Serial 1955

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date: 2/27/79

To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram
Subject: RYMUR

PURPOSE: To record that US State Department Ambassador John Crimmins was advised telephonically 2/23/79 of the data he had previously requested of the FBI in a meeting at the US State Department on 2/12/79.

RECOMMENDATION: None. For information.

DETAILS: By memorandum dated 2/13/79, it was set forth the Deputy Assistant Director Ingram met with US State Department Ambassadors Crimmins and Stanley Carpenter. The requested of the FBI information regarding Debra [Deborah] Blakey. Crimmins specifically desired to know if Blakey had ever contacted the FBI in San Francisco prior to 11/18/78 and made any complaints to the FBI regarding the People’s Temple. Crimmins also requested us to determine if the US Treasury had furnished the FBI in San Francisco a copy of a Customs report dated 8/26/77. Details were set out in my memorandum dated 2/13/79.

On 2/23/79, I advised Crimmins that the FBI Office in San Francisco had advised by teletype to the Director of the FBI dated 2/18/79 that the San Francisco indices revealed that prior to 11/19/78 FBI San Francisco was not in possession of US Treasury Department report concerning illegal weapons and did not have any knowledge of weapon transactions on behalf of People’s Temple. FBI San Francisco also advised that the office had not been in receipt of any information or complaints from Debra Blakey.

Crimmins expressed his appreciation for the prompt handling of this matter.