Serial 1894-12


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/4/78

On 12/4/78, SAs [name deleted] and Robert J. Oglesby listened to approximately 42 cassette tape recordings which had been made available to them by Assistant Superintendent of Police Cecil A. Roberts, Guyanese National Police (GNP).

The majority of the above cassettes were either blank or contained music and/for unknown people in conversation. One of the above conversations was a telephone conversation between Rev. James W. Jones and one Marvin Sweeney. A copy of this cassette was made by SA [name deleted].

SAs [name deleted] and Oglesby also noted that there were approximately 100 seven-inch reels of tape in custody of the GNP. All of the above tapes were examined by SAs [name deleted] and Oglesby for any markings that would distinguish them from other tapes. It was also noted that there were six reels of tape approximately 18 inches in diameter in custody of GNP. One of the seven-inch reels was in a box marked “White Night.” A cassette copy of this seven-inch reel was made by SA [name deleted].