Serial 2059


March 26, 1979

To: SAC, San Francisco (89-250)
From: Director, FBI

Examination requested by: Criminal Investigative Division
Reference: Laboratory report dated March 6, 1979
Examination requested: duplication – videotape– document
FBI file no:
Lab. No.: 90102044 E SH RP PN

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Report of the

March 26, 1979

To: SAC, San Francisco (89-250)
Specimens received: December 29, 1978
Lab. No.: 90102044 E SH RP PN

Results of examination:

This report supplements previous report dated March 6, 1979.

The motion pictures which have been designated as Q101 through Q122 have been examined as requested. It was determined that Q101 and Q102 are identical 16mm copies; Q104 through Q122 are Super 8 and Regular 8 films, noting that Q118 is unexposed. These films depict Jones and his followers on bus trips, at the beach, during visit to a zoo, during interviews and other general scenes apparently which were all taken in the United States.

Only Q103, which is a 200 foot reel of 8mm sound color film with numerous splices, contains scenes of Guyana. This reel depicts some construction at Jonestown and contains interviews with some of the individuals there as to why they like it there, what they do, etc. It appears that this reel may have been in the process of being edited for a documentary or public relations type of promotion of Jonestown.

Q123 through Q126 are 8mm sound color movies which are undeveloped. Appropriate arrangements are being made to have these films processed and they will be examined after completion. They will be subject to a separate report to follow.

Q101 through Q122 are being returned to San Francisco under separate cover.

[Page 3 consists of handwritten note upon which report on page 2 is based.]

[Pages 4 – 8 handwritten notes]

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Q104 (Super 8) undeveloped – children and adults on beach

Q105 (#5 Info Comm Harris) – Tijuana, Mexico; buses, carnival, beach road

Q106 (#6) – buses – mountains, possibly Mexico, Jones giving instructions to followers at apparent campsite

Q107 (#7) – campsite, beach

Q108 (#8) – Beach scenes; fog with blue exposure [illegible word]

Q109 (#9) – Beach scenes

Q110 (#10) – Beach scenes; childrens building sand castles

Q111 (#11) – Indian on horse

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Q103 – Kodachrome sound 1977 Rochester Kodak Park

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Q112 (#12) – Jones instructing his followers with bullhorn

Q113 (#13) – Parking lot and campsites, buses, beach scene

Q114 (#15) – Apparently breaking camp, digging holes for garbage, etc.

Q115 (#17) – Traffic jam; followers standing in line

Q116 (#18) – Zoo scenes, possibly San Diego

Q117 (#19) – Zoo scenes continued

Q118 (#20) – unexposed


Q119 – Tourist scenes, with some sort of capital building and some night scenes and possibly a Central or South American setting.

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Q120 – Boy flying kite, Rainbow, girl on walk, children with doll carriage, man in drag with woman, lawn mowing and 2 little girls posing

Q121 – apparently a wedding rehearsal, then wedding

Q122 San Francisco, coming in from airport, headed toward Oakland; couple in garden

[Page 8 – handwritten notes summarizing findings on page 2]

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United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date: 12/27/78

To: Mr. Moore
From: D.W. Gow

Subject: RYMUR


The purpose of this memorandum is to request that Engineering Section, Technical Services Division, duplicate approximately 672 audio tapes from Jonestown, Guyana.


It is anticipated that four cases of audio tape recordings will be arriving at FBIHQ from Georgetown, Guyana, during the week of December 26, 1978. In order to more efficiently review these tapes, they should be duplicated as soon as possible and sent to San Francisco Division. The originals could then be preserved at San Francisco and the San Francisco Agents could work only with the duplicates. It would also be advisable that one copy of each original be maintained at FBIHQ in the event that any of the original and the duplicates were lost or destroyed enroute to San Francisco.


That Engineering Section, Technical Services Division, immediately make one copy of each tape recording received from Guyana, and that a master copy of all tapes be maintained by Engineering Section, Technical Services Division.

[Page 10 – mostly handwritten notes]

Evidence Receipt

Q57 – Q100: 44 video tapes
Q101 – 102: 2 16mm movie films
Q 103: 1 large reel 8 mm movie ’77 Kodachrome sound Rochester, N.Y.
Q104 – Q122: 19 small reels 8 mm film
Q123 – Q126: 4 cartridges 8mm sound movie
Q127 – Q128: 2 – 8-track tapes
Q129: 1 2-inch reel magnetic tape
Q130 – 143: 14 microcassettes
Q144 – 150: 7 5-inch reel magnetic tape
Q151 – 567: 417 7-inch reel magnetic tape
Q568 – 821: 254 cassette tapes

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