Serial 2043x

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 2/14/79
To: Mr. Herndon
From: [name deleted]

Subject: RYMUR

Purpose: To set forth need for utilization of ADP support for alphabetical reproduction of Guyana codebooks which will facilitate and expedite analysis of encoded radio transmissions which is currently being conducted by San Francisco Division and the Cryptanalysis Subunit.

Details: On January 10, 1979, the Cryptanalysis Subunit was furnished, by the San Francisco Division, codebooks used by Peoples Temple members in radio transmissions. Current format of codebooks requires extensive searching through approximately 250 pages to locate a particular code word or phrase. The haphazard and random nature of this material precludes an efficient and thorough examination of the communications. Therefore, the alphabetical listing of codewords and phrases will enhance and expedite analysis and investigation. Additionally, the San Francisco Division has requested ten copies of the alphabetical codeword listing to expedite their investigation.

Due to sensitivity and cryptic nature of codebooks, personnel in the Technical Services Division’s Laboratory Support Group, who are trained in cryptography, are well qualified to assist in this project.

Upon approval, details of the project will be discussed between Laboratory cryptanalysts and the Laboratory Support Group personnel.

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Memorandum to Mr. Herndon

Recommendation: That the Technical Services Division provide ADP assistance to the Laboratory in preparation of alphabetical reproduction of the Guyana codebooks.