Serial 1977

FBI Airtel

Date 3/5/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: SAC, WFO (89-570) (P)

Re WFO [Washington Field Office] airtel to Bureau, 2/27/79.

Enclosed for the Bureau are 1 copy of the petition received by Congressman Richard Ottinger, 1 copy of an insert reflecting review of letters received by the FCC, 1 copy of papers received from Galen W. (Joe) Holsinger on 12/8/78, and 1 copy of documents received from the Department of State on 12/29/78.

Enclosed for the SF Division are two copies each of 1000 passport applications received by WFO from the USDS [U.S. Department of State], Passport Office during the period 11/21/78, through February, 1979.

Re WFO teletype to Bureau and SF, 1/29/79, WFO is furnishing an extra copy of USDS Passport Applications to the SF Division for delivery to ATF [Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms], if desired. It is noted that the photograph on the Xerox copies blocks out pertinent information on the first page of the application. WFO will furnish SF the original photograph and copy of the application upon completion of filing at WFO. In the event SF needs information blocked out on the application by the photograph, prior to receipt of the original applications, WFO can furnish this information if the name and DOB are provided.

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WFO 89-570

Re SF teletype to WFO, 2/22/79. [Line deleted] was contacted on 2/26/79, and advised he would attempt to determine the next time [name deleted] would be in the country.

On 3/2/79, [name deleted] advised that [name deleted] would be in the US on 3/11/79, to join a Senator on a foreign trip, and he believed it would be possible to have [name deleted] come back early and appear before the Grand Jury in SF on either 3/8/79 or 3/9/79.

SA Donald Hale, SF Division, was telephonically contacted on 3/5/79, and advised that no Grand Jury would be meeting on that date.

Armed & dangerous. Suicidal tendencies.