Serial 2021


Date: 3/27/79

To: SAC, San Francisco
From: Director, FBI

On 3/19/79 John Crimmins, US State Department, telephonically advised FBIHQ that John Blacken, US State Department, was in contact with Newsweek correspondent John Nugent. Nugent told Blacken that he had talked to an individual named “Ijames” [Norman Ijames] and according to Nugent “Ijames” was a member of the People’s Temple and was a pilot for Reverend Jim Jones. There were several members of the Ijames family involved in the People’s Temple. Ijames allegedly flew between Miami and Port Kaituma. Nugent believes Ijames is now chief pilot for the Monarch Airlines.

San Francisco is requested to review records to fully identify “Ijames”, determine if he was, in fact, a pilot for Jim Jones, and if he has been interviewed in depth regarding this matter.

San Francisco advise FBIHQ of the results of your review in this regard.