amounts appear to have been written by a person other than the drawer.

Mr. Ellice advised that he is in the process of returning these checks to the rightful owners as soon as such rightful ownership is determined.

[Remaining 13 pages are photocopies of fronts and backs of checks, with signatures from members of Peoples Temple.]