Serial 1894-14


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/14/78

On December 7, 1978, Special Agent (SA) [name deleted] and [name deleted], Criminal Intelligence Division (CID), Guyana National Police (GNP), traveled to Jonestown, Guyana, the United States Army helicopter. SA [names deleted] conducted a search of the “pavilion area” for any and all audio and video recordings. SA [names deleted] also conducted a search for similar material in and around all other buildings at Jonestown to which access could be gained.

On December 7, 1978, SA [name deleted] and [name deleted] removed from Jonestown five wooden containers approximately two feet by two feet by three and a half feet containing approximately 200 videocassettes, 11 reels and 12 cassettes of audio recordings. These items were transmitted via United States Army helicopter from Jonestown to Georgetown, Guyana, and immediately transported to CID headquarters in Georgetown.