Serial 2047

0 (illegible)Z MAR 79
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 10)

Request is being made for San Francisco case agent, SA Donald R. Hale to travel to Guyana this month to meet with Cecil A. Roberts, Assistant Commissioner of Crime and other appropriate Guyanese officials concerning mutual interest in the administration of justice, discussion of evidence seized at Jonestown, and continue police liaison initiated by Roberts during his travel to FBIHQ, January 3, 1979. SA Hale also desires to travel to Port Kaituma and Jonestown, Guyana to observe crime scene. SA Hale does not intend to conduct investigation and will limit his activities to liaison and observation.


As the Bureau is aware, it would be of great investigative assistance that the FBI and the Guyana National Police continue to maintain the closest possible relationship.

USA [US Attorney], San Francisco, to handle any prosecution and is currently conducting Federal Grand Jury, has advised that it would be advantageous that agent knowledgeable in all facets of investigation and readily available to his office, observe crime scene, in view of the conflicting and divergent statements and testimony of witnesses.

Cecil Roberts during conference at headquarters, indicated that Larry Layton may be made available for interview after legal process is completed by GOG [Government of Guyana] and observation of crime scene by agent knowledgeable in all facets of investigation would be imperative for proper interrogation.

Further, as the Bureau is aware, congressional staff of the Committee on International Relations has seen fit to travel to Guyana and certainly the Bureau’s obligation and responsibility in this matter requires as much.

Bureau requested through State to obtain permission from US Embassy, Georgetown and appropriate GOG for SA Hale to


travel to Guyana, preferably prior to the end of the month, and to include audience with Roberts and other persons in GOG that US Embassy feels appropriate, also to obtain permission and arrangements to travel to Georgetown [Jonestown] and Port Kaituma, preferably accompanied by Counsel [Consul] Richard Dwyer whose eyewitness account would be of great value.

(“Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies”.

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CID concurs with the recommendation of the SAC, San Francisco that SA Hale travel to Guyana for purposes set forth above. SA Hale has been charged with the unique responsibility of conducting a thorough investigation of matters which occurred outside of the United States. It is believed to be essential that he receive first-hand information from authorities at the crime scene.

SA Hale has complete knowledge of the facts in this case. Lagat Robert Oglesby, Caracas, has acted only in a liaison capacity and does not have the benefit of complete knowledge of investigation conducted in the United States. Furthermore, issues to be discussed with officials of the Government of Guyana will be self-generating based upon items revealed to SA Hale. These issues cannot be pre-planned because the pieces will not fall into place until the complete knowledge of investigation from both countries is compared. It is anticipated that a myriad of evidence and testimony will be presented to a Federal Grand Jury at San Francisco as an outgrowth of the trip to Guyana. It is impractical to have Legat Oglesby tied up at San Francisco for an extended period of time, even if he could accomplish the task to be undertaken by SA Hale.

The Department has tasked the FBI to conduct a complete investigation into the mass suicide at Jonestown including areas not usually the responsibility of this Bureau. Such areas include possible illegal gun shipments, drug shipments, currency violations, and location of assets of the People’s Temple worldwide for the United States Government to attach in connection with its $4.2 million lawsuit against the People’s Temple. The civil action has been instituted to recover expenses incurred in bringing the bodies out of Guyana.

It is further recommended that State Department be requested to make appropriate arrangements in this regard and that Legat Robert Oglesby, Caracas, accompany SA Hale while in Guyana. If approved, CID will monitor the activities of SA Hale while in Guyana to insure that the time spent in Guyana is held to the shortest possible duration.

If approved, this matter including contact with the State Department will be handled by CID.