Serial 1924

FBI Airtel

Date 1/26/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: SAC, PHILADELPHIA (89-276) (SQ. 10) (P)

Enclosed for the Identification Division are newborn identification records of the following:

1. Infant [name deleted] born 2/26/70, at Saint Joseph’s Hospital.
2. Infant [name deleted] born 3/4/73, at Saint Joseph’s Hospital.
3. Infant [name deleted] born 11/23/74, at Pennsylvania Hospital.

On 1/11/79, [name deleted] was interviewed at his request, and strongly believes that his wife and three children, missing since 12/29/77 may be amongst the unidentified dead from Guyana suicide/murder. Prior to their disappearance, his wife was beginning to display bizarre behavior and became acquainted with the cult known as the Rosicrucian Order, based in San Jose, Calif. He has officially filed a missing persons report with the Philadelphia Police Department and hired a private investigator to locate them; all with negative

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PH 89-276

results. One week following the Guyana incident, [name deleted] began inquiry at Dover (AFB), Delaware, but was informed he needed positive (fingerprint) information to establish that his relatives were amongst the dead. Only recently did he learn birth records contained the prints of the mother and baby. He was informed by the hospitals they would release the necessary information to an authorized agency under appropriate procedures. [name deleted] voluntarily executed form FD-406 entitled “Authority to Release Information” and the appropriate hospitals responded in writing with the enclosures.

The enclosures include fingerprints of his wife, [name deleted], American Indian, 12/19/46, at Philadelphia, Pa., 4 feet 11 1/2 inches tall, 122 pounds; daughter, [name deleted], born 2/26/70; and son, [name deleted], born 11/23/74, have no distinguishable features; son, [name deleted] born 3/4/73, has a small crease or dent in his forehead. All children and wife have natural teeth and light complected. They have no known broken bones or defects. The features favor that of the Negroid race.


The Identification Division is requested to examine the enclosures and advise if they are identifiable with any unidentified individuals recovered from Guyana.


[Editor’s note: There are no records of anyone born on these dates, or of a family of four who lived in Philadelphia which perished in Jonestown.]