Serial 1945

0 030020Z MAR 79
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 10)

Re Legat Caracas letter to Director, dated February 12, 1979, enclosing Consul Douglas V. Ellice interview.

After review of Ellice interview, San Francisco is desirous of Legat to obtain from Ellice original notes, identity of code books used by Ellice and obtain same if still in his possession and furnish to San Francisco. Also determine possible identity or at least sex of GT and PT operators.

Bureau is requested to relay above to Legat [Robert J.] Oglesby, U.S. Embassy, Georgetown, Guyana.


It is noted by San Francisco that Ellice made available to FBI, information on referenced interview on


February 9, 1979, 84 days after his obtaining same and two weeks after furnishing to Washington Post reporter. San Francisco feels had not information, either purposely or inadvertently furnished to Washington Post news man, information may not have been available to FBI even at this point in time.

San Francisco feels Bureau should make an official protest to U.S. State Department.

In addition, San Francisco has developed through interview of Joseph Mazor, San Francisco private detective, that he, Mazor traveled to Guyana on September 11 through September 16, 1979 [1978]. Mazor advises that he spoke with Consul Ellice in Georgetown prior to his visit to Jonestown at which time Mazor left his passport with the U.S. Embassy in fear that Jim Jones may attempt to seize his passport. Mazor also claims that he advised U.S. Embassy that if he did not return by September 15, 1979 [1978], from Jonestown to Georgetown, that the U.S. Embassy make every effort and with the assistance of local government to rescue him, as he anticipated that he might be detained in Jonestown against his will or possibly harmed. Mazor further advised that on his return to Georgetown, September 14, 1979 [1978],


he visited the U.S. Embassy to retrieve his passport and advised Ellice of his observations in Jonestown, which included among other things, the fact that he personally observed armed guards and specifically on the evening of September 12, 1978, at 3:00 AM he observed unidentified individuals remove numerous weapons from a “hut” near the visitors’ quarters. Mazor also advised Ellice that he observed in excess of 1000 passports and he observed that many of Jonestown residents were in a state of paranoia. Mazor related to Ellice that he had a personal and confidential conversation with Karen Layton at which time she expressed strong feelings against Jim Jones, the Jonestown settlement and that Jonestown was in possession of automatic weapons.

San Francisco has reviewed U.S. Embassy, Georgetown telegrams contained in State Department file re PT, furnished to San Francisco by WFO [Washington Field Office], obtained from U.S. State Department, Washington, DC, and no reference to Mazor’s trip observations and statements to Ellice are contained therein.

San Francisco feels that the Bureau should, through appropriate channels, disseminate Mazor’s comments to State


Department and appropriate persons of the International Relations Committee investigating the performance of certain executive branch agencies in the PT matter.

“Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies”.