Serial 1894-22


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/14/78

From December 4, 1978, through December 12, 1978, Special Agents (SAs) [names deleted], Robert J. Oglesby, Jr., and [name deleted], reviewed material contained in 26 wooden boxes, various cardboard boxes, suitcases, footlockers and plastic bags. All of the above material and containers were in a locked room located in the United States Consulate in Georgetown, Guyana. These items were in the custody of Doug Ellice, Consul of the United States of America, having been placed there by Richard Martin, Vice Consul of the United States of America at Caracas, Venezuela, while on temporary duty at Georgetown, Guyana.

All of the above material was removed from Jonestown, Guyana, on November 24, 1978, under the direction of thank Martin.

After reviewing all of the above material, 11 wooden boxes approximately two feet by two feet by three and a half feet, were set aside for the purpose of transporting material which was of interest to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). These boxes contain records relating to the following activities of People’s Temple and People’s Temple members:

1) Financial and property records
2) Activities in United States of America
3) Contacts with Guyana citizens/Government officials
4) List of People’s Temple members
5) Possible Bondage/Restrictions of members, including children
6) Foreign contacts
7) FBI records
8) Miscellaneous
9) Weapons
10) Codes
11) Miscellaneous court cases
12) Miscellaneous sampling of People’s Temple activities

In addition to the above four of these 11 boxes containing videotapes, audiotapes, super eight and 16mm prints.