Serial 2006-post


Attached concerns the investigation into the assassination of Congressman Leo J. Ryan at Port Kaituma, Guyana, on 11/18/78.

San Francisco has uncovered documents in the second shipment of 15 crates of evidence received from Guyana that Terri Buford, Michael Prokes, Deborah Blakey, and [name deleted] had made written threats in the past to bodily harm Henry Kissinger, former Governor Ronald Reagan, General Alexander Hagg [Haig], former President Richard Nixon, former Governor George Wallace, and the unknown President of the United States who would have been in office at the time the undated notes were signed. The notes also indicated proposed acts of terrorism and espionage.

It should be noted that investigation has previously disclosed that Jim Jones required and dictated that members of the People’s Temple were to write incriminating statements whether the statements were true or not. San Francisco has, however, been instructed to insure that all identifiable victims be notified of the nature and content of threats made against them and that all identifiable living signators of the notes in question be located and interviewed regarding circumstances and intent surrounding the writing of the notes.

US Secret Service Headquarters and appropriate field offices have been notified of facts contained in this teletype. San Francisco has additionally been instructed to insure that local authorities covering the residences of identifiable victims also be notified. Copies of this teletype have been furnished to the Criminal Division of the Department.