Serial 2027

Report of the
Latent Fingerprint Section
Identification Division

March 23, 1979

Your file no. 89-250 (P) (SQ. 10)
FBI file no. 86-4286
Latent case no. B- 68366

To: SAC, San Francisco

Reference: Teletype 3-13-79
Examination requested by: San Francisco

Fingerprints appearing on a copy of an applicant fingerprint card from the Sheriff’s Office, Ukiah, California, their #16613, bearing the name Michael Joseph Prokes, born 5-31-47, and fingerprints appearing on a Guyana, S.A., Personal Identification fingerprint card bearing the name Teresa Jean Buford searched through the Identification Division criminal fingerprint files, but no prior arrest record was located.

No fingerprints were located here for [name deleted] or Deborah Blakey, a.k.a. Deborah June Huddleston and Deborah Layton.

[Page 2 consists of handwritten notes upon which report of page 1 are based.]

[Balance of serial consists of duplicate of Serial 2007.]